13 July, 2007

Jews in the News, or, Libya and Gun Control

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Item #1: Why are Jewish senators Schumer and Lautenberg only holding Libya accountable? What about Israel’s false-flagging of Libya? [1]:


Item #2: It’s unlikely that this setback will dampen Bloomberg’s enthusiasm for gun control. He is, of course, only one of a number of Jews involved in gun control activity. In fact, most of America’s major anti-gun laws have come from Jews, i.e., the landmark Gun Control Act of 1968, which came from congressman Emanuel Celler’s bill H.R.17735; the Brady law, which came from Metzenbaum and Schumer; the assault-rifle ban, which came from Feinstein and Schumer; and Lautenberg’s act, which prohibits people convicted of a certain misdemeanor crime from owning a gun [2]:


[1] about Israel, Libya and the Berlin/Lockerbie incidents: [Here] [scroll half-way down the page]

[2] about the Lautenberg law: [Here]

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