12 June, 2007

Goy Control in Kansas

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, guns & goy controllers, New World Order, Socrates at 5:02 pm | Permanent Link

How can you “keep and bear arms” if your guns have been seized? It won’t be long before the 2nd Amendment is voided by the Jews, who created most of our gun-control laws [1]. Furthermore, this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened in 1960, because back then, guns were seen merely as tools, not as instruments of mayhem. Back then, White men ruled America. Today, Jews, negroes, mulattoes, queers and women run our country:


[1] about U.S. gun-control laws: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Goy Control in Kansas”

    1. Neal Joitke Says:

      I like the combination it is getting close to what I concider the big three
      Jews Blacks and Queers
      or is it Jews Queers and Blacks
      Battling it out for the number 2 spot the Nigger his stock is falling
      The Queers stock is rising
      Is it still Jews Blacks and Queers
      or has the Queer eclipsed the Nigger as a Social ass and became
      the jews number one social wrecking tool.

    2. The NRA Sucks Says:

      NRA: “After investigating these complaints, there was no evidence of any illegal gun confiscations or seizures. However, there were firearms recovered by law enforcement that are now in the process of being returned.”

      When push comes to shove the NRA is as useless as tits on a boar. A good number of the tough-talking membership assure us that, “the government will have to pry this gun from my cold, dead hands.” The truth is just about every “law-abiding” member would surrender every firearm in his possession, rat on his neighbor, and if necessary, offer his wife to the gun-confiscating LEOs as proof of his willingness to “cooperate.”

    3. Noah Smith Says:

      And what do you make of the Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who creatd and runs JPFO- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

      Is he also a part of some behind the scences Jewish conspiracy that “really” runs the world?:-)
      And if so can the great Aryan sages at VNN please explain to me what his place in it is.
      PS. Note that he is more pro gun ownership than more “mainstream” organizatins like NRA who agree to various political compromises .

    4. ajiarcher Says:

      You can complain about the NRA if you want, but at least they made the effort to go down there and find out about gun confiscation. Name one other agency or group that would accomplish what they have.
      Your forgetting that the NRA is responsible for the law suit against Nagin in New Orleans because he ordered legal guns conficated there after the hurricane. The NRA took him to court and had the judge order the return of those guns. Of course Nagin is currently in contempt of that ruling and as of yet has not returned a single gun.

    5. The NRA Sucks Says:

      ajiarcher writes: “The NRA took him to court and had the judge order the return of those guns. Of course Nagin is currently in contempt of that ruling and as of yet has not returned a single gun.”

      LEOs confiscated guns in Kansas and stored them improperly resulting in rust, the taking was not itemized, guns were not returned to rightful owners, many guns were not returned at all, and the NRA is sitting on videotape evidence because they are reluctant to take FEMA to court.

      Contempt of court: Did the finding bother nigger Nagin of New Orleans? No. How much less would it bother FEMA?

      The aracialist NRA refuses to recognize the correlation of gun crime and race. The aracialist NRA refuses to question the historical lies and Holyhoax spewings of the JPFO. The aracialist NRA is not much better than the aracialist Republican Party.

      Cold, dead hands?

      “Yes sir, my other rifles are stored at ____ and you might want to talk to Sam, as well. He’s my neighbor on the right. I know he has a 30-06. He used it to bag a deer last season. Always happy to cooperate with law enforcement, officer.”

    6. Noah Smith Says:

      You don’t seem to get my point.
      How can one accuse us of being a united conspiracy running the world
      when there are all kinds of Jews liberal conservative religious atheist etc. and this has been so in the past too.
      Wouldn’t it be more precise and productive to criticize ideologies or individuals promoting them instead of blaming their ideas on their religion which they interpret very diferntly from each other?
      Imagine for a moment that there is no more Jews in the world do you think that the ideas some of us promote will cease to exist?
      You would just be fighting against gun control or some other thing you don’t like against your fellow men who might come to hold these ideas. If so why not just skip this whole phase and drop the whole anti Jewish thing and strive to improve the world together?

    7. van helsing Says:

      At the end of the day (just like defense lawyers, prosecutors and judges drink at the (liquor) bar together)… all the so-called liberal jews, conservative jews, commie jews, radical jews, moneyed jews, slave-owning jews, media jews, zionist jews, rich jews, so-called poor jews, queer jews, nigger-loving jews, sensible jews, marrano jews, christianity-observing jews, libertarian jews, green party jews, abortophile jews, et al… all agree that israel is king, whites are shit and must die, and the sooner the better, and we must fling our borders open wider than parasite hilton’s legs.

      They are satan personified and they arent interested in working with anyone except themselves.