12 July, 2007

From Titian to Mouth Painting

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This guy’s palsy isn’t the issue. Is it good art? Is it Western? Does it reflect our culture, heritage and values? Further, how did Picasso – a member of the French communist party and a finger painter at best – become a god in the art world? [1]:


[1] about modern art: [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to “From Titian to Mouth Painting”

    1. Santiago Matamoros Says:

      I read a book about the famous modern painters from Picasso to Jackson the Dripper Pollack written by a conservative Catholic author and it’s like a grocery list of communist, liberal finance capitalist bullshit, learning what goes on inside the head of the greedy and arbitrary modern art world. I can’t remember the title of the book now, but one can fairly judge modern art by its cover.

      It’s like a coprophilic dyslexic student of Freud stuck inside a public restroom, at a dirty Greyhound bus station, on a rainy or sunny day, because it wouldn’t really matter to him either way, as long as he gets to shit, while he plays with a demonic-values calculator and G-d only knows what else.

    2. Steve Says:

      I find the vast majority of people don’t like any of these ugly rusty sculptures and finger paintings put up in public places. It’s a perfect chance to discuss how they came to be popular. Cultural deconstruction. Teaching low standards as worthy of emulation, though only the few Jews and friends will be propped up to earn a living doing them. The worst I’ve seen: Pollock, Picasso, Cy Twombly, Franz Kline, Duchamp, Earp… and the architecture is their latest venture with Gehry and Libeskind (both Jews). Artrenewal.org is a good source for the best classical art. They are adamantly against modern art, but of course don’t delve into the force behind it.

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      Santiago Matamoros, is the book that you are referring to this one?


      The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Artby Roger Kimball

      If you are referring to some other book, I would be interested to learn which one.

    4. jimbo Says:

      ‘modern art’ ceased being any good after the Impressionists…..Monet, Degas, Renoir et al……all masters……’post-Impressionism’ is when the rot set it……Van Gough’s stuff is highly over-rated too……the obscene prices touted for some of his so-called ‘master-pieces’ (along with the shit-daubings of Picasso!) demonstrate just how far into the jewish abyss the ‘modern/post-modern world’ has fallen; the current fetish with body parts, dead meat & actual excrement as ‘works of art’ is the jewish zeitgeist come to full bloom!

      we need to ‘clean house’ in ALL AREAs of SOCIETY!….the cultural, the academic, the political & the economic!

    5. van helsing Says:

      Our culture hath been reduced to Augean stables.