1 July, 2007

Rap Sales Plummet

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Nigger-muttering is losing its limited appeal. This is a good time to mention Jewish music mogul Rick Rubin and his role in the rise of rap [1]:


[1] Rick Rubin: [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 21 Responses to “Rap Sales Plummet”

    1. parasites Says:

      rap, hog nose rings, 3X clothing FASHIONS, FOOTBALL, baseball, etc. ,movies, usury, DRUGS, gambling and some religions, etc. are srictly get rich quick schemes that Take from the economy and place it into the hands of a FEW BAGMAN…Corporate Advertising is the same scheme.. Why can an Auto Dealer on St. Thomas (or the like) sell a FORD SUV for half the cost of the same identical Auto in the US ?? Ditto for Prescription Drugs….Walk over the bridge into JUAREZ and buy a prescription for $5.00.. In EL Paso the prescription would be closer to $80. or more !! Any investigations into those matters… St. Thomas is 85% niggers…Juarez is 99% beaners ….Pay the SUBSIDY white boy!!

    2. Steve Says:

      I’d like to inform niggers of p2p file sharing sites, so instead of wasting their nigger money on shiny, monkey music discs, they’d more likely put it towards products made by whites. So much of the wealth that is now funding the yoke on our collective neck was put into their hands by our own people. DON’T PAY RETAIL! Slickdeals.net, fatwallet.com, take advantage of the discounts and coupon codes if you buy anything online.

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Good news…I guess. Depends on what’s next. Since the end of White restraints on their behavior it’s been all downhill for these “people”, and rap was just one step above beating on a hollow log at a long pig feast so I hate to see where they’re headed now.

    4. myth ball buster Says:

      During the EXILE, JEWS equated the NAME JAHWEH with the mesopotamian name “EA” or enki god of water…jewish news —- TORAH !!!! sounds like the ROMANS and GREEKS have some SPLAININ to do !!! Any body know of a name starting with ea ???? eakin, eason, hmmm…. better check the Import names into Europe and ENGLAND from the middle east god myth names !!! those slime balls can be tricky !

    5. Seasalt Says:

      Now where in the world is the average American gonna get his daily dose of negritude? Poor old nigger thing is a cacophony.

      Rap rhymes with crap.

      I bet there’s a reason for that.

      Rap is becoming unpopular because it’s so negative and hate-filled. People do not want to be entertained by a bunch of malevolent thugs wearing bling bling and sunglasses. Everybody knows how bad-ass and super-cool your typical nigger is. We don’t need them strutting around on stage talking about how superb they are as individuals. Rap is not cool. You ought to do yourself a favor and read some of the lyrics these rappers “sing”. They’re messed up.

    6. Carpenter Says:

      Rap is niggers showing their true face. Violent and criminal, and without taste. Remember blues? That was a nigger production still affected by the White idea that you should strive for quality. The more niggers were let loose, the more they were encouraged to be themselves, all standards disappeared. Rap is simply the voodoo Haitian chewing on his enemy’s arm for luck, the bushman screaming for more slaves and rape, the hottentot moving spasmodically around the campfire to the medicine man’s howling, but now with a mike under his nose. Different expressions of the same thing – the Negro Stone Age spirit. Can you dig it?

    7. Cormac Says:

      LAWL “Nigger muttering”

    8. greywolf Says:

      i was disgusted to see that p ditty at the concert for princess diana along with sir elton, ihad to turn it off!!!

    9. Torch Says:

      I cut and pasted this. It sums up my thoughts on this, entirely:

      Listen to gangsta rap from any of the popular niggers and you will hear chaos, filth, greed, laziness, slurring, gibberish, stupidity, madness, savagery, impulsiveness, crudeness, ugliness, REAL hatred, degeneracy, loudness, obnoxious, incomprehensible, disgusting shit of the nigger “soul”.

      Listen to classical music from The Greats, and you will hear the “soul” of the White man. Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Bach, etc.
      Your will hear the order, beauty, precision, harmony, gloriousness, self-control, brilliance, style, nobility, power, creativity, vigor, strength, idealism, virtues, and self-sacrifice of the White man’s “soul”.

    10. Josh Says:

      you are a sick bunch. go get help and stop fucking your family members and polishing guns you weapon toting straw chewing red neck hick mother fuckers

    11. Nick Says:

      To the poster above: The Jew controls your TV and your mind.
      Who are you going to turn to when the lights go out?

    12. John Smith Says:

      To Nick:
      Nick old son, worry not about “Josh”.
      If I’m not mistaken, “Josh” is more likely than not, a bona fide Hebraic.

    13. van helsing Says:

      Josh and his ilk are hard at work at all kinds of music trying to feminize it and make it totally acceptable to semitics. Except for rap cause we all know (NOT) that nigs are more manly.

      Rap isnt even music.

      There is an old list of Romans quoted rattling off circus animals, and smack dab in the middle of the list is – negroes.

      Read the bible some time Josh. Looks to me like the idea that “fucking is a family value so fuck your own” originated with Hebes. And thus it continues. Hebes continue to pee on the SOUTH because it is (capable of being) an independent society.

      Someone sure better hope rednecks put down all their guns. Cause the day they all pick them up means Josh and his kind are going to have a bad day.

    14. Petrarch Says:

      Josh Says:
      you are a sick bunch. go get help and stop fucking your family members and polishing guns you weapon toting straw chewing red neck hick mother fuckers


      It is the jew that inbreeds and izreal jew that are gun toting goofy looking filth. Interesting how some sub-group of Whites always gets labeled with TJB. Just another example of classic jew propaganda to deflect attention from their own freakish genetic anti-social behavior.

      Lets see now, what is more freakish, a red neck chewing straw or a rabbi sucking on the dick of a newly circumcised child.

      Here is a rare picture of a rabbi on the down-low.

    15. Petrarch Says:

      One more point. The gun toting jew in izreal don’t have 10 of millions of niggers and spics running around their country raping and killing for no other reason then it being a “random act”. Could you imagine what the jew would do to the Palestinians were raping 100 jewess everyday? Not hard to imagine what would happen: izreal would whine until America gave them money to support the extermination of the Palestinians rapist.

      If two young jew named Channon Jewian and Jew Newsom were kidnapped, rapped, sodomized, tortured, murdered and dismembered by five Palestinians, it would be international news. There be no question if the murders more motivated by hate. To even consider the Palestinians acted of any reason other then hate would be used as proof of “virulent anti-semitism”.

    16. Randy Smith Says:

      Die NIGGERS!

    17. van helsing Says:

      Hell the jews would grab two such named kikes, CJ and JN, self-haters at that, and deliver them to the pals.

    18. Ed Keiser Says:

      Josh, your comment is quite funny to me. Name one White person that you know has had sex with a family member, provide proof. You can’t, i know it and so do you. As for the guns, White people like to hunt, a skill that will be quite usefull when THE time comes. As for the rest of your ignorant comment, mother fucker is a term used by niggers, it explains why they never leave their mama’s and why so many are fatherless. Incest is a black thang. Lastly, I would rather chew a piece of straw than some mongrels oversized lips. Pissant…

    19. Ed Keiser Says:

      Rap may or may not be dying but the damage to our White youth has already been done.

    20. 5th WiL Says:

      Rap music will live forever like 2 Pac Shakur the God.
      The Jews killed my savior… thats unacceptable!

    21. Tupac Amaru Shakur Says:

      I am the Angel of Life and the Angel of Death; the Holy Spirit in the flesh — The Jews will pay for their backroom schemes!