18 July, 2007

Gang Suppression

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, gangs, General Decline, mex gangs, nig-truthin', Socrates at 6:40 pm | Permanent Link

Do American cities have gang problems? Nope. They have minority problems:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Gang Suppression”

    1. Minorities My Ass Says:

      Do American cities have gang problems? Nope. They have minority problems.

      Nope. They have spick and groid problems.

      Please don’t refer to spicks and groids as “minorities”. It’s very misleading since they’re already a majority in many urban areas and will soon be a majority everywhere.

    2. sfg Says:

      I can’t recall ONE SINGLE white “gang” member committing a crime here in my county in Georgia. NOT ONE.

      Every single gang member is either a nig or a spic. Period.

      So, just like the “youths” all over the world who are committing crimes, some horrendous, these are ALL NONWHITES.

    3. Whitepride Says:

      A public service announcement from the folks at VNN:


    4. greywolf Says:

      AMEN! sfg.

    5. brahmin Says:

      alex, good article on how the media and the players scratch each others genitals……call up : fraudulent ‘ staunch republican’ story exposed………….by jennifer hunter……note he name referenced in the article a
      nd the occupation and country of origin (italy)!! Then do a search on jennifer hunter PHD…. The godfather and his minions ? What is the difference between a DEMOrat or a repub ??? That fence is nothing more than a bales of $100 bills and a variable wind….

    6. zoroastro Says:

      things are so simple: no blacks, no gangs. no gangs, no crime. in other words: no blacks, no crime. ok, there’s 2% of the deviation (most of the rest of the crimes would then prove to be either the intra-homosexual violence or a tiny fraction of the criminally insane of our own, highest stock, which is inevitable even among the most highly evolved among the human races).
      racial mathematics work like the irrefutable axioms.

    7. Lutjens Says:

      Texas is 53% spics. Minority no more. Bye bye “special” status. Bye bye LULAC. They are the majority and still can’t elect spic mayors or governors. Dumb fucks.