13 July, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – July 12th 2007

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Join Masher, Dietrich, and Mark as they take you on another adventure on VNNB’s Free Talk Live – Thirsty Thursday,  with special guest John DeNugent, writer for the Barnes Review and Linguist.

Also, Dietrich interviewed “someone” fed up with young women and the Jew influence on them.

  • 3 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – July 12th 2007”

    1. Mark Says:

      Having some selfishness is normal and healthy. The disorder is when someone’s personality is unbalanced, and is extremely selfish, they don’t have the normal remorseful feelings for abusing others. Objectively, a selfish personality will be more successful and attain more wealth typically. That’s why corporations are run by that personality type.

      I would argue in the opposite direction as well, that someone who is excessively altruistic, to the point of letting others prey on them, being victims, always thinking of others to one’s own detriment, that too is a disorder. Whites more often suffer from this unbalanced altruism, rather than an ethnocentric pathology, which is more characteristic of non-whites and Jews. A more balanced personality I think is desirable, we should care for others but at the same time we should want to preserve ourselves and further our race. Why can’t we do both? We can.

    2. Mark Says:

      Masher should try to improve his connection, his audio faded out constantly. He has some good information to share, but it’s difficult to listen to it like that.

    3. Kievsky Says:

      I disagree with DeNugent and I think he’s not a real White nationalist. He’s basically saying we should all really be universalists, and that jews aren’t living up to his standard of universalism.

      He’s not one of us. We need to be tribalistic, not universalistic. We need to imitate the jews and compete with them using their strategy, rather than sitting back and womanishly condemning them for doing to us what we should be doing to them!

      Nature abhors a vacuum, and being universalist weaklings creates a vacuum in our race, that nigger genes and jewish probosces fill and start contaminating us and/or sucking our blood.

      Tribalism, selfishness, predatoriness is what we need. I don’t care about DeNugent’s “good black men.” I don’t care about his “good jews.” That’s a distraction that diverts good hearted whiteys again and again. To hell with that. Do a google on Grant Bruer. That’s the way to think, not like this “DeNugent” creature.