13 June, 2007


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I-40 to Hensley exit leads you right down to the action.

I will be there since I missed my own!

Everybody’s welcome, same dress code as before, look sharp.

Rally’s from 1-3pm this Saturday, with pickets before (below).

Again, that’s the courthouse on Main.

Questions, contact organizer Ken Gregg at [email protected]

Yellow Journalism 101: Knoxville’s WBIR Channel 6 Publishes Hit Piece On Upcoming June 16th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally In Knoxville, TN

What would you think about a reporter who did a story about jumping out of a plane by interviewing everyone EXCEPT the parachutist?

Yet this is quite similar to how Yvette Martinez, a reporter for WBIR-TV Channel 6 in Knoxville, TN, prepared for a story her station published about the upcoming second Channon Christian-Chris Newsom Memorial Rally to be held in Knoxville, TN on Saturday June 16th, 2007. First, she marginalizes and denigrates the event by calling it a “white supremacist” rally, although most white nationalists aren’t “supremacists” (and you can verify this for yourself by reviewing a multitude of posts on the leading discussion forums such as Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum).

Second, the story refers to input from only two primary sources. The first source is a local black pastor named Johnnie Skinner who skippers the Mount Zion Baptist Church. WBIR reports that Rev. Dr. Skinner wants to provide a mainstream response to the issues fueling the rally by urging black and white residents of different cultural and economic backgrounds to unite and acnowledge that, while Knoxville isn’t yet what it should be, that it’s still worth trying to make it what it ought to be. Dr. Skinner also stated he would like to see community leaders speak out more strongly against what he characterized as “hate” groups. As a local resident of Knoxville, Dr. Skinner’s reaction can at least be considered educated and newsworthy, even if some in the community disagree with it.

However, the second source, Mark Potok, who serves as the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Intelligence Project, is far less credible and much more disingenous. First, Potok builds initial confidence in his input by making the factual statement that the rally orgainizer, Pastor Kenn Gregg (who he refuses to refer to as a pastor), has been involved in the white “supremacist” movement for many years. But then Potok gets disingenuous. Potok claims that “these groups have realized that they can essentially frighten white people into feeling that they are being oppressed by the media quote unquote is on the other side along with the police and the prosecutors along with the establishment so to speak.” He also claims that these groups look for cases like the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom to push their agenda then they use the internet to build their numbers. “The internet has become quite important to these groups in terms of getting propaganda out and getting it out fast and to a lot of people. This case in particular has had a remarkable internet life,” Potok said.

Excuse me, Potok, but Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were more than just “frightened”, they were raped, tortured, and MURDERED! Furthermore, Potok is a profesional gadfly in a different state. His SPLC is so manipulative that, with rhetorical sleight-of-hand, they routinely transform P.O. Boxes into Klan chapters. The SPLC also has a history of judicial terrorism, using the civil justice system to target and bankrupt those who engage in pro-white activism, even those who have been punished by the criminal justice system. Click HERE for all posts on this blog documenting SPLC skullduggery.

Also note that WBIR failed to provide any logistical details about the rally. Such details not only would benefit locals who wish to attend, but also those whose access plans to the targeted venues might be affected. Maybe those who work in the targeted venues might want to come to work early to avoid the traffic. In a nutshell, here are the rally plans (more details published HERE):

1). Picket at WATE-TV Channel 6 at 9 A.M.

2). Picket at Knoxville News-Sentinel at 10 A.M.

3). Assemble at Knoxville Police Department parking lot at 12 Noon.

4). Rally on courthouse steps from 1 P.M. til 3 P.M.

Including this logistical information would constitute true in-depth journalism.

Fortunately, those of us who live in Alaska do get better journalism. The Anchorage Daily News in particular strives for comprehensive and factual reporing, even though they do tack to the left-of-center editorially. Recently, indicted State Representative Vic Kohring complained that ADN was focusing far more on his role in the VECO scandal than those of his fellow indictees, Pete Kott and Bruce Weyhrauch, but there is a legitimate reason: Kott and Weyhrauch are former lawmakers who CANNOT legislate policy, while Kohring is still a lawmaker who CAN formulate policy. Thus, Kohring’s involvement remains MORE NEWSWORTHY at present because his impact is greater. But ADN does report the whole story, nonetheless. And that’s the classic benchmark of quality journalism.

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    1. alex Says:

      Above from Alaska Pride:


    2. John Smith Says:

      Liebe Brüder und Schwester!
      There can and should never be any quibbling. These two precious and sacred and beautiful white kids were taken from this world in such a hideous way that many of us, though not having known them in the slightest, are and will forever be damaged by this reality. One can only imagine how their poor family and dear friends are faring.
      There can be no talking and/or speaking with quibblers, weak sisters, nor attempts at reasoning with anyone who does not agree with the following:
      The Venn diagram containing the circle that held Channon and Christian should NEVER never ever in 1 billion years have come into contact with the filthy, diseased, damned, hideous, savage, and despicably simian circle that contained those five apes.
      Look at them! Look at them! They are verdamnten monkeys!! They look like sullen gorillas who’d just as soon while away a wasted life in a cage filled with empty jerry play cans and paw trodden cabbage leaves and rotten banana skins as kill more innocent whites. And they are in prison now and rest assured, it’s no big deal for them to be in prison! They LIKE IT! It is no purple skin off their hindquarters to be locked up.
      Be careful inKnoxville on Saturday. Carry around a dog eared copy of Suttree and if asked why you’re there, say you’re a big Cormac McCarthy fan. That is until you may find yourself in the safe bosom of like minded brethren.
      Sie kommt die zukunft!

    3. Mr White Bread Says:

      Not Jewish…Just another white guy tired of two many Niggers. The minority vote…yeah right how about a third of the population. The young white men of this nation are the REAL MINORITY.

      Fuck you niggers and your rap shit!!!!!!!Fucking Egg Plants need to be roasted on a fire!!!!!

    4. michaelr Says:

      I’m still ‘confused’. A few weeks back, I went to the first rally.
      As a consequence of my late start, etc, I made it to Knoxville
      about 90 minutes late. WAY late.

      But … there were virtually no signs (other than blocked off
      streets) of any speech, anywhere. Walked all around, and all
      over University area, and never saw 1 pamphlet, 1 sign, 1 anything.

      maybe its just me, years and years ago, the aftermath of war
      protests were everywhere.

      Is this really just a pr stunt for a few people in the movement,
      some jewish reporters, and that wack queer dance group that
      was in the papers?

    5. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Alex, thanks for keeping this effort pointed in the right direction. This isn’t about the equal application of the kikish hate crime laws, or the media’s double standard when it comes to reporting interracial crimes, it’s about putting an end to White flight, i.e. stopping the (often violent) ethnic cleansing of Whites from ever-expanding areas of the White West. That needs to end now, and separating the races is the only realistic way to make it happen.

    6. Scott Says:

      So is everyone afraid to wear the uniforms?

    7. ytbreadrally Says:

      Liebe Brüder und Schwester!
      may i pls join in the rally, i love a good rally. this is a good cause.

    8. Lutjens Says:


      Can the scum media blow LeBron anymore? Bryce Maximus…. wow, Anglo names… at least it isn’t Shauntay, Tayshawn, Ktulu, or … LeBron lol

    9. Lutjens Says:

      How about posting queer Potok’s name, address and phone number? Let him hide for a while.

    10. alex Says:

      Nearly 200 Pro-White Activists Already Committed To Attend June 16th Christian-Newsom Memorial Rally In Knoxville

      Nearly 200 pro-white activists have already committed to attend the June 16th Channon Christian-Chris Newsom Memorial Rally to be held in Knoxville, and the number could grow to as many as 500. This conclusion is based upon information provided by Stormfront’s senior moderator Jamie Kelso.

      Special Note: For those of you who cannot attend, the Vanguard News Network has announced that VNN Broadcasting will run from ~9AM until ~3PM EST (on June 16th), with live reportage from Tony (who posts on VNN Forum as “OnThePathToTruth”) and Alex [Linder]. That’s right, the same Alex Linder who led the May 26th rally and was brutally slammed to the ground and arrested. Also, the event will be “live-blogged” on the front page at govnn.com with still photos updated as they come in. Monitor this VNN Forum thread for more information about the broadcast.

      In this Stormfront post, Kelso discloses the following:

      I just spoke with Pastor Ken Gregg by phone. He will get the information out, on this thread, and elsewhere as to the particulars of Saturday morning activities preceding the 1pm rally on the Knox County Courthouse steps and lawns.


      One of the locations for morning activities preceding the 1 P.M. main rally is the nearby offices of the Knoxville News Sentinel, just 2.0 miles away on surface streets… . It is the Knoxville News Sentinel which has failed its journalistic duty to report the real facts about non-White against White crime in Knoxville, including the horror perpetrated on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom .

      Pastor Ken Gregg indicated in our phone conversation that the rally speakers will focus on the whole burning issue of the media blackout on crime against Whites by non-Whites, in which the Christian/Newsom murder is the latest outrage. Pastor Gregg asked that patriots please think of signs that focus on the whole betrayal by the controlled media. For example, the fact that the recent FBI crime report listed 36,000 rapes of White women by Blacks in 2005, and anywhere from zero to 10 rapes of Black women by White men in the same year. This shocking fact, and all the other shocking facts of “The Color of Crime” go unreported by the anti-White controlled and politically correct media. [Ed. Note: Also see American Renaissance’s other report “Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait”.]

      For folks coming in on Saturday morning, there will be patriots at the Knox County Courthouse to direct you to join us at any nearby rallies in front of media outlets like the Knoxville News Sentinel. There will be patriots at the Knox County Courthouse to help you no matter when you arrive. So don’t worry about getting lost…we’ll be there. All sorts of maps will go up to help you find the Knox County Courthouse, and nearby parking.

      Pastor Ken Gregg has had so many signups for his private campout activities nearby to Knoxville on Friday night and Saturday night that he is very optimistic that a large turnout is likely, since so many patriots have already maxed out his campout facilities (almost 200 people).


    11. sfg Says:

      Hot damn. Let’s give ’em hell. I’m making several signs for others to use as well as for me. My lettering is big and easy to read from a long way off. Remember to use LARGE letters–my recommendation is to buy letter stencils and use black magic markers. That way the signs look nice and are easy to read by drivers by.

      I think Channon and Christopher’s families will appreciate what we are doing for their children when they see what we are REALLY about. We must make it clear that we are NOT about hate. That it is the ACLU, the SPLC, and the Anti Defamation League who are the real haters in America. They, and the blacks, of course.
      I have every confidence that we will show ourselves to be the well bred, well mannered, but dedicated, white people we are.

    12. Action! Says:

      Remember to put messages on both sides of your poster. Visibility counts. I hope the organizers have sent out press releases so that we can guage how much of it is a media blackout as opposed to brainwashed ignorance. Wish I could be there. I am proud of everyone who makes it.

    13. Jack Booted Hellion Says:

      I am planning to attend this even, more out of curiosity than outrage, but am mostly in agreement with the “lack of media” attention to this issue. If the situation were reversed (Duke LaCrosse players) it would be on every airwave and printed page, ad nausium.
      I still have the visual of Reginald Denny in South Central L.A. getting dragged out of his truck (while at WORK) and having a brick slammed against his head. The rabid apes that did this recieved “counceling and rehabilitation”. Maybe what I THINK is my curiosity, is really latent outrage coming to the surface.