14 July, 2007

Museum Restricting Access to Holocaust Files

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Why can’t the public view the Holocaust files on the internet? One possibility: bad gentiles might conclude that the “6 million Jews” death number is fake [1]:


[1] about the taxpayer-funded museum: [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 10 Responses to “Museum Restricting Access to Holocaust Files”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Will a righteous Jew file a lawsuit against the taxpayer-funded museum?

    2. john the baptist Says:

      Probably for the same insane reason you DARE not question GLOBAL WARMING !!! the political means to an end !! TNB= goofi annan, oprah winbag and al gore your new GLOBAL CLIMATE excellencies !!! Worship at the feet of DIVINE VOODOO… Those yorkrite foozebags are NUTS !!!!!!

    3. Lutjens Says:

      “Leo Rechter, a Brooklyn resident and president of the National Association of Jewish Child Holocaust Survivors, insists the documents be housed in institutions near where aging survivors live, or be made available via the Internet. He argues that a trip to the Holocaust Museum site in Washington, D.C., is just too much for frail, aging war victims.”

      Cry me a fucking river lol What kind of title is that? I should declare myself the President of the National Association of German War Survivors, whatever the fuck that means. I have to laugh because they are too fucking lazy to go to Washington to check up on their so-called lost relatives. If they look hard enough, they may find they are probably in the States living under a different (Anglo) name or hiding somewhere over in the gangster state. Unrecognizable maybe because plastic surgery was needed to conceal their hideous looks or to hide from justice, or both. They are not being shown the data because it probably contains less than 300,000 names, most of which died of disease or starvation towards the end of the war. Most camp inmates were useless commies and thugs anyway so who fucking cares. They were there for a very good reason – they weren’t wanted. Not then, not now, anywhere. Bottom line: the liars of the millenium are now apparently being swindled by their own kind. This is getting comical. This jew bunch is retarded beyond belief.

    4. Petrarch Says:

      Just more proof that “holocaust” is a religion. The high rabbis are hiding information from the believers in order not to disturb their faith.

      So there exist “millions” of NAZI documents and none of them make any reference to the “holocaust”? Because if such a document existed surely it would be made public so the believers could be knowers.a

      Why does it seem that a neo-NAZI couldn’t swing a jew baby, or order to “slam it against a wall”, without hitting a ‘“holocaust” survivor’. Given the large number of “”holocaust” “survivors” still “surviving” over 60 years after the “holocaust” somebody should study the life extending effects of having almost having been “holocausted”.

    5. schemer Says:

      Jewish history 1190-1199……… SWARTHY Ramban was there to help clip coins, make loans and matzos …

    6. van helsing Says:

      Time to overthrow the tables in the… uh… temple.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      This reminds me of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox hiding the Bible behind a wall of Latin. The rubes must never learn what kind of crap we’re peddling, they reasoned, or we would lose our grip on them.

      Not to worry, Jews; even when presented with obvious proof of the non-existence of the gas chambers, people simply stare with glazed-over eyes, and mumble, “What does Master want me to believe?”

    8. master bater Says:

      Will Monica’s dress be on display ? Bill Clintons and Al Gore’s masonic Apron ?

    9. Jews R Niggers Says:

      Jew niggers gonna milk this cow till it runs dry and then suck the blood and eat it bone and all. When will jews sue Egyptians for that 400 yrs of slavery? Oh yea, becuz they dont even believe their own bullshit.

      Last update – 16:21 16/07/2007

      Holocaust survivors’ children sue Germany for therapy fees

      By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent and The Associated Press

      A group representing thousands of children of Holocaust survivors filed a class-action lawsuit against the German government on Monday, demanding that Germany pay for their psychiatric care.

      The plaintiffs, calling themselves second-generation Holocaust survivors, say the scars of the Nazi genocide on their parents have crossed generations. Many still live with an irrational fear of starvation and incapacitating bouts of depression, the lawsuit claims.

      The lawsuit marks the very first time that the German government will be asked to take responsibility and to care for those of the second generation in Israel and indeed, worldwide, attorney Gideon Fisher said before filing the suit at the Tel Aviv District Court.


      The suit seeks to set up a German-financed fund to pay for biweekly therapy sessions for 15,000 to 20,000 people, or about $10 million annually for three years.

      “If they will not do it voluntarily, and unfortunately they have not done it so far, then I really hope the president of the court here in Tel Aviv would make them take responsibility,” said Fisher, a child of Auschwitz survivors who founded the Fisher Fund, the nonprofit group behind the lawsuit.

      Baruch Mazor, the fund’s director, said four to five percent of the 400,000 children of survivors in Israel require treatment. “Since many cannot hold steady jobs, they cannot pay for their own treatment, and aid from the government and health insurance has been inadequate,” he said.

      About 4,000 people have joined the suit, he said.

      “The only thing we are asking for is some kind of financial help in order to give them psychiatric treatment. There will be no money passed from hand to hand,” Mazor said Monday.

      It was unclear what standing the court would have in a damages case against a foreign country.

      Mazor said the Tel Aviv suit was a first step aimed at winning recognition that Germany bears responsibility for the suffering of survivors’ children.

      The plaintiffs will then try to negotiate a settlement, or will take their case to a German or an international court, he said.

      In Berlin, the German Foreign Ministry said it would not comment on an ongoing legal process. But Germany was likely to see the suit as a window for an indefinite number of future claims.

      Since the 1950s, Germany has paid more than $60 billion in reparations to concentration camp survivors, families of the some of the six million Jewish victims, and to the State of Israel. Much of that money went to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a New York-based organization that negotiates with Germany and distributes the payments.

      Mazor said money handled by the Claims Conference is earmarked for survivors, and their children did not want to detract from those funds.

      The suit claims the second generation grew up in the shadow of depression, grief and guilt of their parents, which created a powerful inclination among the children for pain and suffering.

      Children had a twisted relationship with their parents that impeded their development and led to severe psychological problems, the suit claims.

      One 58-year-old woman told her story to Israel Radio Sunday, saying she inherited the fear of starvation experienced by her parents in Auschwitz, where inmates prized any crust of bread they could obtain.

      If you come to my house and open the freezer, loaves of bread fall on you, without any proportion to what I really need, the woman said.

      She declined to disclose her name, but Mazor said she spoke for thousands.

      She said she felt as if she had no childhood, and jumped directly into adolescence. “In our house it was forbidden to exhibit pain or say that you are sad. My father taught us not to show people how we feel, that it is forbidden to show people you are hurt, or that things are hard for you. And this was very, very hard,” said the woman.

      One plaintiff, 55, is afraid of traveling on buses as they remind her of the trains that took Jews to the extermination camps. She is subject to panic attacks and takes tranquilizers.

      Another plaintiff, who says she was raised in a dark, dirty home by parents suffering from depression, has developed fear of dogs. Today, she is emotionally disabled.

      Mazor said the Fisher Fund held lengthy negotiations with the German Embassy over the compensation claims, but the talks were cut off by the Germans.

    10. yiddish Says:

      wonder if a display of yiddish and it’s translation called JEWISH dialect of GREECE will be there for all to see who the “enemies? are ??