9 July, 2007

Terrorism + Child Abuse = Public Schooling

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Professor nigger don’t like the “dissembling” of the public schools through home schoolin’, y’all. Freedom be just another word fo’ whites being free to choose racism! And lack of attention to urban schools for to decades already! As in one decade, to decades, free decades.








They cited such factors as: The massive reaction to busing that eventually destroyed it as the main mechanism to foster racial balance; the demographic impact of white flight and then black flight from the inner city; the persistence of inner city poverty; the dissembling of the public schools thorugh home schooling, charter schools, private schools, etc, and the lack of attention to urban issues for over to decades.




This Supreme Court is now a neo-Plessy White nationalist entity that protects the interests of the White majority by making sure they have access to majority white schooling, by enacting a principle of non-discrimination that protects their power and privilege.

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    1. niggababble Says:

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    2. VeryImportantNigga Says:

      Doan’ b dissn’ da authir n shit, mofos. He b DOCtor Watters, Director
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    3. televangelist crooks Says:

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    4. sfg Says:

      Man, do niggers get pissed when things don’t go their way. When what they’re really pissed about is that they’re not white. Sorry, Ron, can’t do anything about that!!! Your people were given the golden opportunity to live and flourish in a civilized white country. You fugged up dude. Experiment over–go home.

      To this jerk, I give the middle finger salute.

    5. Mark Says:

      “Chief Justice Roberts, speaking for the majority, said that the way to end discrimination by race was not to practice discrimination by race. Here, the bald rejection of the construction of integrated education by the use of processes promoting racial balance was described as “discrimination.””

      Logic and fairness are apparently foreign to Mr. Walters. Chief Justice Roberts is exactly right in his conclusion. However, people like Mr. Walters do want discrimination, they want it in their favor, to right the wrongs of the past as they perceive them. If whites must be discriminated against and forced to sit by blacks or not get into a school or job they want in favor of a black or minority, that’s fine by him. To him that’s “fair”. And his type of fairness must persist indefinitely because the system is inherently racist and privileged for whites. Of course what he perceives is just the natural outcome of a white civilization, built by whites for whites. Just as Japan is privileged for Japanese, it’s the natural outcome because they built the civilization! What Mr. Walters wants, as first introduced by Jews, is that whites should allow foreign races to take over positions of power and wealth because that’s “fair”. No, it’s not fair at all.

      “This Supreme Court is now a neo-Plessy White nationalist entity that protects the interests of the White majority by making sure they have access to majority white schooling, by enacting a principle of non-discrimination that protects their power and privilege.”

      And that is the failure of modern American whites, and really all whites around the world. We are engaging in a very mild form of self-preservation, what Mr. Walters and his ilk call racism. Just enough self-preservation to get by, but not enough to really throw the monkey off of our backs. We don’t seem to have the fortitude that the Germans or our forebears did. No, Mr. Walters hasn’t seen any real form of white nationalism yet. I hope he gets to.

      “Another view, however, that may seem radical to some, is not to despair that Brown is gone because a series of issues may be finally clarified. First, the presumption of Brown was that real equality, not the “separate but equal” myth promoted in Plessy, was a foundational value of American democracy because the Supreme decision was based on the idea that racial segregation violated blacks’ “equal protection of the laws,” a key principle in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.”

      The Constitution was never meant for blacks or non-whites, that is the problem with this line of thinking. The founders never envisioned this, or they wouldn’t have had black slaves at the time. Blacks were never considered citizens. Jefferson said that the Negro should be free, but cannot live under the same government as whites. Further, and more importantly, unlike the white slaves of imperial Rome, Negroes are so unlike the slave masters and the natives that they cannot just be set free among the populace, but must be removed beyond the reach of mixture. That is to say, not mere segregation, but geographic separation by repatriation back to Africa.