7 July, 2007

America’s First Jewish President?

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Oy. If Michael Bloomberg becomes Commander-in-Chief, will the White House have a Christmas tree? What about the official White House Christmas card? Would meals in the White House all have to be kosher? Would Bloomberg need a special chef to prepare matzoh? Thinking bigger: what about America’s relations with Muslim countries? With Israel? With Russia? Would White Americans even vote for a Jewish presidential candidate in the first place? (That’s a trick question, of course. The Jews reinvented themselves and “became White people” after World War II, so now they’re seen only as practitioners of a faith, not as a historically-inbred tribe which behaves as a race even if scientists don’t describe it as such) [1]:


[1] about Jewish genetics: [Here] and [Here] and [Here] and [Here]

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    1. -JC Says:

      Despite Ike’s apparent opposition some things Zionist, I’ve read for years about his animosity to the German people and their treatment during post-WWII German “reconstruction.” I’ve also read in many places that he was a Swedish Jew. I dunno. I suppose some Jews define their Jewishness away by claiming that, to be a Jew, one must have a Jewish mother. But that is not what we’re talking-about when discussing race and genetics.



    2. van helsing Says:

      First yahoodi president? Hardly.

      FDR. TR. Lincoln. LBJ. Ike. Harry Solomon Truman.

      Probly Fillmore. And I wouldnt doubt Bush/Clinton/Bush are.

    3. Lutjens Says:

      I think sheenie Bloomberg should get the fuck out of our country and run for Israeli Prime Minister instead. He shouldn’t have any trouble getting in over there with his billions, correction, our stolen billions.

    4. Socrates Says:

      van helsing Says: “First yahoodi president? Hardly.

      FDR. TR. Lincoln. LBJ. Ike. Harry Solomon Truman.

      Probly Fillmore. And I wouldnt doubt Bush/Clinton/Bush are.”

      F. D. Roosevelt was only part-Jewish. Same with Ike. Lincoln? Truman? LBJ? Not that I know of.

    5. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      The Big Jew Stampede to Whiteness really only got under way after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. That spurred the amerikikes to drop their long habit of bedding down w darkies in favor of cultivating the largest racial group in the Kwa. Neokahnservativism was conceived about the same time, to expedite this policy volte face.

      What matters far more to “whites” in Amerikwa is this: that they rid the “white” paradigm of ALL judeophilia. Amerikwan whiteness was an artifice cooked up by the masonic cult as a means of assimilating the widely varied European ethnic groups into the Great Chamber Pot of Nations. Given freemasonry’s jewish ties, americanism, american whiteness all have been riddled with jew and judeophile tendencies, many of which have yet to be filtered out by latter day “white nationalists.”

      Become ARYAN, NOT white! Only by shaking off the fetters of these english school-perverts AND their jew masters can we ever truly rid our planet of jewry. Realize your Noble Heritage, “whiteman.”

      Aryan, not white,
      Human, not american

    6. oozing carbunkle Says:

      Seems as tho everytime the “KURDS” of turkey and IRAQ try to explain to the WORLD that THEY ARE the ancient JEWS, SOME mulatto greek, greasy dago, PAKI/hindude or BRITISH LORD has the SPEAKER bumped off !!! Why is that ?? That “JEW” stolen identity goes very well with all the other orthodox and unorthodox bosphorus cosa nostra,kosher nostra swindlers !!

    7. MB Says:

      Of the above, the one whose Jew-like characteristics weren’t restricted to enforcing the Jew agenda is Lincoln. Firstly, he looked like a Jew. Secondly, his origin and personal history is largely unkown. For a US politician, that’s a Jew marker in itself. Thirdly, and I’m just guessing at this, the only US president with a definitively Hebrew name probably smelled like a Jew. He certainly behaved like one, not only in his career and official capacities, but in his personal life. In any event, he is the Jew who redefined America – from a people to a proposition. The original American identity has been receding since Lincoln’s tenure, precisely.

    8. john creagh Says:

      “Will the White House have a Christmas tree?”
      “What about the official White House Christmas card?”

      The White House doesn’t have a Christmas tree and doesn’t send Christmas cards. In conformance with jewish directives opposing any reference to Jesus Christ anywhere, it has a “Holiday” tree and sends “Holiday” cards. The “Holiday Card” policy has been in place since 1993 and was not changed by the current born-again, evangelical-Christian president in spite of Christian protests.

    9. torah saki sippers Says:

      tora, tora, tora saith the JAPS !!!! the buddhist were the TRADE links from rome to the spice laden india, china and the orient in general…..GENGHIS KHAN was a buddhist… SIN was actually a shortened word for sinisization which meant fond or preferring CHINESE CULTURE !!! The JAP samauri were shinto buddhists !!! I always laugh when the ENGLISH “ISRAELITES” did their archealogical dig in IRELAND around the hill of TARA…ZILCH,NADA found you GREASE BAGS!!! For these chosen ELITE INTELLECTUALS to confuse the word TARA for TORA is an instant wake-up call to their goddamn LYING shyster double talk slithery greasy nigger/boasian kike CON GAMES !

    10. JD Says:

      Eisenhower was Swiss-German Protestant on his father’s side, not Swedish Jewish. However it is becoming fairly well established that he had African ancestry on his mother’s (Stover) side. I think you can sometimes see that in pictures of him when he was younger. It is possible that the Roosevelts and Jewish ancestry but it was so many generations before that I don’t see how it counts given ongoing marriages with gentiles.

    11. -JC Says:

      Deuteronomy 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      According the Brit magazine ‘Fortean Times’ (hardly an authoritive source) Lincoln’s ancestry was probably Melungeon (spelling?), a Berber / Moorish people.

      As regards Ike, well he is a self-confessed Kike. In the graduation year book of 1915 he describes himself as “a Swedish Jew”.

      There are so many Jacobs, Ruths and Issacs in FDR’s family tree that we must have doubts about him too. All his actions in World War Jew were entirely kosher.