9 July, 2007

French Company Fined for Lack of Racial Diversity

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The bad-guy hat always ends up on White people, doesn’t it? Why are non-Whites in France in the first place? Why punish Frenchmen when any racial or social burdens should be on the outsiders who aren’t French? This type of New World Order baloney wouldn’t have happened on Petain’s watch [1][2]:


[1] the latest wimpy proposal to toughen French immigration laws: [Here]

[2] Petain: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “French Company Fined for Lack of Racial Diversity”

    1. DQ Says:

      It might be a good idea to abandon the phrase New World Order and put Jew World Order in its place. I saw a lot of NWO videos on youtube saying that the NWO is full of nazis. On the videos I saw I said things like race is the cantral issue. Hitler was really the good guy. Why is thinking that the races are different the ultimate sin? If your down for the aryan movement checkout vanguard news network and western voices world news. Checkout these sites online where the jewfree media is alive!

    2. Jim Says:

      How can nappy headed hos sell shampoo?

    3. Neal Joitke Says:

      The people that want there dirty money should be made out
      as a example for all the rest