1 August, 2007

Feminism: Against Nature

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Heard recently (paraphrasing): “If a woman desires too much in life, she may always be disappointed.” Yep. Jewish feminism says that women can have anything they want. False. Women aren’t built that way. Instead, they were designed for a certain role in life (just as men were designed for a certain role in life). The idea of a woman working in an office all day while ignoring her family is a sick one. So is the idea of a woman being a cop or a firefighter. Yet 9 out of 10 “conservatives” have no problem with women wearing manpants.

More about feminism: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Feminism: Against Nature”

    1. Wolf Says:

      Feminism was designed to weaken the family. One prong in the multi-pronged Jew strategy to destroy Western civilization.

      However there is nothing “anti-family” about having Women work. White Women, for millenia, worked their asses off gathering food, toiling in the fields, scrubbing floors or whatever. The difference is that in the past they always hauled along or had little ones nearby while doing it.

      Not practical in office settings, squad cars or fire trucks.

    2. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Earlier today I saw a clip from television on the Net.
      It was about trendy young metrosexual guys apparently starting to wear cosmetics, i.e. skintoners etc.
      The female reporters were just exhilarated by this supposed wave of the future: from their perspective, female standards and behavior was spreading. Such maladaptive behaviour
      exhibited by metrosexual confuseniks, only makes emancipated “Ibsen-women” of postcultural society feel safe and at ease: no inconvenient resistance to “globalization” to be feared from mascara-wearing, androgynous, anorectic ,pimple-faced fashion zombies. “If only all men would be equally nice and faggoty, we could all just get along with our racemixing and general promiscuity”
      When an “Ibsen-woman” sees a fag, she is reassured that she has no responsibility whatsoever. This calms her nerves, and relieves some guilt. She then proceeds to pursue a lifestyle of personal gratification: travels; interracial sex; abortions and/or contraception; drug use, etc., etc. If no man (in the proper sense of the word) intercepts, the causal chain will inevitably lead to her pursuit of turd world adoption(s). Everything in the system is set up for western women to wanna adopt black children!
      In conclusion: horribly irresponsible behaviour by western women, however repulsive and dissapointing, IS THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY OF WESTERN MEN!
      Female chastity is the most precise gauge of societal health.