25 August, 2007

A Mandela Statue for Britain

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Nelson Mandela once wrote an essay called “How to Be a Good Communist” [1]. He also tested Molotov cocktails at an abandoned brickyard in South Africa [2]. Further, one of Mandela’s closest aides was the Jewish communist Joe Slovo. But despite all of that, a statue of Mandela will be placed near England’s parliament building next week. Additionally, notice the similarities between Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. In fact, it’s hard to distinguish between “Mandela worship” and “King worship.” (What a coincidence that America began building a King memorial in 2006, just one year before this statue will debut):


[1] [Here]

[2] see the book “The Struggle: a History of the African National Congress” (New York; 1990) by Heidi Holland

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  7. 14 Responses to “A Mandela Statue for Britain”

    1. Kievsky Says:

      I predict that Mandela and King will go the way of Lenin and Dzerzhinski statues. They are giving us something to knock down when ZOG falls!

      I don’t necessarily think this means we’ll take over the reigns of a destroyed country, but I do think the time will come when there will be sufficient anarchy and disorder that these statues can be knocked down without anybody saying “boo.”

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      Mandela, like King, was entirely the “creation” of the jewsmedia. Without massive, never-ending publicity, these pompous frauds wouldn’t have amounted to anything.

    3. jimbo Says:

      ha ha ha!…..wtf don’t they ‘whack up’ a statue of Lenin or Stalin or Beria or Kaganovich while they’re @ it?

      how abt a statue of Yuri Yurovsky, the pschyopathic Talmudic thug who murdered the Czar & his entire family?!!

      fckn stoopid Brits…..90% of those cunts (the adult ones, any-ways!) r worthless fckn ZOG scum…….a National Socialist revolution’ll hafta be imposed on those fckn retards by FORCE!…..AFA ‘Parliament’ is concerned….we’re WELL OVER-DUE! for another ‘Guy Fawkes’!

    4. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Will the MLK Jr statue be a depiction of him beating up a white prostitute???

    5. Autisticus Says:

      URRAH URRAH RA-HO-WA! The time has come to get all these fucking bonobos-impersonating-humans and kerb them LIKE REAL WHITE MEN would. The time for talking is over, the time for real action: VIOLENT, RADICAL, UNENDING against the nigger-red-kike menace is here. URRAH URRAH RA-HO-WA!

    6. Hans F.Schneider Says:

      Mandela was a violent convicted terrorist and now Britain builds a memorial ! Fine new world we have !

    7. Limey Says:

      This is what my fellow Englishmen are reduced to. God, how I despise them sometimes! I like to think that we were not always like this – but I am sure Herr Linder would argue the point. Sometimes I put my patriotism aside and concede that the contempt he displays for my country is justified. The fact that Linder’s ancestral home (Germany) is no better – and in many ways worse – is of no comfort to me.

    8. New Amurrca Says:

      Linder is, according to information put out by himself, of Swiss and British ancestry, whatever that means genetically. He is not “German”, nor does he conform to any predominant German racial type that I’ve ever seen. Some people can’t get into the spirit of old St. George and grovel instead at the foot of St. Michael. So be it.

    9. jimbo Says:

      ‘limey’: The fact that Linder’s ancestral home (Germany) is no better – and in many ways worse – is of no comfort to me…..the major difference(s) being, of course, that political correctness & ZOG were imposed on Germany from without and by over-whelming force!…..the Brits pretty much accepted jew tyranny w/out so much as a whimper…..apart from the BUF &c in the 1930s….and, despite all of this, the White Nationalist movement is to-day still stronger in Germany than in the UK….especially the former Eastern Germany! on a slate of comparisons, Germany has, again, contributed much more to the White Race than the Brits in ALL AREAS: literature, philosophy, music, art, science &c…….this could even be said to continue to this day; that whole area of Central/Eastern Europe is STILL much more advanced culturally, scientifically & racially than the UK……wasn’t it the Serbs, a nation of engineers & mathematicians, who figured out how to bring down/neutralise ZOG ‘smart bombs’, ‘cruise missiles’ & ‘stealth air-craft’ just off their own bat & using their own native, Aryan intelligence?……similarly: with the Third Reich; if the Fates had to have been kinder and the Führer was granted a few more years grace; then, militarily & scientifically, they would have been un-beatable & un-stoppable!; Germany would have triumphed, the lives of White People every-where would have been much improved and the World, in general, would have been a better place to live in than it is now; as Hitler him-self said: “our National Socialist revolution can NEVER be over-thrown from within Germany because it is of the very soul of Germany it-self!”

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      A spokesperson for Mr Mandela said:

      ‘Mr Mandela is honoured by the initiative taken by the British public paying tribute to him in this way. He has accepted the invitation from the Mayor of London and will attend the unveiling of the statue on Wednesday 29 August 2007. Mr Mandela looks forward to the ceremony and will be accompanied by his wife, Mrs Graca Machel.’

      The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said:

      ‘There can be no better way for this statue to be unveiled than with Nelson Mandela himself present. Nelson Mandela’s struggle against apartheid symbolised both the fight against racist tyranny and the universal struggle for human rights. The statue underlines the warm friendship between Nelson Mandela and the people of London. The placing of the statue in one of our most famous squares is an important moment reflecting Nelson Mandela’s significance as a world statesman and one of the key political figures of our time.’

      This commentator said:

      God (huh? – wazzat??) help the West.

      Where’s me rope and bowie-knife?

      Mandela sings for the mass-murder of us white-Saffers at dead AIDS-ridden nigger-boy’s funerals. One of his own sons died of the monkey-disease. He’s right up Mugabe’s filthy arse. Ken Livingstone is nothing more than a wigger / puppet for the City Bankers. Jerk!

    11. jimbo Says:

      wtf didn’t my last ‘post’ appear here?

      that’s what i mean by ‘censor-ship’!

    12. Socrates Says:

      jimbo Says: “wtf didn’t my last ‘post’ appear here?

      that’s what i mean by ‘censor-ship’!”

      Unless your comment urged specific violence, or made a threat, it should have been approved. Resend it.

    13. jimbo Says:

      ‘socrates’: Unless your comment urged specific violence, or made a threat, it should have been approved

      k…..seems it ‘got through’ after all (re: my rspns abv; re: ‘Brits’!)…..by ‘specific violence’, i s’pose u mean: ‘violence against a ‘specific person’‘…..???……i urge ‘violence’ against jews & non-whites (even ‘extreme violence’!)……ever since my very first post on Blood & Honour!…i refuse to resile from that any-time in the for-seeable future!

    14. Boeretrooskoerant Editor. Says:

      Please support the boer Republican idea and visit this site.
      We are in need of funding for poor and destitute white folk out of means – as a result of affirmative action and discrimination aimed at whites.
      This is not a radical site – but rather a voice of a determined Boerfolk to attain self government and a homeland for themselves.
      We believe in a Free Boer Republic for the Boer People.
      Our people are being downtrodden and we need the support from all that respect our Folk and way of life – Free from black racial domination.
      Everyone is welcome – see you all soon.
      Boeretrooskoerant Ed.