6 August, 2007

ADL Criticized by Armenians

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The ADL’s “No Place for Hate” campaign becomes more interesting when one considers that Dr. Kevin MacDonald describes Jews as “hyperethnocentric” [1]:


[1] Dr. MacDonald on Jewish hyperethnocentrism: [Here]

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  7. 11 Responses to “ADL Criticized by Armenians”

    1. Hoosier Says:

      I hate the fucking Jews. I just hate those sociopathic cocksuckers. I grieve the death of my country.

    2. old mac donald's farm Says:

      Wish those macdonald’s would get rid of their ffen pigs in congress… their Hogan’s goats also…recken they have a peter in their ARK ? Ole ST.peter’s principle would be anuuter one to WHACK !! All their Black sheep need sent back to africa…..No more chintzy soyburgers flipped by burrheaded baboons…….Kevin macdonald needs to tell ALL the truths……..especially his love for kabballa inspired false fuedal LORDS and KINGS !!!As a matter of fact, ole mac donald’s farm sounds IDENTICAL to a WORLDWIDE PLANTATION and happy KIBBUTZ peasants serving their LORD!!

    3. old mac donald's farm Says:

      yep, kevin needs to expose the macdonald pigs in congress…better yet kick all their black sheep out of their TRIBE , lousy soyhamburgers flipped by bootlipped STANKIN employees and their stupid relationship with the coon douglass family as in macdonald/douglass….. Their standard is under this sign we shall conquor….. yep a world old macdonald’s farm similar to a worldwide KIBBUTZ or plantation……yep, in latin it’s called “YOU ARE IN HOC to SIGNO VINCENT”…….

    4. MIKEY Says:

      GREAT RALLY– very successful–
      only serious mistake is that the police officers must be spoke to directly for at least 5 minutes about what is happening to their own families.

      they were a captive audience of over 200 officers, and the speakers blew they chance to hit home to the officer’s hearts.

      that was a gross mistake

    5. Mark Says:

      Translation: “No Place for Disagreeing with Jews” campaign. Notice how Abe Foxman calls the Armenian who disagrees with him a bigot.

    6. greywolf Says:


    7. No Surprise Says:

      Armenians look a little like Palestinians or the Lebanese. If you’re ever in Fresno go to George’s by Downtown and get the Lamb Shanks for lunch. (You won’t be sorry) They were the first state to go Christian after Rome. They are not Muslim. But Jews, especially New York Jews, hate, and I MEAN HATE, anybody that is brown. How many brown people are behind the camera getting awards in Hollywood? Producers making the real money? Jews defend black rights no matter what.. I think they don’t feel challenged by the blacks. But the only Armenians that escaped the 96 percent successful genocide by the Turks were the smart ones that could find a way out. Jews do NOT like smart any things. THEY want to be the overlords and have their thralls at their feet. No problem saying holding anything against the Turks by the Armenians is wrong while still demanded reparations from Europe for World War Two. Also the Armenian Genocide takes some of the edge off the specialness of the Jewish Genocide. Can’t have that either. The Jews sit around, YOU DO KNOW, and talk these things out about their place at the top of the world. They enjoy Goy baiting so very much. Armenians count as Goys. They are like a double dip sundae in that they are brown kinda Palestinian looking Goys to boot. (TO BOOT IN THE ASS GET IT) They hate everything and anything at their whim. This isn’t anti-Semitism to say this. It is the Jewish culture. That is the way they have set up their private society of which they are so very proud of.

    8. TSman Says:

      Abe Foxman claims it would be “bigoted”… simply because the ADL does not share the Armenian’s point of view. Hold on a minute there jew-boy, aren’t there people sitting in prison in Europe right now, whose only “crime” was not sharing the jews point of view? (Ernst Zundel comes to mind)
      “We’re not a party to this, and I don’t understand why we need to be made party,” Foxman said. Ahh, pour little jews, they just mind their own business and never hurt anybody. All they do is go to hundreds of towns and cities across the country and shove anti-white programs up everyone’s ass.
      The truth(how they hate that word) of the matter is that Israel already has enough enemies in the Middle East and doesn’t need to add Turkey to that list. Face it Fox-hole, you are a “holocaust denier”. Now you’ve left me with a bit of a dilemma, I can’t decide if you are “The World’s Biggest Hypocrite” or “The World’s Biggest Scumbag”. Are you allowed to hold both titles at once?

    9. booger Says:

      Y’know its kinda funny how the Turks just don’t seem to have to take the “everlasting guilt-trip gobstopper” for exterminating the Armenians inWWI,as compared to the germans for doing the world a favor in WWII.Funny how only Jewish deaths seem to matter as compared to 25?million Russians.Funny how old Abe just can’t bring himself to feel their pain and ends up calling the Armenian a bigot.Masters of Lies And Deception they truly are.

    10. Jon Says:

      The ADL’s “No Place for Hate” campaign becomes more interesting when one considers that Dr. Kevin MacDonald describes Jews as “hyperethnocentric”

      Hyperethnocentric is an understatement.

      Having said that, I hereby commence a “No Place For Jews” campaign, for they are the epitome of “hate”, in an noble effort to rid our White Western nations of caustic, trouble-making Jews like Abe Fartman, the sanctimonious fat-ass, uber-nasty, finger-pointing, condescending, very arrogant (dick) head of that Jewish/Zionist “hate” group, the U.S.-based arm (read: secret police) of the MOSSAD.


    11. Jon Says:

      TSman Says:

      7 August, 2007 at 3:24 pm

      Abe Foxman claims it would be “bigoted”… simply

      Virtually every other word from that smelly turd’s orrifice is “bigot.”