16 July, 2007

Three Administrator Hush Criminals Ousted from Eastern Michigan

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Covering up for niggers admitted under special standards – what college administrators do, itz. This time the ass-worms went a little too far, and three of them got chopped, just like the White girl who fell victim to the mud “student.”

3 E. Michigan Administrators Forced Out

07.16.07, 3:57 PM ET


Three Eastern Michigan University administrators, including the president, have been forced out, months after top school officials were accused of covering up the rape and slaying of a student by publicly ruling out foul play.



President John Fallon was fired, and Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Vick and Public Safety Director Cindy Hall also lost their jobs at the 23,500-student university, the chairman of the school’s governing board said Monday.

Board of Regents Chairman Thomas Sidlik also said the board would put a letter of discipline in the file of university attorney Kenneth McKanders.

The body of the slain student, Laura Dickinson, 22, was discovered Dec. 15 in her dorm room. At the time, university officials told her parents and the media that she died of asphyxiation but that there was no sign of foul play, despite evidence to the contrary.

It was not until another Eastern student [a mud] was arrested in late February and charged with murder that her family and fellow students learned she had been raped and killed.

The board appointed Provost Donald Loppnow as executive vice president. In that dual role, Loppnow will serve as the school’s chief executive until an interim president is selected.


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  7. 13 Responses to “Three Administrator Hush Criminals Ousted from Eastern Michigan”

    1. Phil Says:

      Be grateful I don’t control the justice system because if I did it would be death by firing squad for the university officials involved.

    2. cliff Says:


      This is the kind of crap that really shows just how far the cunts will go.

      Where are you now King Richard from Canada? You no good wind bag? No hot air today? kike=gulag.

      Why do we never hear a word from the kike empire and their nigga henchmen in the “movement when this shit hits the fan?

      God damn all of you to hell you fucking commie bastards.

    3. bastards Says:


    4. Smitty Says:

      Pieces of shit. They belong in jail for covering this up.

    5. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      This is what it has come to; white women must be raped and die and then become anonymous victims to prop up the lie of equality. Why don’t you join us white women? It is in your best interests. Or do you prefer being cool and trendy so much that you will embrace degradation, rape and your own death for it?

    6. Seasalt Says:

      This is the most sickening cover-up on a college campus I’ve ever heard of.

      I’ll second both comments above. Death by firing squad and send those administrator douche bags straight to hell.

      A Kwamunist country, itz.

    7. Lynch Says:

      A lot of women are with us, Zeke. At least the ones who have spent any time living near muds. A lot of female students are naive. They come from all white areas and they’ve been told PC lies their entire lives. Some of them pay for their racial ignorance with their lives.

      Every one of us has an obligation to educate women relatives about the danger they face in mud-cultural america.

    8. GB Says:

      Another nigger rapist who is also a NFL player, meet Dominic Jones: http://wcco.com/topstories/local_story_197225633.html

    9. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      These college administrator scum do not deserve the dignity of a firing squad. Hanging is the only appropriate punishment.

    10. VLC Says:

      ABC News TV report on the cover-up :


    11. Agis Says:

      Covered in GoyFire #50:
      Part 1

      Part 2

    12. Tom Dublin Says:

      They are effectively accomplices in the crime.

      That is the death penalty as far as I’m concerned.

    13. van helsing Says:

      The VT shooting episode was an establishment run op all the way.

      It is a mite bigger cover-up.

      But single killings get covered up all the time. A guy was found dead in the next dorm over when I was in college wbw. His parents finally sued the institute. Never got the whole story. Was probly a settlement involved…