18 June, 2007

The BBC’s Politics

Posted by Socrates in Britain, Jew World Order, liberalism, media control, New World Order, Western culture at 12:13 pm | Permanent Link
BBC chief Michael Grade and BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob are both Jewish:


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  7. 10 Responses to “The BBC’s Politics”

    1. Hans F.Schneider Says:

      that simply proves their intent to manipulate the news and public opinion and that almost all over the world.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The BBC, aka bolshevik broadcasting company, has been in the iron grip of sneering commies since the 1960’s. The visibility of kike dirt-bags such as Yentob is comparatively recent. His first job there was as head of ‘Childrens Entertainment’ where he pushed the poison of race mixing at impressionable children.

      For the ‘privilege’ of watching this rubbish the British people are compelled to pay $240 pa in the form of a licence fee. Extortion to finance propaganda aimed at the destruction of the White Race.

      Hit the jew where it hurts, don’t pay the licence fee.

    3. sfg Says:

      Duh…ya think? Anyone with an IQ over room temp or the ability to discern has seen the BBC in the last thirty years turn into a leftist corporation. I watch BBC tv shows from the early 70’s and even those were beginning to slant decidedly left. You know… shows where whites were always silly and stupid and everyone else was smart and disdainful of whites. And all the “good” guys were pro Democrat and poor people and all things socialist. Where all the blacks were always polite and well mannered. Strange how I’ve never met any of THOSE blacks.

      It’s amazing how we have sat here and watched England slip into the sewer and all because they have bowed at the altar of the god of diversity and all things multicultural….at the expense of all things white and right and good. I love English dramas and movies but it sickens me when I watch something that is disdainful of whites and where they embrace all things minority. As if it’s good for us. It certainly is a good example of a once great society that has brought about its own downfall and STILL doesn’t seem to realize what’s happening. When I think of Europe falling into the hands of muslims and blacks, I could just cry. All those beautiful countries and those wonderful smart peaceful white people and the dark blight that is covering all of Europe.

      Of course, then I think of America, and I really cry.

    4. Junghans Says:

      Thanks to Winston Churchill, the gravedigger of Britain, who initiated the matricide of Europe when he had the option to make peace!

    5. Yep Says:

      I like this simple approach.

      “BBC chief Michael Grade and BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob are both Jewish:”


    6. Yep Says:

      BAM! = the article linked to, not some stupid threat.

    7. cliff Says:

      What matters is jews play both sides of the streets. I have had many run-ins with the Beep and one thing stands out in my mind: the jew agenda is top priority and if you are non jewish acotor or writer, (and non- zionist as well I suspect) you can take a hike and forget about working for “auntie”

      Too bad it is white gentiles that pay the bill through a license fee charged on a yearly basis. Make no mistake about it, people have been jailed by the communist elite of from the “TV License” board for refusing to pay up. They fuck you for over 200 dollars a colour license.

      PS/ TV License checks all TV sales at source of sale;t hey have vans driving around that sit in front of your house to monitor a TV signal so there is no use giving the commie jews a bullshit story.

      Reminds me of the round-ups in Russia and the Ukraine.

    8. John Says:

      BBC = MUD, every time you switch it on its MUD. Africa is their cause.

    9. Anti Says:

      “The BBC, aka bolshevik broadcasting company, has been in the iron grip of sneering commies since the 1960’s.”

      Another eggthpert diagnosis from the WN camp.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      OK, we all condemn the crap that is televised, but we view it occasionally anyway.

      To those Brit WN who have not yet cut the UHF umbilical cord and wish to save themselves $200, here is what to do:

      1.Buy your next tv at a self-service discount store and take it home in your car. Don’t get it delivered and give a phoney area code to the sales people.

      2. Phone the licencing ‘authority’ and tell them you have given your tv away and don’t need a licence. You will be told that your records will be amended and that an ‘inspector’ will visit to confirm your status. Don’t let this worry you!

      3. The so called inspectors generally concentrate on student areas, 90% of the time you will not be bothered. Also, if some official looking asshole comes to your door, don’t feel obliged to open it to him. If you do inadvertantly open your door to him, merely say it is not a convenient time as your wife etc… is sick.

      4. Don’t be concerned by those detection vans with the loop aerial. In a crowded Brit street full of buzzing tv sets there is no way they can isolate yours from your neighbor’s a mere 10 feet away!

      Happy viewing!