10 July, 2007

When Negroes Rule

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South Africa is now governed by Blacks, and here’s the main reason why: Jewish political activists – such as Lionel Bernstein, Yossel “Joe” Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils – campaigned for decades to secure equal rights for Blacks, just as Jewish activists did in America. Indeed, both the American and the South African civil-rights movements were built and steered by Jews. (Blacks finally had their dreams of political equality fulfilled in 1993 with the interim constitution. Slovo was a negotiator in the meetings between activists and the S.A. government which finally ended White rule. In fact, since Slovo’s proposals acted as a stalemate-breaker in those negotiations, his involvement could be called “crucial” to the ending of apartheid) [1][2][3]:


[1] about Slovo: [Here]

[2] Kasrils: [Here]

[3] Jews in South African politics: [Here]

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    2. Giles Says:

      It is absolutely ìmpossible that “political activity campaigns” are the MAIN reason for Black rule in S Africa.

      What you are saying is that:

      3, or even 30,000 “activists” = 6,000,000 whites.

      Which means your average activist is equal to at least 100 adult Goyim . (What is an ‘activist’? Some one who talks a lot?)

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    3. Giles Says:

      Thank God for his care and protection of his true Israel people in S. Africa. Someday Israel (the West) will rule and shine throughout the world, for everyone’s benefit, being defenders of the Lord rather than apostate unfaithful/faithless people.

    4. DQ Says:

      How will the jews rule when all of their enemies from the various races kill every one of them? Next time there will be no where to run or hide.
      Israel is not the west it is the middle east.

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      screwballs wrote: “NOTE: —-Desperately WANTED—–…A GOD that HATES fags,niggers, beaners,ragheads, lying greasy dagos/GREEKS,chinks and ENGLISH traitors…PREFER MADE IN IRELAND OR EQUAL and love the smell of gunsmoke !!!”

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      Also note what happens to the enemies of Gods People, ALWAYS. You do not want to be on the wrong side when that happens.

    9. Crosley C. Crux III Says:

      the above 8 posts stand as a testament to why the Jews will win and destroy the world in their victory: the only people capable of defeating them is too engrossed in attacking and abusing those who should otherwise be their allies.