22 June, 2007

Latest from Kirksville Today…

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Weak Kenny: a Profile in Cowardice

By Alex Linder

Niggers rape 100 White women a day, and rep Kenny wants to do something about it. That is, he wants to do something about the WHITE MEN who tried to prevent this situation from ever arising in the first place. This is “conservative”? No, this is truckling before communist jews and the niggers they employ to wreck our nation. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Hulshof.


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    1. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      I live in the extreme southern edge of this insect’s district. Goes without saying he’ll never get a vote from me. He’s just another sheltered punk, no good to anyone, not his race or his nation, or ultimately, not even his family, because if we fail they’ll be absorbed into the sea of mud like all the rest. He’ll have no place in history, because neither side will find anything admirable about this useless idiot. What little he knows about the world around him comes from the jew media, he’s had zero experience with real diversity, and trying to explain to him why the segregationists were right would cause a circuit breaker to trip in his brain that would make him completely unable to process the mountains of evidence we have to back up that statement. He is an absolute nothing. Even worse, he teamed up with Slobbering John Lewis, one of the more niggery niggers in the House, to push this bill through. Ron Paul (the more I see of Dr. No, the better I like him) and a Congressman named Lynn Westmoreland were the only two patriots who voted against this egregious distortion of history.





    2. alex Says:

      Well put as always, Filles. Lewis is a nigger’s nigger, no doubt about that.

    3. Rudolf Says:

      The federal government has become illegitimate. Weak Kenny and his cockamamie bill are mere symptoms of a disease.

      It’s high time to act against the federal government and people like Weak Kenny. It’s time for a cure.