17 August, 2007

“Five Minute Poll on Repatriating Blacks to Liberia”

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Former president Abraham Lincoln tried to ship the negroes out of America. But that plan failed, so he was forced to follow Plan B, which led to the Emancipation Proclamation [1]:


[1] about Lincoln’s repatriation plan: [Here]

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  7. 5 Responses to ““Five Minute Poll on Repatriating Blacks to Liberia””

    1. Vaultner Says:

      I say we lock down the country. Get that big super gun Saddam Hussein was building, pack about fifty niggers into at a time, aim it at Africa, tell the Liberals we’re giving them an express trip home & launch them over the horizon for what they’ve done to my Nation.

    2. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      More people need to know that Honest Abe was a Rastafarian. However, Rastafarianism without Zionism is an empty shell. Had Lincoln been a Zionist and sent the Jews home to Israel, the Negroes would have been an easy problem.

    3. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Donald E. Pauly Says: “More people need to know that Honest Abe was a Rastafarian. However, Rastafarianism without Zionism is an empty shell. Had Lincoln been a Zionist and sent the Jews home to Israel, the Negroes would have been an easy problem.”

      No White men should be Zionists. Look at the problems the kikes have caused in the Middle East. Unless you define “Zion” to be some isolated place in Africa, or maybe Antarctica. Put the Jews somewhere away from everyone else. Call it Sheenyism. Who cares?

      And Rastafarian? Fuck Garvey, Marley and all those other niggers. If they want to separate from us, great. Doesn’t make White men “rastafarians” because we agree on that point any more than liking bananas makes me a monkey.

    4. Vickie Says:

      I like Vaultners Idea.Let’s go!!!

    5. truth Says:

      Well I lived there for some time. As we know blacks came to America not because they wanted to leave their country… they were kidnapped… the slave trade was mostly managed (trading, shipping, crew) by the Jews. Most of the slave owners were Jews too. (The owner of Monsanto were in the slave trade. Now they have been working successfully in destroying nature and robbing all farmer in the world of their income and poisoning seeds and soil and this way slowly killing mankind.)

      To return blacks to the African continent – as blacks originate there is of course a strange attitude. Nobody who would give it a deeper thought would ever have done so.

      It’s like taking all Swedish people, as they are white and bring them to California, drop them there and build a state. The wrong thing about it is: California is already a state and there have been living people there….

      Well the same happened in Liberia – it was not called Liberia before, but of course there had been living people there for thousands of years.

      These American Africans felt of course very superior… and there is were the problem started. That about 5% ruled over the rest of 95%.

      Nevertheless this country was the Switzerland of West Africa. Lot’s of Africans of neighboring countries came and worked there. One of the most fruitful countries in Africa… they said: push a stick in the soil and it will flourish …

      Then it happened as it happened to about 60 countries in the world…. (not talking about the America exploitation of the country – the only rubber-plantation in the world – vast forests, gold, silver – ) …
      rebels were armed by US money, US arms… slaughtering the children, women, man. Whenever a rebel became the president, they really did not want what the US wanted. This way another rebel was armed… this continued about 4 to 5 times.
      When I stayed there, the next rebels were already approaching. The country was absolute down, no electricity, no water. But after all we had American advertisement on the radio informing those Africans with the best teeth in the world that they should use good US- fluoride toothpaste. (Which is an absolute poison but propagated in America, even added to the normal tab water…).

      I could observe how American/UN politics ruins absolutely everyone. They have a very huge market there. Those farmers growing this healthy brown rice could hardly sell it (they earn about 650$ per year for the whole family) because the US uncle Ben’s rice was cheaper….
      A bag of rice was about 10$ – most peoples’ monthly salary…

      I was shattered indeed to see these slaughtered people and their friendliness. They had so much forgiveness in their hearts. Being in a postwar country in Africa it still looks a bit softer as it is, as there are still these flowers growing, the huge trees and the soft wind from the ocean.

      After all, when about 200 women and child were killed they finally brought all these bodies to the compound of the American Embassy with the message: “That is what you wanted – here you have them!”

      Since the beginning of the 1990 we have a lot of Africans in our country, as most need shelter from these ongoing wars or starvation. Germany never really had any black people in the country. Little children here are very sweet, when the see a black the come stretch out their little finger and want to touch the skin in order to see, whether its really black skin…

      But I never learned to know anybody, who really wanted to be here. Africans have a completely different culture. They believe in family values, helping each other. When you go to the countryside there is no crime, no cheating, just work, living together, singing, dancing…

      What do you think needs to happen in America, that would force you to rob on the soil across the border in order not to be shot….
      or just take a little bag and flee the country…

      I have not met one refugee whether African, Polish, Yugoslavian, who came to Germany, who wanted to come.

      I recently thought about the moslem friends I had during my life – one thing we all had in common that our countries were bombed, destroyed, people starved, assassinations or coups against elected leaders – and all by the US-government.

      Superiority is there, where nobody can talk us into wars anymore – for what reason whatsoever.

      We need to learn about the truth, see the truth. To live in peace is not about race it’s about cherishing what we all are.

      I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that what I have seen by now – most people are simply desperate…

      The way we can learn it is to listen to other people, live in other countries, learn other languages. Then we will see that more or less all people in the world want they same.

      There is only one difference:

      warm hearted humans
      cold-blooded entities

      Only with our heart we will see truth.