31 July, 2007

For Study

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On certain web forums, we have seen White nationalists call the Jews “White.” Why is that? There’s no excuse for it. The subject of Jewish racial/ethnic features should be an early, and central, part of White nationalist studies. WNs should, hopefully, be able to describe Jewish genetic features just as easily as they can recall their telephone numbers. What are Jewish genetic diseases, and why do Jews contract them? What is consanguinity? Matrilineal descent? Genetic founders? Those are good topics to learn about:


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  7. 11 Responses to “For Study”

    1. Mark Says:

      Why do some people call Jews white? The same reason blacks think all dark-skinned people are “black” like them, such as dark-skinned Indians and Australian Aboriginals, even though they are genetically distinct groups. In the same manner Ashkenazi Jews share some phenotypic traits in common with Europeans, such as lighter skin and a Caucasoid morphology. Genetically they are distinct, as other Middle Eastern and West Asian Caucasoids are, from Europeans. Additionally their morphology is generally more Orientaloid and Armenoid, such as the signature hooked nose. Skin pigmentation or pigmentation in general is commonly viewed as the primary racial criterion, even though it is actually one of the least important racial traits. That’s why there are so many examples of mixed race people “passing”, including Jews, people in general only see skin color. A humorous example of this racial ignorance was during a black riot, blacks attacked an albino Negroid woman because they thought she was white.

    2. Nick Says:


    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Back in January the Jews organized a conference to fight rising anti-semitism on the left (I wish) and part of it focused on “Breaking Through the Myth of Jewish Whiteness” http://preview.tinyurl.com/2w6x4q (yep, that’s their title) because they accurately believe that a lot of the opposition to Israel from the lefties stems from their perception that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is another case of evil Whitey oppressing “pipples” of color. Hymie taught all those dolts to hate Whitey and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. Sweet. Of course, if this turns around and it becomes good for Jews to pretend to be White again it won’t be long before we see whole snakepits full of Murray Rothsteins miraculously turning into WASPY sounding Sumner Redstones. My position on this would depend on who else was participating in the discussion. If it’s a bunch of “progressives” you bet your ass I’m agreeing that Paul Wolfowitz is one evil White sumbitch. Fight the Man! Power to the People!

    4. will Says:

      Jews as white? Absurdity at its best. I guess for the Christians we’d have to review Genesis, which clearly indicates they are not Adamite Man. Empirical evidence would also agree. Jews are…well they’re jews. Hopefully, in the future, they will only exist as cryogenically frozen specimens for scientific study.

    5. Dominus Says:

      Genetic research on Jews has shown that 40% of the Ashkenazi Jewish population come from FOUR, count ’em FOUR, women who existed about one thousand years ago.

      That’s 3.5 million Jews, most of whom live in America, who are basically some form of cousin. These Jews have been inbreeding amongst themselves for a millennium!


      Extreme inbreeding is a unique characteristic of the Jews. It has very much to do with their unusual mental makeup and behavioral problems.

    6. Wolf Says:

      What about this theory that Jews are not descendant from Middle Eastern Biblical Jews, rather they are descendant from Turkish/Mongolian Khazars?

      It makes a difference because if the Khazar theory is true modern day “Jews” have no religious or biological claim in Israel.

      I would note that some of the scientists preforming the genetic research mentioned in the article have Jew sounding names.

    7. Mark Says:

      Sephardic Jews are more genetically similar to biblical Jews or Palestinians, and they are as much proponents and participators of the gangster state as the Khazarian Ashkenazim. The Sephardic Jews were the Jews involved in the African slave trade to the Americas.

    8. oy veyista Says:

      The “Khazar theory” is mostly bogus, proposed by a crazy Jew author, not a scientist or real thinker. See The Genetics of The Jews, A.E. Mourant, which draws on actual genetic research to disprove it as a source genepool.

      Use your heads here: how’d they all get German surnames if they became Jews in the ninth century AD? Rhineland, people. Look it the fuck up. Trying to pull the Jews’ ethnos out from under them is a fool’s trick.

      But hey, it’s romantic and it allows people to say “raaah Israel doesn’t belong to the Jooz raaaahhh!”, so who cares about integrity?

    9. Revilo Says:

      The Khazar theory was promoted by the Jew Arthur Koestler to counter charges that Judaism was inherently racist. If most Jews are descended from non-middle eastern converts then it can’t be racist, can it?

      But DNA testing seems to refute this theory. I doubt they’d try and fake something that can be easily checked. If Jews had turned out to be more genetically diverse the Jew media would have spun it the way Koestler did. When you control the spin the facts aren’t that big a deal.

    10. nobody Says:

      The Jews do get pretty pissed off when people bring up the Khazar thing, though. And Arthur Koestler had an unusual death. Also, has anyone seen Rosemary’s Baby? I know that Roman Polanski later made a Holocaust movie, and apparently “date raped” a 13-year-old, but THAT IS A MOVIE ABOUT JEWS!

    11. Bill Says:

      Well, like WASP (the derogatory, diversity-smothering label invented by E. Digby Baltzell for Christian Europeans), Jews frequently prefer for themselves the other acronym, WEJ (White European Jew).

      But really all WEJes are just a branch of one of the two vicious Semitic peoples. Either they are non-Arabic Semites or non-Jewish Semites.

      This is one reason why European American is preferable to White as a preferred label or, if you like, just say Americans of indigenous European origins to sort out who is who.