22 June, 2007

The Immigrant Amnesty Bill’s New Number

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The bill – formerly called S.1348 – is now known as S.1639

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  7. 4 Responses to “The Immigrant Amnesty Bill’s New Number”

    1. Bohemond Says:

      Call your congressman or shoot him.

    2. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      You’d have to go all the way back to the ’60s to find legislation as destructive as this POS. George Bush and certain members of Congress are openly aiding and abetting an aggressive and hostile invasion into these United States. Isn’t that pretty much the definitive act of treason? What is disgusting is the fact that if Bush was up for reelection today, you’d STILL have these conservative citizen types crawling out of the woodwork to support him. Let’s hope that every one of these lesser-of-two-evils nation-wreckers gets t-boned by a drunken illegal alien next time they head off to the polls to vote for some knuckle-dragging George Bush clone. Needless to say, I hate their fucking guts and livers, and that’s a perfectly rational reaction to the damage they’ve done to my living space.

    3. sfg Says:

      Ditto the above. My two senators, Chambliss and Isakson from Georgia, who have fully supported the amnesty bill up until about a few days ago, are now saying publicly they won’t vote for the bill.

      I keep calling every day to their Atlanta offices and Washington offices as everyone is being urged to do. But I don’t trust these fuckers as far as I can throw them. They have just been thrown for a loop at the outpouring of disgust and hatred from their constituents.

      Chambliss in particular realized that he would probably lose his job next year if he votes yes. Beyond that, these two don’t give a big happy SHIT what this bill or any other amnesty bill does to this country. Georgians have really let these two know what they think about this bill. And Isakson may have some new trick up his sleeve from what I’m reading.

      As for Senor Jorge Boosh–I can’t even speak or write to my disgust with this vermin. That I was hoodwinked twice and put and kept this swine in office to do to this country what he is trying to do and HAS done, just disgusts me. It’s the last time I’ll be tricked.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      Or maybe Bush is being threatened to push this. He or his family dies if he doesn’t. Remember who actually runs things around here. There hasn’t been a President since JFK who did things that were in the interests of the USA. He got his head blown off because of it. Then there was RFK and JFK, Jr. Teddy baby is alive because we all know he falls in line with the gangsters. In other words, he has sold out his country like all the others up there.