16 June, 2007

More News About Today’s Knoxville Rally

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Comments about the rally, at the VNN Forum, as they arrive: [Here]

A news article about today’s rally: [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to “More News About Today’s Knoxville Rally”

    1. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      Never mind that this self-indulgent theatre diverts our attention from the realtime societal murder known as S.1348 going on right now.

      Oh, I forgot – the Jews are crumbling, trembling before you and running scared from your National Socialist might.

    2. John Smith Says:

      Dear Alex,
      Good morning.
      Just to let you know that we received you and yours loud and clear up here in The City of New York.
      Your speech was galvanizing.
      Many many thanks.
      John Smith

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      It’s great to see these different groups working together. As far as I’m concerned if you think that discussions of jewish supremacy are legitimate and necessary, and you work for White interests, you’re one of the good guys. If I don’t like your style I’ll go elsewhere or start my own group. There are exceptions, of course, for example you can’t support a politician like George Bush and tell me you’re on my side, not when good men like Chester Doles rot in prison because they were set up by the Bush justice department, but beyond that, the more the merrier. Who knows, these rallies may have already saved lives; just getting the message out there to these boneheads that some Whites are really beginning to frown on this behavior might make some Congoid think twice the next time it sees a potential White victim. Thanks guys.

    4. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Nordic Jewsmasher, I agree, S-1348 is going to be a disaster. As I said in an earlier post this amnesty bill will by definition void all the anti-illegal immigrant legislation that’s being passed by desperate state and local governments trying to deal with this problem because of course the illegals won’t be illegal anymore and the laws won’t apply to them. There are some who think that worse is better but I want this country to stay as White as possible for as long as possible to give us time to reach these knuckleheads and this sure as hell isn’t goig to help. Bush is the most anti-White President in American history. I’ve known about about this SOB for years, in fact I saw an old post of mine on FreeRepublic the other day from 2000, before he was ever elected, where I tried to warn those freeper morons about his immigration views and his ties to La Raza, and they just will not fucking listen. Is it any wonder that I’m so pissed about this? WTF does it take to wake these people up!??

      Please sign Sen. Inhofe’s anti-amnesty petition:

    5. OnThePathToTruth Says:

      [Quote]”The protesters’ dispute is with the national media’s coverage of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.”

      WRONG! Our justifiable and righteous rage is directed at and against niggers who are killing white people at a genocidal rate and one which is four times higher than that at which whites kill niggers. Our justifiable and righteous rage is also directed at those people, and the organizations controlled by them, who allow niggers to run free among civilization and do nothing to stop them or even act to promote the further violence and murder of additional white people. In most instances the people are JEWS. Whether they hide behind such terms as “Bolshevism,” “Communism,” “Zionism,” and their myriad other deadly organISMs set against America and its white population.

      Channon Christian and Chris Newsom just happened to be one of the most incredible and recent examples of two wonderful white kids who were forced to endure the horrific, brutal, vicious, hateful and satanically violent expression which characterizes the nigger animal.

    6. faggot Says:

      hey alex, how come u post messages from jew and nigger and not from me? talk about fucking double standards..