4 June, 2007

Illegal Immigrants at Harvard?

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According to this news article, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala has been accepted into Harvard’s education school. Given the fact that Harvard is the most prestigious university in America, this might be a good matter to investigate further. For example, doesn’t Harvard screen applicants for citizenship status? If it doesn’t now, does it plan to screen applicants in the future? What happens if Harvard discovers that a student is an illegal immigrant? Does the student remain at Harvard? If you would like answers to those questions, you might want to contact the university (Harvard’s Interim President: [email protected] ; Harvard’s Vice President for Policy: c[email protected] ):


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  7. One Response to “Illegal Immigrants at Harvard?”

    1. cliff Says:

      Just like the magic microphone that stays on for Rudy at the Fox debate, Harvard jew school will turn on the magic immigrant love light.