29 June, 2007

Israeli President Katsav Resigns

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How pathetic are Israel’s leaders, from the very beginning. For example, recall the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who smuggled thousands of Jewish immigrants from Europe into Israel. The problem, of course, was that Israel didn’t exist yet! (Maybe he just wanted to start early and avoid the rush). Or consider the leaders Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, who were members of the Irgun and Stern terrorist groups, which murdered British soldiers [1]. And then there’s Ehud Barak – why not let Dr. Pierce tell you about him [2]:


[1] about Jews killing British soldiers in Palestine: [Here]

[2] Dr. William Pierce on Barak: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “Israeli President Katsav Resigns”

    1. dq Says:

      It is great how VNN finds relevant articles by DR. Pierce. I love do hear anything that comes from him. I think it says that the article was written in 1999, and if it was Dr. Pierce was dead on about Bin Ladden.

    2. Cormac Says:

      I’d rather listen to Dr Pierce… http://www.natall.com/internet-radio/ts/081499.mp3

    3. stop sign Says:

      sometimes it pays to review history….When did the jews first appear in England ?? It’s hard to decide if those 800 year old English cults fought for or against themselves !! As one goes thru the History of England most of the actor are Jews…Even today the most whorshipful masters are the butcher the baker the candlestick maker,shipmaster, carter,hooper, banker,barrister(Law) , nigger lover, etc…etc. Oh GREAT Whorshipful Master of grocery stores , please fill my larder with lard, etc !!! Oh great whorshipful master of gloves CLOTHE my HANDS !! Oh great whorshipful MASTER of Accountants audit the BANKS OF ENGLAND, etc,.. NUKE the CITY of LONDON !

    4. shiska hymie Says:

      British/Israel Identity….For years and years the BLACK ISIS cult was injected into the English system….the Archbishops were chanting praises this FATLIPPED Egyptian GODDess , ripping off the suckers, getting very wealthy and forgot to inform the sheeple that they were hallilujahin to a shitskin foozebag with manuro on her feeto…Soon Archbishop RICH from St. Lawrence Parish Jewry became the SANDY HEADRIN…His Control and primogeniture soon spread like an OCTOPUS ….Today’s Chaos is that all strangling effect of this Parasitic CONTROL…..The City of LONDON is the mecca, Taj Mahal, ROME, BEJING,Tokyo and head of that proverbial SNAKE !!Alas, all those years of deception has finally BIT then in the ass…..Their protectorate hand only covers those COLORED peoples countries that hate white boys !

    5. babel gorp Says:

      ea= ancient god of sumaria, mee= universial law…eer= engineering god cult, etc.. arch i tect- the roman arch and highest order of the great architect of the universe….the 3 columns are fooze bag greek..doric, etc…Ancient ireland didn’t need all that hierarchical structure in their god pantheons…Cyclopaen was a dry stacked system that required no JEWISH cement or grandiose architectual /engineered planning, rules,codes and regulations ….A simplistic do-it-yourself design without all the NANNY tiered ENFORCERS, bankers, insurance parasites, building inspectors and Real Estate leeches !!!Or, if you prefer, a common mans abode !

    6. dq Says:

      Where does anti get his paycheck from the adl or splc? People new to white nationalism want to know the “trivia”. Whay the hell is babel gorp talking about? Is technology an evil demon that must be avoided? Simple folk do not lead to the overman. Why is Alex and others always saying we need just regular forlk? Regular folk don’t do shit. Of course we need them to tear down the gates like the did in the French, Russian, German, English, and most other revolutins. But all they do is just follow orders. We need the best and brightest to devlop new and effictive ways of reaching the folk, geting them to fight, and things for them to fight with.

    7. Socrates Says:

      dq Says: “Where does anti get his paycheck from the adl or splc? People new to white nationalism want to know the “trivia”.

      That’s a good question. Someone keeps okay-ing Anti’s posts (which “poke holes” in every article posted at VNN, yet apparently we’re not supposed to notice that poking).

    8. GOOFY SUFI Says:

      ALLAH AKBAR = god save the QUEEN in the middle east…. The BRITS may have done something WRONG, eh ?? Prince Charles is the ISLAMS PATRON SAINT ! GOOFY ANNAN is their SAVIOR .. BIG LIPS NIGER ian is THEIR ARCH BISHOP !! ahhhh diversity at the ZOO !