28 August, 2007

Cop’s “Anti-Semitic” Videos Investigated

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Why investigate free speech?


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    1. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Kudos to PCApostate for being the first out of the pack with this. This is a made-to-order opportunity for all our VNN local affiliates.

      The propaganda value of these videos is incalculable. These ladies are not bedecked in 1930-era uniforms with swastikas. These are ordinary, run-of-the-mill motherly white ladies who could have stepped off the set of Mayberry RFD. They use no racial slurs. Yet they’re talking almost like we do here on VNN.

      We need our local affiliates to cross-post and promote these videos as vigorously as possible while they still remain available. Use long, descriptive post titles with a wide variety of key words to push it up the search engines as high and as far as possible. I cross-posted them on Alaska Pride last night. Dietrich has posted a link on Cool Kids Rebel. And just moments ago, I noticed it has just been posted on Voice Of Deseret. Mainstream working-class whites are slowly embracing our point of view.

      BTW, the Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is a groid. I’m sure no one’s surprised.

    2. jackumup Says:

      I have E-mailed these ladies in hopes of making them aware of VNN
      And mentioned about filling a time slot, if this happens we won’t be able to use the word cunt, “but for the white race sacrifices we must make”

    3. abe foxman Says:

      This is wrong and anti productive. Naming the Jew is fine but anyone with a brain knows Jews are only as good as the treasonous gentiles aka Goys that make their control possible. These two ladies need to focus on the area of ‘shaming the goy’ rather than demonstrating a clear lack of perception in trying to shame the unshamable Jew.
      Before that however, they need to improve their presentation skills and demonstrate a level of sophistication that would appeal to the intellect of educated middle class viewers.
      As it stands now, they are the YOU TUBE equivalent of the tattoed skin head neo nazi claiming to hold the interests of his racial kin at heart when his appearance makes it clear he has neither the intellect nor the moral fiber to do any such thing.
      Sorry ladies. You just give fuel to the notion of being plants whose aim is sow the seed for the need of HATE LEGISLATION.
      Now if it was presented like this!

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      (inside in a dingy tobacco-fumed boardroom @ The Fed, circa 1913 – three figures – one a gentile – huddled over a set of papers: the atmosphere – tense, but foolishly upbeat)

      figure one: “Nah nah nah vee vill have collateral arranged by our paardners in London unt dey vill send a telegram of confirmation shortly… now awl you vill do eez sign over here eh? – heh heh…”

      gentile: “Oh?”

      figure three: “Done!”

      The following year, a war commenced… the greatest fratricidal war ever known to Western-civilised mankind. Hmm…