29 July, 2007

SPLC Sues Klan Group

Posted by Socrates in 'hate' crimes, Klan, Socrates, SPLC at 4:57 pm | Permanent Link


More about the SPLC: [Here]

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  7. 4 Responses to “SPLC Sues Klan Group”

    1. connect the dots Says:

      call up : black market news… the tip of the ice-goldberg

    2. Ernest Joins the SS Says:

      You can’t cut the irony here with a carbide saw:

      I’ll bet that between –
      1) Movie going & rentals
      2) Ball games
      3) Video games
      4) Cable bill

      the AVERAGE Klansman (and White Nationalist) sends $300-400 directly into the pockets of the Jews. These entertainments not only waste time/resources, they make you and your kids stupid and brainwashed.

      And the Jews surely say, “Thank you very much!”

      You fucking people… the One Thing you don’t give to a Jew is MONEY. They have been WEAPONIZING money for three thousand years! Get a library card. Learn to do without. Take neighborhood kids camping. Take a nap. Surf the web. (DSL $18/mo).

      Gee, it’s sooooo unfair – I keep sending most of my income to be weaponized by our sworn genocidal enemies, and they keep using it to stomp the living fuck out of us. I don’t get it. It’s so unfair!

    3. FeralWhiteMan Says:

      ROTFL at “Ernest Joins the SS” (as if the SS would have let his dumb ass in). Yeah, and 10,000 awakened Whites (and I’d be surprised if there are that many) are going to put a dent in Big Jew’s money supply while 100 million lemming taxpayers continue to fill his coffers? LMAO!!! Yeah, you’ve really thought this through, haven’t you, moron? You should go post with the other deep thinkers at Free Republic. Stupid.

    4. blackshirt Says:

      I think this SPLC lawsuit is a great thing. The more stupid groups get sued like this, the more intelligent of them will abandon membership organizations. Leaderless resistance is the only thing that works these days.