15 June, 2007

Iran Arming Moon Thugs, Says Expert

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Solomon Goldsilverfeldwitz, Middle East security expert and dual-citizenship holder, writes:

“Dear Mr. Bush: just as I suspected, Iran is even delivering weapons to the moon, in order to arm the IslamoLunarFascists there. For proof of my claims, just watch the enclosed video that I made with the help of the special Israeli military unit known as C.R.A.P. The video shows Iranian soldiers, clad in spacesuits, unloading crates of weapons on the moon. Notice that the crates are labeled ‘To: Lunar fascists, terrorists and thugs. From: The Iranian government.’ What better proof of Ahmadinejad’s evilness is there? — Sol”


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    1. zoroastro Says:

      well, what alex sez, just another day in the kwa. iran is the democracy compared to the global prison we are subjected to. thing is that this moon spoof lead sounds more realistic than the tapir hate-mongering against Iran that is not relenting. what tapir resent is of course Iran’s right to live and create a society free of violence, rape, murder, pornography, NTV and similar advantages of a judaically ‘advanced’ society…of course it’s also about stealing somebody else’s oil and gas (iran has one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world).
      more power to Iran!

    2. lokuum Says:

      Ya gotta love this one . . .

      “It’s a country that’s trying to flex its muscles, but in a way that’s injurious to the interests of just about everybody else in the world,” he said. “I think it’s a major miscalculation.”

    3. -JC Says:

      Iran is not a democracy. And that’s a good thing. Democracies are eminently corruptible and that’s why Bush’s apparent job is to wage preemptive war to unseat legitimate governments and install them.

      Do you think any other nation’s arms and ammunition are finding their way into the hands of the Taliban? Or do you think that Afghanistan is manufacturing their own?

      This is simply another search for Nigerian yellow cake toward lying America into another war.

    4. Cormac Says:

      LOL Hilarious , I love the opening bit “Solomon Goldsilverfeldwitz”

      OY VEY Vhy do dhey HATE us Mr Weaselgnaw ????

      six million isn’t enough already ?

    5. -JC Says:

      Remember this prick, Burns. No doubt you’ll see his name again. Hopefully his name and others will be on an all-day, all-night, treason trial docket. Congress obviously isn’t going to do it. But this can’t go on.

      If the U.S. preemptively attacks Iran, I would be surprised if Russia didn’t at least supply military aid to Iran. And if all-out war was the result, I’d be surprised if China could resist piling-on. You know, economic sanctions against the U.S. would be an interesting
      strategy by the “international community,” including all oil-producing nations (Middle East, Venezuela, Mexico) and, of course, China. America, I should think, would cave-in rapidly. Why, there’s not even rage at the gas pumps, today, only quiet resignation. Americans are going to have to hurt worse than they hurt now before they change.

      When I consider the pain imposed in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention all the other nations upon which we’ve allowed the military to run this number in our names with our money, I am ashamed.

    6. lawrence dennis Says:

      They sound almost like a B-grade movie plot, these kvetching hyperkikes:

      “Anti-Semites from Outer Space”

    7. skull on a pike Says:

      USED HEAVY WATER SHOWERS would be the FINAL SOLUTION !!! IT’S recycleable !!