17 August, 2007


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Click on graphic – Bud White on today’s news, special guest from South Africa coming up! along with commentary by John de Nugent…

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  7. 6 Responses to “FREE TALK LIVE ON NOW!”

    1. New America Says:

      Tech note: The ID of the feed is the standard WINAMP of “DJ Mike Llama – Llama Whippin'”

      John de Nugent is great!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Goyfire's top fan Says:

      Great show! Better each time out. Keep it up.

      By the way, I found a new blog, looks like it was put up by a VNN’er: http://lasucksbigtime.blogspot.com/

      Not only Detroit sucks. Now we have a guy telling how L.A. sucks. Worth a look.

    3. sfg Says:

      The above mentioned website is excellent. I would say I really enjoyed reading it but I hate to use the word “enjoy” when talking about the destruction of our country. But the guy who is wriiting is a good writer and makes it thoroughly enjoyable and very funny all while making you sick at your stomach.

      Of course, he’s wriitng about how our country has been thoroughly destroyed by these vermin and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing we can do about it. But sit back and watch it all disappear down the drainhole.

      When you think about what California was like just forty years ago–the beautiful sun filled state full of wonderful whites doing what whites do and now it’s come down to this, well, it just makes me go lay on my bed and sob for a while. I’m so tired of crying over this shit. Why has it gotten so bad and why are so many whites so stupid that they can’t see what is happening right under their noses. And right under their noses–now there’s a good way to put it. Because the stench coming from these vermin should wake anyone up.


      Because the plague is what you’ll get for sure. mexicans simply don’t have any use for water or soap or first world hygiene. They NEVER wash their hands after using the bathroom.

      You know, in thinking about what needs to happen first in this country about third world vermin, it’s become very clear that we need to get these mexishits back to mexico before we attempt to clean up anything else. Short of that, the whole thing is over with, America will never be able to fight both blacks and mexis at the same time. Ain’t gonna happen.

      So, it would seem that maybe we should focus (not solely of course) on getting mexishits back to mexico first. Somehow we need to get legislation passed, or get local authorities to start deporting illegals. I know here in the metro Atlanta area, we are seeing some good changes in the way local governments attack illegals. The sheriff of Cobb County has started using some law that addresses the problem of what to do with illegals when he comes across them. The Dustin Inman society has written about this.

      But getting back to the blog above–it’s good and very readable and funny. Even if you laugh through your tears.

    4. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      This guy at http://lasucksbigtime.blogspot.com/ is good and having lived in L.A. (Los Angeles or Latin America, there’s no difference) I can tell you I’ve experienced the same damn things repeatedly.

      But this statement he makes: “These two problems add levels of difficulty to all areas of living that would not be present if racists and traitors in the US Govt.” Huh? “Racists” allowed the spic invasion? And then again later: “The new slave class for the racist hypocrites that have destroyed America.” What? Who are these racists? If you mean Jews, say supremacists. Jewish supremacism is the problem, like the title of Duke’s book.

      And don’t give me that crap that Lenin or some other kike used the word “racist” so we shouldn’t. Or even worse, that we should use the word as a negative epithet like the kikes do. Fuck’em. Being a racist means being for your own people – period. Being a supremacist means not only being racist but wanting to control other races as slaves. Get it right, buddy. You’re doing great work, but name the Jew and don’t confuse your terms. Define them please.

    5. Big Effer Says:

      Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I had been told it had been mentioned at this site.

      “Racists”? Yes, I am talking about jews. At the moment, I’m trying to reel in some regular folks. I have become educated about the jew during the past year, but when I explain what’s up to many people, they are repelled, such is the brainwashing. I know you guys here at VNN are well aware of these bastards and what they are up to. Anyhow, I’m hoping to reel in some of the fence-sitters while ramping up the “attack”. Some of the uninitiated might ask who the “racists” are, isn’t the government white? Then it’s time to lower the boom. I think it’s the right approach for the first couple of weeks, but maybe it’s not. I think that people looking at the picture in my profile get the idea that I know the score. If you think I should just charge in and drop bombs, let me know. I’m trying to keep the blog from getting KO’d. I’ve seen other good blogs end up with the “warning” and no listing on some search engines. If this does happen to mine, I guess I’ll just create another one. Fuck ’em.

      Anyway, I’ll try and update the site two to four times a week depending on my work schedule. I will be honest and say that my awakening to the war we white are in changed much of my life and in fact freaked out my old lady so much she split. Gone. Period. She couldn’t hack it, I couldn’t teach her. She thought I had become a monster. No, I had become aware. The world isn’t pretty flowers and fun everywhere, and we sure as hell aren’t all the same.

      Thanks again.

    6. alex Says:

      Good to hear from you, and great writing.

      I agree on the mex restaurant thing – i love mex food but never eat at the three here in town because they employ mexicans. Eating food prepared by mexicans is nearly as dangerous as fucking mexicans.