20 July, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – July 19th 2007

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Join hosts Mark in Cali & Bud White as they bring you VNNB’s Free Talk Live – Thirsty Thursday.

Tonights special guests are April Gaede, OTPTT, and Todd in FL.

The discussion is about a documentary airing in England about April and the “Nazi Pop Twins” and, of course, whatever else these guys need to get off their chest.

  • 7 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – July 19th 2007”

    1. Brigantes Says:

      Play on,let us hear more.Will make a change from that black rap shit that has brainwashed an entire generation.

    2. ole timer Says:

      that nigger music goes much further back than rap…Jazz and calipso TOURS helped the Europeans become acquainted with the scumbags… White Identity should be just that…NO credibility, recognition or sympathy for those animals. NONE… Several LEADERS of white groups tend to have a GODDAMN gorilla or 2 in their NEST…IQ be damned… RACE should be the first and only issue !!

    3. New America Says:

      FTL Thursday is vastly improved; people are speaking WITH purpose, TO a Purpose, and the triivial inanity that has been its hallmark is virtually gone.

      Again, Todd’s part of the show should be recorded as an entire file unto itself; it deals with Issues, and is peripheral to April Gaede’s comments, at least for now.

      Todd deserves a stronger presence on VNN. Having his own show would be an excellent idea; teaming him with other Smart people, like Mark or Tony, does not hurt.

      He speaks with maturity, intelligence, and a focused sense of Discipline that is so desperately needed, and has no illusions whatsoever as to what MUST be done, while it CAN be done.

      I see this as a salutary development for many reasons, and the most important is this:

      The complaint among the wisest among us, from Harold Covington to Alex Linder, is what I have called Covington’s Paradox” The best idea, White Nationalism, has attracted the worse people.

      Actually, that’s what we saw from the media.

      It seems that support for our position is all too silent, and yet “there,” nonetheless.

      For example, Bill White has noted that, when the ANSWP does flyer distributions in working class White neighborhoods, people take the flyers, and voice their support for them – even while they are wearing the brownshirt/red swastika armband.

      White does it right; his people are fit, and wear clean, attractive uniforms, with good posture, and perfect behavior.

      And yes, VNN SHOULD simulcast him on Monday nights; his shows are always on target, and speak to the issues we MUST face if we are to be a Movement, and MUST face if we are to be the representatives of a Cause – The Family as the RACE in microcosm, the RACE as the Family in Macrocosm, and the RACE as a Nation.

      There IS support for what we have to say.

      I also note that VNN is working better than our detractors have dared imagine; the Distributed Intelligence Model is supporting the Distributed Activity Model, and, suddenly, the network works to intelligently organize, and self-heal.

      Think of it this way: before VNN, Mark would have had no conception of what Kalispell, Montana meant, or might mean for him personally, much less in the context of a Northwest Republic.

      Covington just nailed it; the Northwest Republic is the Analytical Framework that ties together all of the elements needed for an intelligent discussion of the intelligent solutions our RACE so desperately needs.

      Being Aware of it is the First Step.

      Believing it MIGHT be possible is the Second Step.

      Starting where you are, and being what you want the world to become, is the Next Step.

      You can start whenever you want.

      Today would be fine.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. New America Says:

      Another idea, now that the “long form” FTL seems to be here for the future.

      AS this one – like all of the intelligent, disciplined FTL’s – can be cleanly divided into segements – segment 1 April Gaede, segment 2, Todd on precision machine tools – you get the idea – why not make things a LOT easier for your downloaders on dial-up?

      1. Break the file into several files, one for each segment.

      2. Record it – or save a version, and upload THAT – at 16 versus 24.

      That’s “downloader,” of course, and not “down low.”


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    5. ole timer Says:

      I’m amazed that the name JONES is a fairly recent name… It’s associated with the INDUSTRIALIZATION of England….It’s also a name associated with the triangle slave trade…..WOW…Maybe dow jones INDUSTRIAL averages might be linked to the nigger avalanche in the US .?? One of the beasts named jones started the ORDER of B’NAI B’RITH…MOther Jones was a Skimmer for union causes..No wonder ..She’d take the skim and regurgitate it back to WALL Street…typical KIKE swindler.. Sounds like the PRUSSIAN BLUE CREW have a lot on their agenda !!!

    6. ole timer Says:

      Commodore JoHN BARRY is the true father of the American Navy…. the name Barry derives from the Irish Patron Saint Of the town of CORK , Ireland….ST. FINNBAR or FINNVAR…. Religion is RACE and finn derives from the irish name fionn among others that meant fair hair or blonde hair…….There are more NIGGERS with the name jones than white boys !!

    7. ole timer Says:

      My dog in this hunt is TRUTH.. The references to Irish Saints are a connection to the Irish Histoy and Race…nothing more…Whomever brought the black avalanche over must be held accountable to the extent of paying for the avalanches’ return TRIP…nuff said !!