4 July, 2007

“A Declaration of Independence From Israel”

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Let America be unchained from the Jewish state:


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  7. 9 Responses to ““A Declaration of Independence From Israel””

    1. Blond Celt Says:

      Religion is race…Nothing Else ! The bitter wars fought in Ireland are testimony to RELIGIOUS WARS… Cousins Killing Cousins over Who’s God was the Best while the JEWS in England continued to keep the antagonisms alive !! After centuries of battling the Irish became weary…The moment that GUARD was let down, NIGGERS, CHINESE and others quickly began arriving ! For all intents and purposes the Jews were Readmitted under Cromwell…As an Immigrat to this country from Ireland, I feel Inadequate because of this inability to ARM myself and perform that crucial crusade to drive the VERMIN and RATS into the Ocean ,,,,dead of course.. Perhaps the Irish will regain that FIGHTING IRISH SPIRIT and BLOW the SCUM into Oblivion,,,,AMEN !

    2. Lutjens Says:

      I predict Mr Hedges will be slandered and subsequently “terminated” in the near future.

    3. lid lifter Says:

      I called up : black baptist freemasonry………Yes, the ENGLISH act of UNION in 1717 gave those baptist burrheads their parasitic foothold… Nearly every racoon,whether judge, congressman, high profile spear chckin “religious” televangelists or many other scammers are BLACK BAPTIST FREEMASONS ! CRIMINAL brotha hoods in APRONS !! Equality, liberty, fraternity is bilge water !!

    4. negra loather Says:

      why did the ENGLISH call in the PASHAS to assist in the suppression of the Irish rebellions ? Who were the “COSBY” looking PASHAS ??? Do they still maintain their shitskin prescence in GREECE ??? Maybe michael jordan is a PASHA, eh ??

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Speaking of Jews—-

      I bought this book at the used book store the other day. It is called “The Mind of Adolf Hitler” by some guy named Langer. Has anyone heard of it? It is supposed to be a secret wartime report, kept secret for 25 years. Langer, a psychoanalyst, says that Hitler liked for women to urinate and defecate on him, and that he liked for them to kick him as sexual foreplay. He also says that Hitler had two distinct personalities.

      I had to laugh.

      Does anyone know of a GOOD book about AH?

      I am suspicious of the name, “Langer”, as I am suspicious of “psychoanalysis.”

    6. burma shave Says:

      many of the scuzzy el presidente’s and kabullshitski of Israel have paki and BURMA names…obama is a BURMA name…..sleaze bag mafia hash dope peddlers , illegal arms hucksters , smut merchants, bankers,UNESCO education multi culturalists, money launderers,mafia freemasons and Religious cult fronts that will attach any parasitic method to suck you dry !!!! The former cabal of the UN is typical of their authority… Tell us Goofy, how much did you make on those drug sales ??? OIL for food money ??? US funded world bank transfer payments to the skimmers and scum ??? The ultimate nanny state with greasy palms and sticky fingers… The league of Nations was a “CORPORATE” JOKE against white people !

    7. zion fo negras Says:

      Outstanding reading for the BLINDERS OFF crowd….. 1) agenda-english 2)faisal-weizmann agreement 3) English Zionist Federation …………..

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      This book also says that Hitler had one testicle and took cyaninde as the Russians were advancing. After he took cyanide, Eva Braun shot him!

      The research I have done on the internet says that this is all highly dubious, including the episode where Hitler wanted to be kicked by his girlfriend as he wallowed about on the floor.


      All roads to truth have been closed by the enemy.

      Compare this to the treatment the Jews give their own.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      They take over the fields of communications, education and law!