23 July, 2007

When Neoconservatism is Policy

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Far-reaching executive orders, previously-unheard-of authority, extreme secrecy – it’s business as usual for the executive branch. Of course, Bush and Cheney aren’t Jewish, but their ideology is. A guiding principle of neoconservatism amounts to: “your actions are always righteous, no matter what you do. So act however you wish and ignore all of your critics.” How is that much different from the Jews’ belief that they’re “God’s chosen people” and may therefore dominate gentiles? (By the way, the Bush administration has become even more Jewish-staffed since Bush took office in 2001. For example, Bush’s chief-of-staff is Jewish. He replaced a gentile in April 2006) [1][2][3]:


[1] Jewish laws against gentiles: [Here]

[2] about neoconservatism: [Here]

[3] Bush’s chief-of-staff: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “When Neoconservatism is Policy”

    1. radio profits Says:

      Jimmy de YOUNG is a big time PROPHET (profit) that jabbers about BIBLE profit see …..Israel will do this and that and how the raving lunatic BAPTIST SEER forsees the sea occurring in his HOLY land…HUH? the screwball is in CHATTANOOGA, TN….If that isn’t a freemasonic BLATHER and bullshit scam wait until the baker’s dozen spill their guts.. Now this knucklehead is writing CONSERVATIVE articles for the sheeple…Sorry, none of those religious screwballs have any credibility…Especially the many with an organ grinder monkey tag along !!

    2. woody Says:

      Cheney NOT JEWISH? His nose hooks so severely, he could sniff his own ass. I’ll call him Khane Cheney.

      and the little baBUSHka has been reported to be related to John Kerry, who has found his jewishness, just doesn’t make a point to continuously remind us of the fact he is a jew, unlike Kike Adam Sandler.