1 June, 2007

PRESS RELEASE – ADL Condemns jewish anti-White organization in Knoxville Murder Cover up

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June 30, 2007

Knoxville, TN – The Aryan Defense League (ADL) today officially condemned a well known anti-White jewish group for their potentially criminal and purposeful distorting of pro-White interest groups concern for the murdered White youths in Knoxville Tennessee. A powerfully evil anti-White mob of jews hiding out in Atlanta Georgia, and using the same acronym as the Aryan Defense League, in their case (ADL) standing for Anti-Defamation League, issued disparaging remarks yesterday on their website, claiming that pro-White groups were using the murders to inflame racial tensions. 

The jewish ADL’s purpose for this obvious misdirection seems to be intended to deflect onus and responsibility for these murders away from those who committed those heinous acts and to redirect public focus in a negative fashion upon those who would question why the jewish media has been woefully incompetent in its almost non-existent coverage of these crimes. 

The hooligans of the jewish ADL have successfully wheedled their way into America’s law enforcement agencies and have been known to work in unison with the jew-controlled media in order to intimidate and coerce compliance of government bodies. 

This was apparently accomplished simply by pretending to be a quasi-law enforcement entity, and by inserting themselves without authority into those roles. It is also suspected that they use unsaid threats of slander and defamation of character to control police chiefs and prosecuting attorneys. 

Hiding behind their powerful allies in the media, the jewish ADL has been able to maintain a stranglehold on the criminal justice and law enforcement agencies throughout the nation from the smallest village to the largest city. 

We, of the Aryan Defense League believe that the jewish ADL is guilty of criminal conspiracies and illegal enterprises that would fall under the Rico Statutes of criminal activity and we are actively looking for remedies to this sad situation.

Anyone with information on the criminal activities of the jewish ADL is asked to please forward that information via email. All correspondence will kept in strictest confidence.

[Jew-ADL Press Release Here]

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  7. 14 Responses to “PRESS RELEASE – ADL Condemns jewish anti-White organization in Knoxville Murder Cover up”

    1. Igor Alexander Says:

      From the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) press release: “The victims, 21-year-old Channon Christian and her 23-year-old boyfriend Christopher Newsom, were kidnapped, tortured and murdered in the early morning hours of January 7, according to Knoxville police. Christian and Newsom were white, the five suspects in custody are black, but prosecutors say there is no evidence that the victims were targeted because of their race.”

      So then, why were they targeted? What motivated these five blacks to rape, torture, and murder these two whites? If these vicious murders weren’t a hate crime, what were they?

      If the assailants had been white and the vitcims black, would the police (not to mention the media) really be so quick to dismiss race as a possible motivation for the crime? Would the ADL (Anti-Defamation League)? How do the police and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) know that while these five blacks were raping and torturing these two whites, they weren’t uttering such hateful remarks as “white bitch,” “honkey,” “peckerwood,” “cracker,” etc?

      I believe the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) are being disingenuous when they claim in their press release that these murders weren’t a hate crime. Not only are the Christian-Newsom murders a hate crime, but they may very well be one of the worst hate crimes in American history. And this vicious hate crime is being covered up by the media, by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), and even by the police, it seems. Why?

    2. Igor Alexander Says:


    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      One of the things that enrages me most when activists like those CofCC clowns pull that lesser-of-two-evils bullshit and support politicians like George Bush is the knowledge that supporting almost any Democrat/Republican candidate is voting to empower these vicious anti-White bastards in the ADL. How can you not realize that? Ron Paul may be an exception, he has in the past shown that he’s aware of Jewish power and he has stood up to them, but he’s the only one that I can think of.

      Here’s a photo (2/3 of the way down the page) of a scruffy-looking, bearded Abe Foxman that I haven’t seen used much and that’s too bad, because it shows this ape for the greasy thug that he really is:


    4. cygnet Says:

      “…woefully incompetent in it’s almost…”




    6. Amy Says:

      It seems the ADL views blacks who rape torture and murder whites as not having HATE MOTIVATION. I would say they are motivated by low IQ and TNB. They are sub-humans and do not require motiviation to act like animals. They are already animals and do not require any motivation to commit what white people consider henous acts.

      Whites however, must be motivated to commit henous acts, as it is not in our nature to rape torture or murder. A white must be motivated by hunger to steal, and by hate or passion to murder.

      The ADL is not interested in EQUAL Justice. They are interested in CONTROLLING Justice. They seek to impose Jewish/Talmudic Law on our Christian nation.

    7. wjg Says:

      The whole concept of an Aryan Defense League is sorely needed. Of course it would be an Aryan Attack League along the lines of the jewish ADL since strategic “defense” is synomymous with failure. Unless Jewry is put on the defensive and kept on the defensive they will continue to cry in pain as they kick us.

      All Aryan’s must start confederating under umbrella advocacy groups such as this.

    8. abc Says:

      “…claiming that pro-White groups were using the murders to inflame racial tensions.”

      But this is true! Of course, you’re using the murders to further your cause, and there’s no shame in this, because your cause is just!

      Racial tensions should be inflamed after such a crime, and not appeased!

      The shame would be to shut up like the other media have done, lest they be “racist”, and to “appease” once again!

      And it doesn’t mean in turn that incidents less brutal than savage murder haven’t been used to the core by other people to make whites feel guilty, and justify black hate, think Duke or R. King, and shamefully because the “cause” here is very wrong (making whites out of blacks).

    9. oversite Says:

      Inflaming racial tensions is BAD, BAD, BAD! Unless it harms whites and benefits jews — two sides of one coin.

    10. GB Says:

      Did you witness Alex Linder’s Arrest?

      If so please read this:


    11. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Great introductory write-up from the Aryan Defense League!

      “Anyone with information on the criminal activities of the jewish ADL is asked to please forward that information via email. All correspondence will kept in strictest confidence.”

      Absolutely priceless. I’m glad to see you White males kicking some ass. :)

    12. briseis Says:

      We need this. There are men who will fight for us, we should support this idea, and stop all the inter-forum BS. What we could do if we got together and stopped with the ego-driven pissing contests and shyt talking. You may be uncomfortable with the name, the personalities, the methods, but dammit, at least they are addressing crimes and the cause of the hushing of those crimes as well as the problem of the violence itself, without dancing around the problem or wishy-washing it into the oblivion of what amounts to an Amway sales meeting. Support their courage, even if they aren’t doing it “your way”. If you have something to offer, step forward.

    13. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      oversite Says:

      1 June, 2007 at 5:29 pm

      Inflaming racial tensions is BAD, BAD, BAD! Unless it harms whites and benefits jews — two sides of one coin.

      Filles du Roi’s Boi:

      Really. I remember seing some kike TV news producer saying the same thing a few years ago about some earlier black-on-White atrocity. WTF did they think they were doing when they played the Rodney King “attitude adjustment” tape over and over again?

    14. sfg Says:

      I can’t expand a lot as I’m in a hurry but in a nutshell I was recently fired from a non profit here in the Atlanta area, Stone Mountain to be exact, when I challenged the lies and deceit being spread by the Anti Defamation League when they were doing a training session they call “Cultural Sensibilities”.

      The non profit hires the ADL to do a training session for their socialists (they assume everyone is who they hire) called “Cultural Sensibilities” which of course is really “Hating Whigey 101”. I had taken all of my required training which all to do with my job, but they hadn’t offered this particular training until I’d been there almost a year. I knew it would be my downfall, because I know me and I knew I couldn’t sit there and just listen to that crap and not respond. So, I knew it would be the shit hitting the fan.

      Well, the two reps from the ADL were typical: a black female and a Jewish white guy. The black female began by saying that “we monitor hate speech on the Internet”. “We monitor the Neo Nazis and the Skinheads”. I raised my hand and asked why she didn’t mention all of the black groups and individuals who spread hatred against whites. She appeared startled and finally smiled and said “that’s a good question and I ‘m glad you asked”.

      Anyway, then they began talking about the reason the ADL was begun–the case where the young white girl was raped and murdered and Leo Frank was hung by whites. I raised my hand again and said “Wasn’t the real killer the black janitor?” And by this time, the blacks had begun to get physically upset, shifting in their seats, mumbling amongst themselves.

      Anyway, the reps went on to say that “imagine if you’re walking down the street and you see something you don’t like, and you squeeze the hand of your child, thereby sending a message that this is not something good–what are you telling your child?” I raised my hand and said “you mean that parents can’t raise their own children the way they see fit, to like what they like or don’t like what they like?” By this time, the Jewish white guy was becoming visibly agitated with me, as were the blacks in the room.

      They then went on to hate crime and I raised my hand and said that most so called hate crimes were actually hoax hate crimes perpetrated by blacks against blacks to appear as if they were done by whites, and that most hate crimes are actually perpetrated by blacks against whites. I said some other things too and actually used the word “nigger” in there showing them that I had never been raised to hate anyone but I had been the object of black hate many times. I said a lot more, too, which caused the whole room to explode in anger and physical agitation. But everything I said was based in fact, and directly opposed the lies being spread by the ADL.

      The blacks finally began to get up and leave the the two reps from the ADL tried to calm everyone down. I said I would leave and go directly over and talk to the Director of the Agency and explain my position on this training. I did and later in the day after she had assembled several supervisors and the HR Director (who is the stupidest black homosexual male you ever saw) she fired me on the spot. She refused to let me talk, she had already refused to see me alone. She had already made up her mind to fire me. She lied to the Department of Labor about her behavior and motives. She is a liar and a woman with absolutely no integrity whatsoever. Most of the people who work there do nothing and simply take home a nice little paycheck at the expense of the taxpayer. Paperwork at that agency is a disaster for most of the workers.

      It opened up my eyes to the state of non profits in this country and to their real motive and who they hire and what their agenda is. I now know the score about non profits if I didn’t before.

      Her assistant, whom I had spoken to earlier right after I left the training, told the Director that I was “incoherent” or some such crap. This from a white woman with no college degree and no ability to think straight or logically.

      The Director then fought me for unemployment which I have been denied since then. The two Department of Labor goons who oversaw my case at the initial level and hearing level were both BLACK and found against me. I knew I was in enemy territory when I took the job, but I enjoyed working with the developmentally disabled and the people who cared for them. I did not, however, enjoy my coworkers, who were unrepentent leftists.

      And, I might mention, that the Director of the Agency is a Jewish female.

      This is one of the reasons why I fight so hard now to spread the word about what is really happening in this country. I have seen the hatred first hand and up close and personal and I KNOW who the enemies of freedom are. Yessirreee I certainly do.

      I will be in Knoxville June 16th carrying a big sign.