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28 July, 2007

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A country of innocent victims? Or a country of supremacist thugs? [1]: [Article] [1] wars which Israel started: [Here]

28 July, 2007

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The war-for-Israel’s-benefit isn’t going smoothly: [Article]

28 July, 2007

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Join your host Bud White for this week’s Free Talk Live: Friday.  Mark joins in on the conversation midway through the show. To clean up the pile of stories we haven’t had a chance to cover the last few weeks, the pace of this weeks show in TJB news reporting will be nothing short of […]

27 July, 2007

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Unless there has been a postponement, former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker and two other men convicted with him will be sentenced on July 31, 2007. They face years in prison. “Civil rights” as a legal concept is bogus. For example, back when America was still more-or-less a White republic (i.e., 1883), the U.S. Supreme […]

27 July, 2007

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Join Mark and Masher for FTL Thirsty Thursday with special guest John DeNugent from the Barnes Review.  Tonight’s show will be different from the others. I will have Discussion and News Without The Jews. I may, however throw someone under the bus.Maybe not?! Make sure you tune in NEXT WEEK when Dietrich will be filling in for […]

26 July, 2007

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]

26 July, 2007

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It happens routinely: a city or state creates a law to deal with illegal immigrants, but a federal judge voids it: [Article]

26 July, 2007

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Why bother? America has already abandoned nativism on the whole. Of course, we had some help with that abandoning, e.g., Jewish, Jewish-founded or Jewish-staffed groups have long tried to convince White people that the preservation of White cultural hegemony is undesirable or even immoral [1]: [Article] [1] a mention of the SPLC’s staff: [Here]. (Trivia: […]

25 July, 2007

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There was a time when no country singer would have anything to do with a function that concerned M. L. King, Jr., whose closest adviser was a Jewish communist [1]: [Article] [1] Stanley Levison was King’s top adviser. More about Levison: [Here]

24 July, 2007

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Ship them back to Mexico? Nope. Give them ID cards. If you illegally relocated down to Mexico, do you think Mexican authorities would allow you to get all sorts of benefits usually reserved for citizens only? Or would they throw you in jail? (Mexico usually jails and then deports illegal immigrants, but by law it […]