10 June, 2007

Government Keeps Renewing Amnesty for 312, 000

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This is incredible. There’s no excuse for it. But who is to blame for this ongoing amnesty? Should we blame the White men in our federal government? Sort of, but then again, not really. The actions of those gentiles are merely symptoms of a cultural illness that has spread all through the Western countries since the end of World War II. Indeed, this sickness really began with the demise of the Third Reich. It’s a Jewish-created-and-spread ailment that causes White men to lose their senses and embrace ideas that harm White culture, e.g., multiculturalism, non-White immigration, egalitarianism, feminism, the worship of money and shiny objects, globalism, and so on:


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    1. AmericaFirst Says:

      If I am correct the White men of N.Z. are openly more angry about open borders than we are, but the media there is even more anti White than here if that is possible.

      Need some moderator help, changed my email address and can’t get in the forum under my account.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re AF
      Well, my friends in NZ tell me that most White men there are still fast asleep. Even as late as the mid 1970’s the population of the capital, Wellington, was at least 85% White. Now it is probably less than 60% White. At the current rate of demographic change they won’t have time to wake up.

      I get the impression that New Zealand is being used as a small scale test ground for the final assault on the White world.

    3. Wolf Says:

      “Should we blame the White men in our federal government?”

      Lucifer has a particularly warm pit in Hell especially reserved for race traitors.