21 July, 2007

Immigrant Amnesty in Little Steps

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Mentioned here:[Article]

Here’s one example of a piecemeal approach to immigrant amnesty. Note who is sponsoring this bill: [Article] [1][2]

[1] about Feinstein: [Here]

[2] about Berman: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “Immigrant Amnesty in Little Steps”

    1. ole timer Says:

      from jew to roman catholic ?? what’s the difference ? look at OJs lawyers…Jesuits…that gorilla on the supreme court——-from black baptist freemason to Roman catholic….rush limbaugh greets his fellow black bro cleric——->hutchinson the pastor, the guru of the minnesota vikings…mcnabb QB———–>mcnabb, roman catholics, pregenitors of national baking co..makers of oreo cookies ……..like I said, every political movement has a group of congroid knucle draggers in their TRAINS…Pat robertson———> constant videofootage of nig athletes that have come to “JAYSUS” !!! the list goes on and on ! Freemasonic nonsense !!

    2. Walter Mitty Says:

      I’ve often wondered who did Feinstein’s nose job. Anyone ever seen a before picture with her original jew nose?

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      There was a time when it made sense to keep a Republican majority in the House to stop crap like this, but the jewish takeover of that party, with the help of the Limbaughs and the Hannitys and the Gordon Baums, has turned it into something that’s repugnant to most thinking people. How can you in good conscience vote for a bunch of Hagee-fellating Israel-firsters? We need to come up with a term that’s the opposite of the Midas touch, to describe what happens to EVERYTHING that comes under the control of the kike.