17 June, 2007

Tikkun Olam as Foreign Policy

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Big Jew: “Dismantle the White, Christian republic of Srpska. Because it’s your duty to go out into the world and remake it. It’s your duty to weaken or topple states that are too White, or too Christian, or just not to Jewish liking for whatever reason. You, and your allies, have already erased Nazi Germany and Rhodesia, and you crushed apartheid in South Africa. That’s a good start. But your work isn’t done yet. You must create a New World Order where all Jews can live in safety and happiness. Understand?”

America: “Yes, master.”


Dr. William Pierce on Serbia and Bosnia: [Here]

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    1. Der Arbeiter Says:

      Point taken, but even Seung Cho wrote better dialogue…

    2. Cormac Says:


    3. John Says:

      The Jews are attempting to destroy the Republika Srpska and integrate it into a Bosnian Muslim state. The U.S.A even launched air strikes on the Serbs in Bosnia back in 1994/95 which resulted in the Bosnian Serb Republic loosing around a third of its territory. This was before the aggression in 1999 and Kosovo.