16 June, 2007

Live-Blogging the Knoxville Rally

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5:45:Tony is on the road, driving while completely exhausted. He pulled over to nap, says he will offer a full report when he, “. . . is not so loopy.” He has been awake for over 36 hours (spending most of this time driving).

Thank-you, Tony. Great speech, Alex. Video and stills coming soon. These two photos were text-messaged to me from Tony.  Arktos has reposted a [VIDEO] of MSM coverage.

5:24:Talked to Tony. He, Alex, and others are having something to eat. Tony will call back in fifteen minutes, and we will then either do a re-cap, or set a time for one.


3:05: Rally over, taking a break. We will have re-cap shortly with Tony and Alex. Enjoy the music.

1:35: Alex Linder just wrapped up a fiery surprise speech.

1:00: The speeches are being held now.


11:20: Tony is on-site. His broadcast will begin momentarily.


10:15: Sgruber from the forum with some useful info:

The courthouse rally is at 1pm.

Meanwhile, since Tony’s about in Knoxville now, he could go to the rally at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

That rally is supposed to be starting NOW ( @ 10:00 AM, or possibly @ 10:30 AM).


Directions to Knoxville News-Sentinel, event starts @ 10:00 AM:

Tony’s about at the I-75, I-40 split. He must take I-40 EAST into Knoxville.

After that, here’s how to get to the KNS:

Take exit 386A toward University Ave/Middlebrook Pike
0.6 mi

Turn right at Partners Pl
463 ft

Slight right at Middlebrook Pike/TN-169 W
0.2 mi

Turn right at Proctor St
410 ft

Turn right at News Sentinel Dr
0.2 mi

From there, you literally can’t miss it.


  • 7 Responses to “Live-Blogging the Knoxville Rally”

    1. GB Says:

      The Jew controlled media are throttling this story:


      No surprise there, just like they did with the Wichita Massacre:


    2. Petrarch Says:

      jew media too busy reporting about Emmett Till.


    3. Rev. Tapirman Says:

      How big is the White crowd?

      NB: Have Tony reposition himself so you can get better audio—chances are he should move away from the speakers and two one side of them. Then check with you as he moves or adjusts.

    4. Petrarch Says:

      jew media too busy reporting about Rosa Parks.


      “about 684 for rosa parks”

    5. Petrarch Says:

      jew media too busy reporting about Matthew Shepard.


      “about 218 for Matthew Shepard”

    6. Great Grandson of a German General Staff Officer Says:

      Stay on schedule. If you say 15 minutes, you mean 15 minutes. Anything else is un-Germanic, and unacceptable!

    7. Lutjens Says:

      Those cops are all fat fucks. One big fat line of potbellies. I bet they own stock in Dunkin Donuts.