27 August, 2007

Globalism is Advancing Quickly

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What happened to sovereignty, which was a right universally acknowledged until recently? This was mentioned at the VNN Forum, but it’s worth repeating here: during the past century, the West – and much of the rest of the world as well – underwent a drastic political and social transformation. Basically, there was a battle between nationalism and internationalism [1]. The latter won. If Westerners want to remain financially solvent and socially secure, they must reject all forms of internationalism. They must return to the idea of thinking and acting locally. Globalism isn’t good for Whites, for what is it but a collection of Jewish ideas that are, unfortunately, often adopted by gentiles? Jews were the leaders in the creation of world government and global finance. In fact, the Soviet Union’s Comintern – run by the Jew named Zinoviev – was designed to aid a global political revolution. Another Jew birthed the UN with help from other internationalist Jews like V. Perlo, S. Adler and H.D. White [2]. Globalism is, for all practical purposes, a new type of Marxism, a suit-and-briefcase version of the old type. It’s revolutionary, it transforms nations and it’s profitable, too [3]:


[1] “nationalism” is used in a broad sense here, not just racially but also geographically

[2] about the founding of the UN: [Here]

[3] the author Ivor Benson, a journalist and a former Rhodesian government official, explained that there is a vast difference between capitalism and “supercapitalism.” He says of the latter: “For it is not possible to continue concentrating ownership and control of property and resources without at the same time reducing the number of those who own and control property and resources.” Benson calls both communism and supercapitalism “irreconcilably antagonistic” towards nationalism, and also “revolutionary” (as opposed to “evolutionary”), a significant observation. See Benson’s book “The Zionist Factor” (Costa Mesa, CA.; the Noontide Press, 1992)

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    1. lies and revision Says:

      He may have had a role, but the royalty of England and their worldwide blood tie was more involved than any other group…maurice strong, queen elizabeth’s chief privy council member and a long list of others was some of the main players…Cecil rhodes and his Fabian socialists had been working on the BLUEPRINT for years.. Fabian is a wetdream fantasy of a Roman General Fabius from the old empire days..slick willie clinton blue dress crook swindler coke head whoremonger mafia screwball was a rhodes scholar BAPTIST asshole and member of the DEMOLAYS …

    2. lies and revision Says:

      alex, let me speak… The christian identity is NOT good for whites…Harry Dexter White was a Baptist son of a bitch…Look into Just the worldwide baptisT organization…..Rockefellers, yep…MLK,jessee jackson, mandela, Mugabe, jimmah carter, LBJ, Harold and John ford of Memphis,tn., Clarence Thomas,bill clinton,ray lyons, the southern baptist-20 million strong and on and on…assume 5 million tithe $50 a month(low estimate)=$250,000,000=approx $3billion per year…NEVER,Never has the books been opened to the members..Where are those funds invested ?? Chinese factories? Mexican car assembly plants NFL franchises? no one knows…Corporate structured religion is just that …A tax free “BUSINESS” cash cow, NOTHING more !! It’s run by the same freemason crooks as the damn mafia as far as I’m concerned !! All one needs to do is Look at the towns run by these masked crooks…nigger and white !!

    3. Socrates Says:

      lies and revision Says: “Harry Dexter White was a Baptist son of a bitch”

      No. Harry Dexter White was a Jew. What the hell do baptists have to do with anything concerning us?

    4. lies and revision Says:

      simply this: most of those flake fakes were born out of the the “palmerston zoo”…..the “schiller institute” gives an interesting “timeline” of these venetian/british cabballa/rosicrucian space cadets… as for the baptists, that group was formed in stupid england when all this swindling venetian dago freemasonry married the british crown…connect the dots,goddamit

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      Religion’s a handicap, heaps o’ crappy poetry, flowery words, Millls & Boone love ditties… when whitey comes to this realisation watch our race take a slight shift forward again… until some jerk announces he spotted the Messiah on a gondola in Venice or summink… *sigh*… I could pull my hair out on this one – sorry – lemme retract those words.

      Me’s sporting a Wahl clipper No.1 today.


    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yep, Harry Dexter White (aka Weiss) was a commie jew and best mate of commie kike FDR.

      PS stuff from the Schiller Institute contains lots of totally misleading assertions. It is entirely possible that these “venetian” string pullers were jews.

    7. dean martin Says:

      HDW was Jewish l&r.


      Celtic Warrior, FDR wasn’t.

      Does anybody know if Ivor Benson’s writings are collected in any one one space?