21 July, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – July 20th 2007

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Join me your co-host Bud White and my co-host Dietrich for four hours plus of non stop naming the jew. We’ll be covering Kosher mutual funds, more jew lawsuits, hate crime charges filed against hasidics, Australian Hebrew schools that don’t exsist and tons more of TJB stories. Alex will also be calling in during the first hour so please join us.

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  7. 3 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – July 20th 2007”

    1. Seeker of Truth Says:

      The part of this broadcast dealing with the military is excellent.
      It disabuses those who believe in the propagandized romantic notions
      of what the military is about. I will never serve…

    2. New America Says:

      Some quick comments re:

      1. Supporting Alex Linder then
      2. The failure of White National Institutions, VNN, and an Analytical Framework
      3. The Future of VNN, Free Talk Live, and Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom as a VNN Forum Administrator
      4. “Paranoia” on VNN Forum: Tape Recordings, and Cameras
      5. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism in general: Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom (“Elisha,” to her friends)
      6. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism in particular: Harold Covington, Bill White
      7. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism, for all.

      1. Supporting Alex Linder during Porngate, and why it mattered

      I stood behind Alex with the Porngate issue for VNN’s Main Page (the blog) believing that, while certainly vile, repugnant and loathsome, it served to crystallize correct thinking on several issues, to wit:

      One, Porngate made it abundantly clear to one and all that print media for mass distribution of our message has failed.

      While there are certainly very narrowly targeted exceptions (such as Bill White’s ANSWP distributing their flyers in crisp, professional uniforms in working class WHITE neighborhoods), the future of mass communications was going to be based more on combined audio-visual mediums, like FLASH and its variants, over the local newspaper.

      Two, Porngate clarified that our Message, as we have historically chosen to define it, simply insures most of those we wish to attract, hold us in active contempt.

      It is a waste of time and energy to try to convert them, save by the slow process of demonstrating by our example. Most of us do not do particularly well at that, either, but the fault is in ourselves, and it is our selves that must be the crucibles for what the RACE, writ small, must go through to be what it uniquely COULD Become, and SHOULD Become.

      Three, Porngate proved that conversion to White Nationalism/Western Nationalism is not unlike a small-scale religious conversion.

      This involves placing the RACE over all of the Institutions that have been created, recognizing that the Institutions that do not serve the RACE, cripple the RACE. When I say ALL Institutions, I mean VNN, as well.

      2. The failure of White Nationalist Institutions, VNN, and an Analytical Framework

      Indeed, all of the Institutions we have formed have failed, spectacularly. Pierce’s National Alliance has fallen into a parody of what it was meant to have been. Rockwell’s model of a national socialist movement has become a parody of Rockwell’s Dream. Today, it seems, the NSM stands revealed as little more than a pseudo-National Satanist Movement.

      You need to have Faith, supported by Works, in something much greater than the narrow personal visions of men who believe they can challenge the greatest military power in world history with their squirrel rifle, and an old Chevrolet. If this is the best we can do, we might as well call it a day, and productively work on some more productive hobbies.

      The religious conversion model holds because religious conversion transcends the Words and Pictures we have accepted from the First Virtual Reality, color television, that our RACIAL Enemy has placed before us.

      For far too long, we have fought the battle on the terms of our RACIAL Enemy, by speaking in terms of what we are against, and by accepting their Words and Meanings uncritically. We have needed a series of POSITIVE Analytical Frameworks to define what we are FOR, and why it matters. The center of these must be a POSITIVE Theory of RACE, and it must appeal to the Spirit, as well as the Mind, where our RACIAL Enemy traps us in verbal double-binds.

      The Analytical Framework consists of (1) FAMILY as the microcosm of RACE, (2) RACE as the macrocosm of FAMILY, and (3) the need for the members of our own Nation, to have their own Homeland, and their own Country. Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic series of novels provides such a Model, in that it allows the analysis of the most transcendental of issues, in the most pragmatic of terms.

      VNN succeeds at all because Linder realized (1) the old, closed, false hierarchy models have failed, and (2) the only way anything can get done is through the models of Distributed Intelligence, and Distributed Intelligent Activity.

      Ironically, the person who seem to understand this most strongly is Bill White, in his leadership of the ANSWP.

      VNN won’t simulcast White’s Monday broadcast, even if they edit out the theme music.

      VNN will run FTLs which waste hours of the listener’s time as we listen to discourteous, inept, alcoholics fighting to talk about their personal problems on the Internet, with what seems to be more of an old-fashioned telephone party line than a serious attempt at dealing with RACIAL issues, and RACIAL education. I expect to listen to the download of a future FTL Thirsty Thursday, where someone rolls around on the floor, screaming and hollering about the giant pink fluorescent spiders coming out of his arms, as he battles the DT’s. We’re just about there now, aren’t we?

      3. The Future of VNN, Free Talk Live, and Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom as a VNN Forum Administrator

      That takes us to this FTL, and some thoughts on the future.

      This show demonstrates one thing: VNN is falling far short of the New Standard.

      Alex spoke of certain issues within VNN, specifically that he wanted Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom to call into the show and discuss her “ideas about White Nationalism and how it all fits together.”

      in reply:
      You’re kidding, aren’t you?

      “…how it all fits together.”

      How WHAT “fits together” with WHAT?

      About how perfectly White Nationalism – which many seem loath to define – fits “together” so perfectly with Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic/White Homeland model that we may as well say, “If it does not complement the Northwest Republic Model, then, by definition, it is NOT White Nationalism?”

      For lo these many years – I repeat, YEARS – nothing has stopped her from fully and completely explaining her “ideas about White Nationalism and how it all fits together,” in a range of forums from the old American Dissident Voices, to her own website, to any number of projects her husband has been associated with.

      Now, Linder – of all people! – goes out in front on FTL, and ask for Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom to call in and discuss her “ideas.”

      Why now?

      She has had ALL of VNN Forum to do this in, without fear of interruption, or contradiction.

      Hasn’t done it yet, has she?

      Who stopped her from posting her philosophy, and ideas, on VNN?

      No one, that I can see.

      I think what has driven so many good people away from VNN Forum is the idea that, literally overnight, the one person whom no one – from Pierce, on down the line – absolutely NO ONE has ONE Good Thing to say about, suddenly appears, literally overnight, as not only a poster on VNN Forum, but an Administrator.

      This, particularly in light of the past statements of her and her husband concerning you and VNN (and by extension, the posters on VNN) is absolutely mind-boggling.

      Did she say, “Those were all Kevin’s Idea, and I was totally under his control,” or something even more ridiculous?

      Are we hitting some magic “Reset Button,” where suddenly, we are again like Children, and all is new, and wonderful?

      Or, and I state this solely as a pure hypothetical, might some in Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom’s position have thought, now that Kevin is out of the way – for good, I might add – she might have new *ahem* “interests” to develop?

      Alex, are you so naive?

      From “Not one word of White Nationalist philosophy” on VNN Forum, to an invite to Open Mike Night, in a manner that makes it sound like you and she are on the same team, all the way down the field…

      My concern is not with Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom posting on VNN Forum; that’s fine.

      It’s how, literally overnight, she became an Administrator…

      How long has that been developing, and why didn’t you trust us to know about it in advance?

      I suspect her Administrator status is locked in for good, and if, God forbid, you become a guest of the Knoxville Correctional System, she will be not only “Administ(ering) the Forum,” but managing VNN Forum, as well, and in time, all of VNN.

      You didn’t think of that already? You, who discusses how “we are in a pre-revolutionary situation?”

      DAMN, but isn’t it mighty convenient that Kevin leaves, YOU are in danger of leaving (Knoxville Correctional), and, all of a sudden, the New, Improved Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom appears, offers her hand (and “expertise”), and, literally overnight, becomes an Administrator on the Forum, with the power to have all of the IP’s at her disposal?

      You wrote of the expertise Mrs. Strom had, that could come to the aid of VNN, particularly, if memory serves, that she is an “expert” in vBulletin.

      There is no “expertise” that Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom brings to VNN, with one exception, which will be dealt with in point 4, below.

      I’ve skimmed the authors of the major books on vBulletin, and PHP; her name is not among them.

      That’s not “expertise,” in the slightest; that’s access to Administrator Privileges.

      Now, to give credit where credit is due, “Aimee” does have a skillful knowledge of vBulletin.

      But, Mrs. Strom doesn’t seem to possess such expertise; not in vBulletin, or PHP, or the LAMP Framework, or in any area I can see, except one, and we will visit this directly.

      4. “Paranoia” on VNN Forum: Tape Recordings, Cameras, and The Way Forward for White Nationalism

      Alex Linder then went on to state:

      “I don’t like the people out there stirring up the paranoia, I’ve got rid of most of them.”

      in reply:
      On VNN Forum is a file I have yet to download, which I am told sounds like Kevin Alfred Strom, in what seems to be a therapy session, admitting to masturbating to pictures of young girls on websites. Apparently, Mr. Strom states that “she” placed a camera in his office (and, he suspected, in his bathroom), where he was caught engaged in this act.

      Let’s see:

      “Someone” made a tape of what seems to be a therapy/counseling session; I can’t imagine a reputable therapist doing so, and then releasing it to VNN, where a part of it, a most damning part of it, is posted on the Forum.

      Nor can I imagine Kevin Alfred Strom doing so.

      Surreptitious cameras (in the bathroom!?), and, what would seem to be, surreptitious audio recordings, of what seems to be a professional marital counseling/therapy session, and probably there are more tapes than that around. (Incidentally, in the interests of placing this statement in context, why not publish the entire tape of the session, and ALL of the sessions? Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? Are you afraid they might damage Kevin’s reputation? Are you KIDDING? Or is it only damaging Kevin’s reputation we are concerned with on VNN Forum?)

      I am going to make a wild speculation, and go way out on a limb, and please feel free to correct me if I am just too over the top in this speculation…

      Do you suppose Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom, your new VNN Forum Administrator, had anything to do with the making of this tape?

      This tape, and who knows how many other tapes, of how many other people?

      Alex, are you sure you “don’t want someone out there stirring up the paranoia?”

      Okay, but you DO see the double-message in that statement, don’t you?

      Where DID that tape come from?

      Just wondering…

      In your personal meeting(s) with Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom, did she ever wear bulky clothes, or have a book bag or purse that seemed to have been “aimed” in a certain direction?

      Have you made statements to her, either in person or over the phone, that could be creatively edited, and played back in court at a future date, or even on the Internet, where YOUR lawyer would not have the power to stop them, as your lawyer might be able to stop them from being played before a jury, at trial?

      Are you sure?

      At a certain point, you have to wonder, don’t you?

      I don’t.

      The show only gets better.

      5. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism in general: Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom (“Elisha,” to her friends)

      At about 2 hrs 49 min, after Alex has made gross slurping sounds to summarize the aural theme of one of MASHER’s FTL performances (next week: MASHER battles the DT’s, best two out of three!), Alex tells us he has:

      “…been trying to get Elisha to come on, and told her a lot of the problems we’ve been having on the Forum are the result of paranoia, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and if you come on there and talk to these people, it will be very clear. It’s very hard to hide what you are in any kind of extended talk to people, your nature’s gonna pretty much gonna come out, come on, maybe come on Masher’s show, he can ask her some questions while being respectful, we’ll learn what the deal is with her situation with Kevin, and the rest of it, and also what she might see as kind of a way forward for White Nationalism in general, but that’s kind of a side thing…”

      The problem is this: NOTHING has stopped Mrs. Kevin Alfred from articulating her “kind of a way forward for White Nationalism in general,” on the VNN Forum, or even on the VNN Main Page (the blog), her website, her husband’s website and broadcasts.

      By the way, what an incredible contrast we have between Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic, as “a way forward,” Bill White’s ANSWP, as “a way forward,” and Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom – who spent how much time up with Kevin and William Pierce in West Virginia – possibly articulating “kind of a way forward for White Nationalism.”

      I’d be more interested in having her articulate how an mp3 of what sounds like a marital counseling/therapy session – and only a most damning section of it, at that – made it from what seems to have been a therapist’s office, onto VNN Forum.

      And, as to Alex’s professed concerns that “a lot of the problems we’ve been having on the Forum are the result of paranoia, fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” I might add that the problems are simply from having Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom suddenly come on from Nowhere as an Administrator, with the power to harvest IP addresses.

      As for “paranoia,” well, I always thought there was a rule of discretion bordering on sanctity for therapy sessions, but it might not have been Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom who made a recording of these, and posted what seems to be the most damning section (to Kevin!) on VNN Forum. No, it might be, oh, perhaps, Voldemort, with some Hogwartian Technology we aren’t up to, yet.

      I’ll make it easy for you, Alex.

      Let’s give Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom every benefit of the doubt, get MASHER into rehab for a few days, and have him ask Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom – live, on VNN FTL – if:

      (1) she has any idea whatsoever how a small section of tape from a marital counseling/therapy session made it onto VNN Forum,
      (2) why it was placed on VNN Forum,
      (3) what ELSE has been recorded (like, say, the rest of that session, and other sessions), and,
      (4) why the entire recording, and the entirety of all recordings, have not been posted, so we can see this in context, and establish a clearer understanding of the situation from the perspective of all parties. By “all recordings,” of course, I do not preclude what Mrs. Strom may have picked up with her cameras, and whatever other recording technology she may have used – keyloggers, transmitter bugs, you name it.
      (5) if she has ever had any conversations with the law enforcement community concerning anything other than those directly relating to the current litigation involving her husband.

      This includes conversations with VNNers, as well.

      I think of how easy it was to send Matt Hale to prison for the rest of his life, and I wonder what else has been recorded that will come back to haunt Linder, at a later time.

      6. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism in particular: Harold Covington, Bill White

      And, just for grins, “…what she might see as kind of a way forward for White Nationalism in general…” is a topic we can compare and contrast with, say, Covington’s Northwest Republic and Bill White’s National Socialist America, as a model for “a way forward for White Nationalism in general.”

      Do you suppose this is why VNN Broadcasting hasn’t simulcasted Bill White’s Monday night show; that Bill White, a man who has no fear of confrontation, might deal most forthrightly with issues around Mr. and Mrs. Strom, in general, and Mrs. Strom, in particular?

      Incidentally, VNN’s refusal to simulcast Bill White’s Monday night show seems unseemly; the list of people who were willing to drop everything, take their vacation money, and use it to bail Linder out when he were arrested, is very small, indeed.

      If memory serves, it was Bill White, alone, who did this.

      7. “The Way Forward” for White Nationalism, for all.

      VNN succeeded as a news network, and what a news network should be; an information nexus, and community of ideas, based around a common Ideal of White Nationalism, a philosophy that sees the Family as the RACE, in microcosm, and the RACE as the Family, in macrocosm, where we have the positive obligation to be what we want the world to become for ourselves, our Family, and our RACE.

      We have to think in terms of a much larger context – Family, RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, and RACE as the Foundation of Nation, all in the context of a White Homeland.

      This requires skill and discipline that, heretofore, have been largely absent from our ranks, as Knoxville 1 clearly demonstrated.

      Childishly drawn signs, no coherent public message (“DIVERSITY IS PERVERSITY” would have made a good sign), no public address system, no Internet access, and, at the end of the day, no contingency plan for anyone getting arrested. To add insult to ineptitude, we open VNN Forum one morning, and, out of the blue, Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom is an Administrator. Inquiring minds want to know what else is going on, that we don’t know about, and dare not imagine.

      It’s this sort of Childish, impulsive action that just horrifies those of us who really DO have a way forward for White Nationalism, in general, and our lives, in particular.

      Oh, by the way, Linder also mentioned the need for some sort of thread where all of the innovative ideas can be in one place.

      Glad to accommodate you:

      Just make sure it is bumped to the Main Page, for ease of use, or, better yet, start a new one, before the Stromification of VNN kills it in the cradle.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. New America Says:

      Well, it has been a week, and no one has come forward to correct any mistakes in my facts, reasoning, or analysis, if any.

      In the spirit of hope, let me share with you two quick ideas that may prove useful:

      One, apparently, Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom remains as an Administrator on VNN Forum, even after it seems she admitted that she was the one who made the tape that is purported to be of Kevin Alfred Strom admitting to masturbating to pictures of young girls on his computer, and she apparently either placed it on VNN Forum, or certainly did not disapprove of it being placed on VNN Forum.

      You know, with respect to Alex Linder on this, Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom’s silence on “The Way Forward For White Nationalism” seems to be of a piece with the silence of Goyfire’s, which seem to be pretty much a thing of the past, for VNN.

      I have no problem with this, if this is The Way Forward For VNN Forum.

      I think a valuable point is missed with GOYFIRE, in that it was intelligent discussion, with the perfect counterpoints of Agis doing the introductions, Alex speaking at length, with wit, wisdom, and a truly first-rate skill of insight and analysis, and Chain as the worldly-wise, self-educated (and well-educated) working man’s counterpoint.

      GOYFIRE should really be done as a series of hourly shows; the long form lends itself to choosing one topic per hour. For the sake of an audience that will pretty much look to us as the last resort, we might want to change the name to something tied into VNN. Stan announcing, “Welcome to Counterpoint, from the Vanguard News Network” has a ring to it.

      However, I suspect the Stromification (yes, as in “Stalinization”) proceeds apace, as Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom “assists” Alex in running the Forum.

      Have you noticed how many good people have left the Forum, and not just because of the suddenly, unseemly appearance of Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom in an Administrator role, but because they see that Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom can not find ONE person in the Racially Conscious Community to say ONE good thing about her, after lo these many years.

      Not ONE, nor can they cite a successful project or enterprise with which she has been associated.

      I see something deeper in this, and that is this:

      One, GOYFIRE is gone; some of the functional equivalent of the good of GOYFIRE can be found when Alex calls in to someone intelligent (Dietrich, Mark in Cali), and has something to say. I note that these conversations need not be done in real time over the air, but can be canned that day, cleaned up, and then Alex comes on live with counterpoint issues, and to answer questions that have developed in the time of the show. The rough outline of topics to be addressed can be posted in the Forum, and on the Main Page, BEFORE the show is aired, to allow time for reasoned analysis and response.

      Two, the link to the VNN Main Page (the blog) should be in double the size of the other links, to draw attention that, after VNN is kicked off another server, this will be here. Incidentally, note that WordPress can run on your server, and need not be run on WP’s servers, if necessary.

      Three, in an earlier post I spoke of the need for VNN Forum subforum consolidation. A useful part of that might be to have an Open Thread at the top of each Forum/SubForum, as many of the SubFora seem to be virtually inactive.

      Four, I am tired of wasting my time listening to the juvenile antics of alcoholics, and people who can not run a radio show to the level of professionalism I would expect of a high school radio station. The functional equivalent of the late program, GOYFIRE, can be achieved by having Alex give an hour per show with intelligent people, like Mark in Cali, Dietrich, Todd in Florida, and Tony.

      Five, I remind one and all most of what VNN Forum wanted to do has proved one thing – democracy has its limits, and they are easily reached. To do, the accomplishments of VNN Forum have been thin gruel, indeed; no discussions of Covington’s masterful Northwest Republic Model, no intelligent activism to speak of (and Linder in danger of incarceration, at that), in short, nothing but GOYFIRE, and about half of the VNN Free Talk Lives.

      In short, VNN Forum can be consolidated along the lines I have proposed, and the major areas can be carried over into Posts over here that are pinned in place at the top of the blog, which will contain an Open Thread at the top of each post.

      That way, people can post on all manner of topics, safely, without the fear that a VNN Forum Administrator will control what it would seem she should not be allowed near.

      Let’s not mince words:

      If, as a pure hypothetical, a person came into your office, asked for a job running the most sensitive part of your communications system, and said, “Oh, by the way, I have posted ‘contracts’ made by my husband in therapy on the Internet, and I made voice recordings of my husband and I in therapy, and am releasing them a bit at a time on the Internet, starting with one where he seems to be admitting to masturbating while viewing pictures of young girls, and I have video recordings of him masturbating to pictures of young girls on his computer,” wouldn’t you think, “DAMN! Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!”

      And, if you came to work, and the Boss said this person has been placed in the highest Administrative position your communications system has to offer, citing an “expertise” that can not be demonstrated, wouldn’t you think to yourself….


      And when VNN Broadcasting refuses to simulcast Bill White – even allowing for the editing of the theme music – when White has (1) a coherent RACIAL philosophy, and (2) a coherent national plan based on that philosophy, and (3) ALONE, offered to cancel his vacation, take the money he would have spent on his vacation, and bail Linder out IMMEDIATELY driving the several hundred miles needed to do so, wouldn’t you ask…


      Think these two disparate events might have something in common?

      I leave it to you to answer the obvious question…


      By the way, I will send money to Alex next month, as well, and I still believe all who support White Nationalism should do the same.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!