3 August, 2007

Free Talk Live Friday with Bud “goy on the go” White

Posted by Dietrich in Alex Linder at 8:15 pm | Permanent Link

Bud goes on the scene live to Jew-invested Lakewood, NJ. 

Plus, information and analysis on the Kalamazoo rally.


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  7. 2 Responses to “Free Talk Live Friday with Bud “goy on the go” White”

    1. Walter Mitty Says:

      California Congressman Lantos is a major jew asshole. His role is to advance jew homeland causes in the US House of Representatives.

    2. Bill Says:

      Lantos’ record is one of “screw white people” and “praise the Jew.” I found one source for links about him at this site:


      Scroll down to “Congressman Tom Lantos.”