27 July, 2007

Walker to be Sentenced for “Civil Rights” Violation

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Unless there has been a postponement, former National Alliance leader Shaun Walker and two other men convicted with him will be sentenced on July 31, 2007. They face years in prison.

“Civil rights” as a legal concept is bogus. For example, back when America was still more-or-less a White republic (i.e., 1883), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, according to the 14th Amendment, anti-racism laws only apply to “states oppressing individuals,” not to “individuals oppressing individuals.” Obviously, Walker isn’t a “state” [1]. But regardless of that, since America’s citizenship law of 1790 allowed only “White” people to become citizens, that means that Whites are favored people in America, which means that America’s founders would have rejected the idea of “civil rights” laws in the first place [2]. Also, one can sort of judge the validity of modern “civil rights” laws by considering the non-White source of the first one: the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s bill H.R.6127. Since Jews pioneered the modern “civil rights” laws, those laws are automatically questionable, since America is a Western country based on Western ideas and Jews aren’t Western but pseudo-Western. After all, are Israeli citizens bound by White-constructed “rights” laws? (No, unless you count a treaty). Why should White men be bound by Jewish-constructed “rights” laws?

Details of the Walker case: [Here] and [Here]

More about Walker: [Here]

[1] this is a moot point, however, because the 14th Amendment wasn’t ratified properly, as mentioned: [Here]

[2] the 1790 citizenship law: [Here]

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  7. 13 Responses to “Walker to be Sentenced for “Civil Rights” Violation”

    1. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Well, given the quotes from the Founding Jewlovers I posted earlier, it is clear that their definition of “whiteness” did allow for jews, which should hardly surprise anyone, given the amount of geld the kikes gave them to betray their people to them. Of course, freemasons really mean that “whiteness” is a state of judeophilia, a sickness that Jefferson, Washington and the rest of the Founding Niggerfuckers abounded in. The “original intent” of their laws, then as now, was to serve jewry. Only relentless exposure of jews and their henchmen, preparatory to their extermination, will suffice to serve Aryan interests.

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    2. jimbo Says:

      Walker should’v shot those fckn niggaz STONE fckn DEAD!….preferably in the car-park…..he should’v done a Chopper Read/’Bojangles’……..‘chopper’! for PM of oz!

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Well, that’s the Bush justice dept for you. Glad I never voted for the son-of-a-bitch. Though I doubt if it would be much better under Hunter or Tancredo. Ron Paul would probably call these prosecutions unconstitutional, but would Congress let him get away with not enforcing their precious civil rights laws? I know they don’t mind Bush being criminally negligent when it comes to enforcing immigration laws, but those laws protect White interests. If Paul dared to refuse to give the muds their “special” status I think impeachment proceedings would begin almost immediately, and the gutless fucking Republicans would lead the way.

    4. Obersschutzstaffel1188! Says:

      If every reader of the top 10 White websites would divert the monthly check for his Judeo-cable (for watching Judeo-sports & judeo-comedies), White groups would have a MONTHLY budget of millions. And they would have enough (re: Zevon’s Law):
      1) Lawyers
      2) Guns
      3) Money
      that the Jewsters Wouldn’t Dare pull shit like this – mostly because THEY’D BE GONE!

      The issue is “existential lucidity.” Few, if any of you, actually realize your situation: You are ALL facing death, and as Solzhenitsyn warned: Keeping a low profile will not save you. You must fight these bastards in the here & now – or we’re all dead. How difficult a decision is it anyway:

      1) Have myself and everyone I love stripped of our livelihoods, freedom and very lives to die in humiliation, captivity and misery?
      2) Divert the money from my cable bill to White causes to cleanse our Civilization once and for all – then take the locks off our front doors, and resume our march toward the stars?

      Think hard now. Does that decision require a PhD? Does it require a highly parallel peta-flop supercomputer? Does it require the Unknowable Wisdom of the Ancients Written in a Forgotten Tongue? Does it require a vote amongst Nobel Laureates? Oh, God – it’s worse than “The Price is Right”!

      Again, there are two people standing in front of you:

      1) Cable movie producer Irving Schlockstein (producer of “Big Black Boyfriend” and “Fuck You, White Boy”) who will use your money to buy a pro-immigration Senator who will put a childraping Latrino on every block. Not to mention producing snuff films with kidnapped 12 year old Ukrainian girls.
      2) A White activist (and member of your extended family) dedicated to restoring civilzation.

      Why such a searing, rending, unfathomable choice? “Do I REALLY have to give up South Park… do you REALLY expect me to miss the Judeo-Broncos playing the Judeo-Oilers in the Judeo-playoffs? And how am I going to keep up with `what O’Reilly is going say next’?”

      They are coming for YOU. And they will not stop until they get YOU (or better yet, your kids). They WILL get you… via immigration, affirmative action, lawsuits, diversity or maybe some Jew-agitated hip hopper will shoot you in the face over a parking spot.

      “Reason” or exposure does not stop these creatures. All they hear is cattle braying. Just as well, for as one founding Zionist said, “It doesn’t matter what Gentiles say, only what WE do.” Thus, exposing them doesn’t stop them. The only way to stop them – is to STOP them.

      1) Lawyers
      2) Guns
      3) Money

      And on a daily basis, conduct yourself so that even UN-Awakened Whites in your town say, “I wish my daughter would marry somebody like that.” Needless to say, substances of ANY sort are not your friend. (What the hell was Walker doing in a bar anyway?)

    5. Cormac Says:

      They will not get a fair trial , and if their lawyer (liar) is telling them they may well go to jail then I’d seriously think about leaving the country.

      And don’t go to a Rothschild dominion.

    6. ajiarcher Says:

      It’s no surprise that the feds use these tactics to convict an innocent man, but what I really find disturbing is the fact a jury convicted him in the first place.

    7. greywolf Says:

      Obersschutzstaffel1188! Says:
      GREY WOLF: have you considered a leadership of such a movement? your writing is spot on, your insight is brilliant, the road map is workable, what was that dude doing in a bar by the way.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Cotter’s testimony was probably created out of whole cloth. The article said his story “matched” that of the bartender and other minorities. Of course it did. Federal prosecutors are known to be some of the most self serving and corrupt people on the planet. I have no doubt that Cotter was well coached by the Feds. Their job is to win a conviction at all costs and they can and do bend the rules.

      We now know that in the USSA of today, if you beat up a non-white and hold politically correct opinions, you will be sent up the river for 10, 20 maybe 30 years for so called civil rights violations. Mexicans who gang up on, threaten and beat white anti-immigration activists are never molested in any way by the federal pigs even though that’s a clear civil rights violation. The only problem is that we whites don’t have any.

    9. sfg Says:

      To Obersschutz…..: Very well put indeed. And that is exactly why I am trying to join in this movement. I didn’t have children, but I am trying to do something for other people’s children even if they don’t “get it”. I’m hoping that one of these days this movement can make some real headway and make a lot of them “get it”.

      And about stopping cable: You are exactly right. I haven’t had cable for over 4 years and I don’t miss a THING about it except maybe watching old movies on Turner Classic but I have enough old movies of my own that I can keep myself entertained for hours and hours…

      And that is a great idea about sending money to a group that could keep money to use for lawyers, guns, and cash when needed. The obvious question is just who would keep that money? If we can come up with some trustworthy person or persons who could keep the money collected, then I say let’s go for it. I could squeeze out a few bucks each month.

      Maybe someone could establish an account somewhere that we could send money to. I have a cousin who is a lawyer in Alabama and I’ll ask him what could be established that would be relatively safe. Just a thought. In fact…. maybe we could get a lawyer to keep the account and then we could call on that lawyer to represent our interests. I’ll ask my cousin if he’s interested. He’s in business for himself so he doesn’t have the problem of having a law firm to deal with. And I know he’s an honest guy because I’ve known him for over forty years. Believe me, for a lawyer, he’s a good guy. But it’s not for me to convince anybody. I’m just sort of thinking out loud here.

      But my feeling about all of this is this: Now is the time to get organized and start doing SOMETHING before it’s too late to start anything and certainly too late to accomplish anything. We’re already fifty years too late…. But we’ve got to keep our heads about us and act smart. I think if we can do these things, we can make real headway in educating white America about what is happening right under their noses.

      The best way to think about all of this is: If not us, who? If not now, when? That is enough for me.

      And I know some of you think because I’m a female that I can’t possibly be serious or believable, but why in hell would a female even be on this website or saying these things if she weren’t serious? Some of you guys are just going to have to get over your dislike of all things female, and learn to work alongside us to accomplish our goals. And don’t dare tell me that I can’t be a white nationalist because I’m a female and can’t possibly be Western. Bullshit!!

      I think some of you guys think that because females are more vulnerable to attacks that that makes us incapable of being white nationalists. White nationalists are big tough guys. Well, a lot of you probably are. But, any of us is vulnerable to attacks anytime. You can’t always be carrying a gun and be ready for an attack by a nigger. If they want to kill us, they can do it. All one can do is to try to be as careful as possible in any situation. But, in the long run, all it takes is one moment for it to go wrong. Just a thought.

      I’ve given Alex Linder my real name, my real home address, my real telephone numbers, and some personal information about me. He can check it out anytime to see if I’m real or not. I know there are a lot of phony balonies on this website, but they haven’t revealed anything about themselves either. I have revealed tons of information about myself–probably too much.

    10. greywolf Says:

      im with sfg i would contribute to a good cause. how about it Obersschutz.

    11. Walter Mitty Says:

      Are there are more Walter Mitty style posts on the VNN Forum, or on the VNN Blog? The whole deal often seems like a Walter Mitty convention.


      Alex Linder as James Thurber? Could be.

    12. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “We now know that in the USSA of today, if you beat up a non-white and hold politically correct opinions, you will be sent up the river for 10, 20 maybe 30 years for so called civil rights violations. Mexicans who gang up on, threaten and beat white anti-immigration activists are never molested in any way by the federal pigs even though that’s a clear civil rights violation. The only problem is that we whites don’t have any.” (-Sgt. Skull)

      Spot on, Sgt. Skull. In many ways, this is even worse than the USSR. After all, I don’t recall the Soviets locking up dissidents for 20 or 30 years for a fist-fight! Perhaps 5 or 10 years, but 20 to 30 years? It’s vicious to send some one away for 1/4 or 1/2 of his entire life. If this story does not make it clear to everyone just how EVIL our enemies truly are, then I’m afraid nothing will accomplish the task. It should also be noted that if the threat of such draconian prison sentences fail to stiffle dissent, these creatures would resort to the same methods the Jewish Bolsheviks used after they took control of Russia: a bullet to the base of the skull. Indeed, I have no doubt that they would prefer this method IF they had the power to do so. Stay tuned…..

    13. Civil-Rights-Laws » Blog Archive » Repeal Civil Rights Laws? Says:

      […] Also, one can sort of judge the validity of modern “civil rights” laws by considering the non-White source of the first one: the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s bill HR6127. … …more […]