21 June, 2007

Soren Interviews: Roy Armstrong

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Roy was David Duke’s bodyguard and secretary at one time, a fact which never came up in this interview. Just imagine how much there was to talk about, if that got lost in the shuffle!


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  7. 14 Responses to “Soren Interviews: Roy Armstrong”

    1. abe foxman Says:

      I appreciate people who do things to further Aryan identity however the host of these interviews needs to go elecution school.
      He is abysmally poor at steering a meaningful interview. He struggles to compose a single articulate sentence and his speech modes are frenetic and annoying. He lacks basic narrative skills and has the listener fuming with his constant and excessive references to glib quotes from sources obscure to the average listener.
      In his singular attempt to display his own intellectual superiority within his interviews by interruption, name dropping, and opining and lecturing towards guests, he comes across as the epitomical self idolizing geek more interested in impressing listeners with his delusional believe in academic excellence.
      Translation; He’s a boor! Off with his head!

    2. abe foxman Says:

      Pardon the typos
      Line 2….elocution spelled incorrectly. Preposition ‘to’ needed before ‘elocution’
      Line 14….excluded words ‘his own’ before ‘academic excellence’. Syntax error….add ‘rather than drawing the most from the interviewee.’

    3. Myles Says:


      I just listened to your interview from that site for the first time. What’s the story with the weenie who conducted it? In describing your conversation, why did he blurb, “There will come a time when every tongue shall kneel to a different tune?” Why did he abruptly end the discussion?

      You did an excellent job, and this interview reminded me why I loathe pseudo-intellectualism so bitterly.

    4. New America Says:

      All in all, a good interview with a great subject.

      I can’t fault the Interviewer, for he assumes the listener is something of a cognoscenti in these areas; this is not Lamestream Media.

      Now, this brings us to an issue that VNN needs to address; we assume that people who come here have a good working knowledge of the White Nationalism model of human organization.

      That is why we need to link to Yggdrail’s website, and have that link displayed prominently here, as well as the WHO WERE ARE/WHAT WE BELIEVE threaf on the VNN Forum.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. ANSWP Commander Says:

      Duke is a drug addict of and close friend of child molester Kevin Strom. He is a degenerate that has no place being idolized in our movement. Heil Hitler! Heil Victory!

    6. Glenn Miller Says:

      Roy Armstrong is a long-time WN activist, born and raised in Germany – highly dedicated and proficient. A close friend of David Duke. I met Roy personally in 03 when I visited Duke’s HQ in Louisianna, and again at Duke’s 04 Conference in N.O. And I’ve spoken with him on the phone dozens of times. He also mailed me thousands of Duke pamphlets at below costs, during the years he worked at Duke HQ.

    7. Glenn Miller Says:

      Oh, if anybody has Roy’s email and/or mailing address, PM it to me, por favor. Last I heard, Roy was living in Germany and not in the best of health.

    8. FeralWhiteMan Says:

      Yeah, this interviewer really sucks. Something strange too, about 10:27 or so, did he say “We arrested some people.”? I listened to it several times to see if he was saying “we” or “they” and I swear that puss said “we”. Armstrong has lived an interesting life and met some kick ass people, like Savitri Devi (and the interviewer mispronounces it, it’s pronounced like “Davy”). As I’m listening to it, I’m finding the interviewer more and more ignorant. He says Geoff Beck swung to the “far right” or “extreme right”. This is bullshit. The left-right paradigm does not apply to Nazism, dumbass. I like the way Armstrong just brushed off the “far right” claim and was interested in the Mussolini and Hitler photograph, lol. Kudos to Beck for not taking their crap. Anyone who tries to be nice in this race war is going to lose. As Rockwell said, the Jews ain’t nice. They’ll cut your throat if you threaten them or their interests while you’re asking them to come to the table for “peace talks”.

    9. wjg Says:

      Soren Renner’s interviewing style definitely is grating to me. He comes across as a smart aleck trying to impress to his college debating team. A good interviewer would be much more transparent and leaves a motivated listener informed rather than annoyed.

      Still, a bad interview is better than none.

    10. cygnet Says:

      Roy Armstrong

    11. cygnet Says:

      Email address of Roy Armstrong:

      [email protected]

    12. America First Says:

      Roy is a Knight of White Nationalism IMO

      First spoke with him on the phone in Feb 2000.

      His attitude was great in dealing with the Un-wakened crowd when they called him, some friends that I gave David Dukes book “My Awakening” would call his head quarters and get Roy, and the comments back to me was that Roy was very interesting to them to speak to, because Roy would not talk down to or sound arrogant to lemmings.


    13. Glenn Miller Says:

      Thanks cygnet for providing Roy’s email address.

    14. Kievsky Says:

      Cygnet has original ideas, and he goes out and gets stuff done. I certainly appreciate his contributions to White nationalism, and the interview sounded fine to me.