13 June, 2007

News Article, re: the Upcoming Knoxville Rally

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About the upcoming rally, this weekend: [Article]

More about the rally: [Here]

Still more information: [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to “News Article, re: the Upcoming Knoxville Rally”

    1. Charles Martel Says:

      Pastor Johnnie Skinner of Mt Zion Baptist Church? WTF! This must be the same church that invited the boatloads of somalis over here to help “enrich american culture”.

    2. smith Says:

      They can call us what they want, but the fact remains that the “cat is out of the bag”. As long we come across clean, descent and honorable we will gain support. White people shouldn’t have to live in fear anymore.

    3. brutus Says:

      It’s very telling that the “add-a-comment” feature has been disabled of the WBIR.com webpage.

      It’s quite obvious that they don’t want the people discussing this matter among ourselves and they’d rather continue the dialogue as a one-way lecture in keeping with their brainwashing tactics.

      But what these poor media saps don’t understand quite yet is that now we have the internet and here we can challenge their falsehoods so that the masses can see both sides of the story. And those few in the controlled media who can see the inevitable change in mass media information dissemination are running in a wild panic.


    4. sfg Says:

      I’m confused. Should we come to the Police Department at noon and then we all go to the rally at the courthouse? I’m coming from Atlanta and I don’t know my way around Knoxville at all. Is the Police Department close to the courthouse? I may just make it to the courthouse–I don’t know yet.

      Also–what is the address for the Police Department if I want to come to that protest too?

      Also–what is the thrust of the protest against the Police Department–that they haven’t released enough information about what actually happened to Channon and Christopher and/or the fact that they are not charging these guys with hate crimes. Or is it something else?

      For me, the focus here is that the media and the police are hiding these hideous crimes from the public AND that they are happening at all when there is no converse white on black crime.

      I’m wearing black as that seems an appropriate color for mourning (and outrage).

    5. sfg Says:

      Actually, after rereading my post, I’m reminded of the Saturday Night Live skit where Roseann Rosanna Danna said “you ask a lot of stupid questions”. Ha.

      But, I’m a single female and I don’t want to get stuck in an unsafe place to park and walk. If Knoxville is any place like downtown Atlanta, you don’t want to be walking around alone for blocks.