8 August, 2007

HADDEN: Goying, Goying, Gone

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Goying, Goying, Gone

by Max Hadden

Many of you are probably already aware that my YouTube account, Hadden88, has been removed. On the bright side – or perhaps not depending upon your opinion of my writing – it will provide me opportunities to write again instead of spending a lot of time digitizing, reviewing, editing and posting educational clips from my video library onto YouTube. Internet video technology is a much better way for us to spread the truth primarily because, as Lincoln Rockwell once said, the masses of people will not read or study. Consequently, a radio or television format makes it easier for them to digest, albeit more difficult for us to supply. I am glad to see many VNN’ers stepping up to the plate to provide our message in radio content. Keyboard commandos no more. Due to my YouTube experience and a bit of cogitating, I’d like to relate my observations on something I call the “goying” of AmeriKwa.

The YouTube Experience

Let me first briefly mention that my posts on YouTube were a labor of love. I wanted to share some of the life-changing information that I had discovered over a variety of topics. Eventually, Hadden88 contained over 100 video clips, 400 subscribers and had accumulated half a million views over a period of about 10 months. I turned down any and all invitations to become “YouTube Friends” or “video responses” to avoid being associated with those banned for stupid reasons. Prior to posting a clip I always sent an email or letter to the copyright owner requesting permission. My justification was that a) I wasn’t making any money from YouTube, b) I would keep the video clip posted to less than 25% of the original, and c) I would gladly post information about where the video could be purchased. In most cases, even though I waited for a few months and occasionally sent additional letters, my request was completely ignored. So I knew that “copyright infringement” claim would be Hadden88’s downfall, and owner-initiated.

It was Barnes Review (http://www.barnesreview.org/), or individuals posing as members of that organization, and the Victor Ostrovsky lecture series that caused my account to be removed. Make of that what you will.

As anyone who has posted Soviet-styled “politically incorrect” material on YouTube knows, the number of “flames” or hate mail one receives far exceeds objective inquiries or appreciation. The ignorant flamethrowers are the “goyim”, or cattle, that the Jews have created. The Jews have chosen this word wisely. These gentiles believe what the Jews want them to believe and are therefore unsuspecting, helpless cattle being led to their own slaughter. People on YouTube generally fall into three categories; 1) those of us who know the truth and aren’t afraid of it, 2) independent thinkers who seek the truth (and sometimes this group sent me thank you notes for providing them information they had never heard before), or 3) the goyim.

Obviously, my goal was not to “preach to the choir” as there’s no need to convert someone who’s already on your side. Independent thinkers are those whom Dr Pierce and the rest of us at VNN are targeting. The path of enlightenment blazed by building White media – thanks, or rather cheers to James Hawthorne – will eventually lead to a large enough number of us to organize, like the German National Socialists, and make systemic changes for the benefit of not only our own race but everyone on this tiny planet, except the Jews. It’s always good to hope that some of the goyim can be awakened and become independent thinkers, but what was so obvious and sad to me about these jew-produced human cattle was how typical their remarks were. This is why I consider them “goyed.” They are dumbed-down, brain dead people that have been purposefully and professionally programmed by Jews to commit racial suicide.

Let’s dig deeper into why this is goying on.

WTF is Goying On?

Many of the goyim had the nerve to write me on YouTube claiming that I’m ignorant about real history and about honest facts. Really? ROTFL. However, I am positive I know more than they do and I can explain how and why this is the case quite easily. Some claimed that the Germans not only killed 6 million Jews, but that they murdered 12 million innocent people total because I left out 3 million homosexuals and 3 million additional non-Jews who were also “killed.” Others, in response to one of Father John O’Connor’s video clips, claimed that 12 million witches were burnt by the evil Catholic Church and said that I need to read so-and-so’s book. I won’t even bother with the idiots who labeled Fr O’Connor a fag and a pedophile when it was O’Connor who got into trouble for speaking out against the homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church.

What these poor, ignorant goyim didn’t understand – and still don’t – is that I experienced the same false education that they had. I tried in vain to explain to them that I had already heard the bullshit stories they had swallowed as facts, but I’d since gone past that. had already been where they were, and moved further on. For this reason, it is impossible for me not to know more than they do on these subjects. I had learned what they had learned plus more. In fact, I had come to learn that a lot of what I’d been taught was flat out lies, and had since spat out the nonsense previously swallowed.

Their ignorance is the result of the Jews goying them into believing lies of omission, commission or both.

The Germans did imprison homosexuals and members of certain groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses when such individuals were causing trouble. Ditlieb Felderer was tasked, being a Jehovah’s Witness himself at the time, to find out just how many of that sect had been “killed” by the “evil Nazis” because his religion’s leaders wanted accurate estimates for their upcoming reparations claim scam against Germany. The number of Jehovah’s Witnesses who died in the camps was unknown until after the collapse of the Soviet system, but speculation made the number as high as 20,000. Felderer found out that the number was actually in the area of 200. And more importantly, he could find no proof at all that they’d been “killed” but that they’d probably died of typhus. Now how many of these Holocaust-believers have even heard of Felderer’s investigations? Who has been goyed? Is it me or you, fellow YouTubers?

Then there’s the old “Catholic Church burned millions of witches” claim. The best thing about that whole dark period in White history is that the Catholics and local officials –being the educated, literate elite – kept records. It has been shown by documentation and extensive research by Russell Hope Robbins that the total number burned for heresy and/or witchcraft was between 50,000 and 85,000 people. When you point out that fact to these numbskulls, they hurl back at you, “What does the number matter?” Well, you jerks, you’re the one who threw your outrageous number in my face to begin with and you obviously thought it mattered, right? The more that were killed, the worse it is, and the worse it is, then the guiltier I’m supposed to feel, right? So fuck off, with your sophistry and sanctimonious crap. We’re not goying to take it anymore.

Ongoying Racial Warfare

Out of all the comments I received at YouTube there are only two remarks worth mentioning. One was from a woman who claimed that the Jews were not a problem and that we are all individuals. The other was from a man who said that he never knew any Communists that had done anything wrong, but he knew a lot of capitalists that had. Nevermind that the US behaves as the premiere Marxist and Communist-inspired nation on earth with its egalitarianism and internationalism. This misunderstanding of the situation is an example of how VNN has to fight against Jew-created false beliefs adopted by our own people who are not naturally our enemies. To handle the second one first, the man misunderstood my video clips. If my videos could be categorized as anti-Communist, anti-Jewish, and pro-Nazi or pro-Fascist, then they were obviously anti-Capitalist, where Capitalism has been redefined by the jewess Ayn Rand and Rush Limbaugh.

The man obviously thought individualistic, greedy Capitalism was just an excuse to fuck people over for profit, and I agree. However, he also thought that I was either ignorant or on the side of Rush Limbaugh because I said Marxism and Communism were causing the most damage and I failed to bash Capitalism. False. As I’ve said before in other VNN articles: Communism is State Capitalism. The Bolshevik Jews who were Communist Party elite looked after their own interests including financial profits and Capital. The AmeriKwan government is doing the same thing today. The Democrat Party’s “no war for oil” crowd, or those who point out that Republicans allow the Mexican invasion because they want “cheap labor” should realize this. Election campaign funding, mass media propaganda, pork barrels, free comps and book deals are just some of the methods kikes use to goy our politicians. In the Soviet Union, these bought gentile Congressmen would be called “loyal Party members” publicly, but privately, the Jews still consider them goyim.

Ted Pike and Michael Hoffman, both men of whom I have enormous respect for, claim that the heart of our movement is the struggle against the supremacist ideology that Jewish rabbis have forced upon their own people. In other words, good Jews gone bad. Let me make it clear that they are both right and wrong. Life in its simplest form is a racial war for survival. As Kevin MacDonald has explained, the rhetoric, ideologies and social engineering produced by the Jews are a form of this struggle for survival. They are tools created and used by the kikes to defeat their racial enemies. The goying of Whites to be greedy assholes and Jews to be supremacists is part of the big picture. These people are the result of Jewish propaganda on both their races (meaning Ashkenazi and Sephardi) and ours. This is the reason that the brilliant Germans of the Third Reich put such emphasis on propaganda. Fight fire with fire. And as I mentioned in a past article about propaganda, it can be either honest or dishonest. “Propaganda” does not equal “lies.”

The solution is not to address the symptoms of the systemic corruption but the root cause: Jews and their behavior. The reason so many of our people are corrupt is thanks to Jews and the ongoying race war.

To continue about the woman who claimed Jews were not responsible…

Her perspective was exemplary of the typical goyed AmeriKwan. She responded in regards to Hitler’s speech at the 1933 rally known as “Victory of Faith” with a huge diatribe of regurgitated nonsense. She said Socialism was bad for government, I said I agreed, but National Socialism wasn’t judeo-Communist Socialism. She said she didn’t like big government, I said that big is a relative term, and that the problem is not big government, but bad government – whereupon I noted that “bad” is also a subjective term. She said Jews were individuals and could not be held responsible as a group, I explained that Jews were not just a religious group, but a hybrid race of Ashkenazim and Sephardim, and I also mentioned that the most dangerous ideological position for a gentile to take is: we are all individuals and that’s all we are. The fact is, as Alex Linder frequently points out, we are individuals AND members of a group. That group is our White race. Europeans. Aryans.

Does this make sense, or am I goying crazy?

Putinesque Wisdom

Someone at Rense.com posted a link to my YouTube video clip of former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explaining how the real purpose of the KGB, under pressure from Jew Yuri Andropov, was primarily demoralization and not espionage. The goying of Whites has occurred in a number of ways, all with the same result: our racial suicide. A person like the aforementioned woman who clings to her “individualism” doesn’t realize that her belief makes her apathetic to the fate of her own people. She does not care about the rapes of 100 White women in AmeriKwa every day by niggers because – in her mind – they’re all individuals and there’s no rational explanation for their group behavior.

Part of what Bezmenov warned us about was White feelings of guilt over racism and bigotry. A person who thinks we’re all “individuals” believes that when another person states the honest to God factual truth that Blacks are prone to violence and stupidity for genetic reasons, this means that he or she is ignorantly stereotyping Blacks because of their skin color. A better example of “goying” White people is hard to find.

The fact is, as Bezmenov pointed out, that despite the abundance of information such as nigger criminality, we have been goyed – in other words, fooled – into not believing what we see with our own eyes. It wasn’t the lack of education or poverty that made a pack of ugly coons in Knoxville, Tennessee rape and murder Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, it’s what Negroes do. It’s part of who they are. It’s their biological nature. It’s their genetic inheritance. Low IQ and higher testosterone levels = bad combination. But the Jews with their media control and changing of our educational curricula have so put the “kibosh” on our mental faculties of logic and reasoning that it’s as if we’re wearing blindfolds over our minds. Our eyes let us see the empirical evidence, but our brains can’t make any sense out of it. The only explanation we’re allowed is the false Jewish one: nigger violence is due to the lack of education, poverty and White racism. Bullshit.

However, this Pavlovian conditioning can be overcome. Removing the mental blinder that is keeping us from seeing reality is possible (at least among a small percentage of our people). I am proof of that. And building White Aryan owned and operated media is the antidote to the poison we’ve been infected with.

When are you goying to help us?

White Demoralization and Jewish Guilt

The main point of Bezmenov’s speech on demoralization can be summed up as follows; in a war, when troops become demoralized, they lose the will to fight. This is what has happened to White people in terms of defending their own kind. How did they lose the will to fight? The answer is simple; because Jews have been brow-beating us with stories about the African slave trade, about the evil White man killing off the poor innocent American Indians, and bleating about how the “evil Nazis” killed poor, innocent, blameless and defenseless Jews in gas ovens. When White children are taught these things, they feel demoralized. They lose the will to fight for their people. This is why Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will” is so brilliant. It was Hitler’s as well as the will of the rest of those great German National Socialists that lead them to triumph. We will also triumph when we reverse this Jew-instilled demoralization and goying of our will to survive.

Many “individual” Jews have teamed up over the years to spread poisonous doctrines to our people. Whether or not they were individuals pursuing their own interests is irrelevant. They comprise a Jewish-front against divided Aryans that refuse or can not see that a battle is raging. These Jews are part of a cabal of gentile-goying megalomaniacs. They are the real supremacists vying for world domination against an imaginary enemy. White racists, such as those of us at VNN, do not want to rule the world.

As Bezmenov mentioned in another video clip, all revolutions are never grass roots or majority-led movements. All movements – whether the Zionist in Israel or the anti-Vietnam War protests in the U.S. – are spearheaded by a minority of ideologically-minded conscientious organizers who have an agenda, whether for good or ill.

To wit, one can not understand world events without discussing the Jewish role in it…

There would have been no Communist Revolution and subsequent murder of millions of gentiles if it weren’t for Jews (see Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kagonovich, et al).

There would be no false egalitarianism doctrine that the races are equal if it weren’t for Jews (see Karl Marx, Franz Boas, et al).

There would be no bogus and destructive “War on Terror”, if it weren’t for Jews (see Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, et al).

There would be no niggerized AmeriKwan culture of gangs, pornography, drugs, and crap music if it weren’t for Jews (see Murray Rothstein, Israel Cohen, et al.).

There would be no Africans in this country if it weren’t for Jews (see Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, et al).

There would be no “political correctness” and sexual liberation if it weren’t for Jews (see Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, et al).

There would be no feminism if it weren’t for Jews (see Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, et al).

One could go on and on listing the problems the Jews are responsible for including; the troubles in Iraq, the tyranny and oppression against the Palestinians, the Black on White crime in every formerly White nation, the anti-Christianity lawsuits (no Christmas trees, no Ten Commandments, etc.), the non-White immigration invasion, the defeat of Germany in the First and Second World Wars, the Hippie movement, and on and on… but what’s the point? We are the demoralized cattle who would rather walk casually to a Jewish slaughterhouse than upset the cattle car. This complacent attitude and lack of real, manly, Aryan resistance to such destructive ideologies is the result of the on-going goying of our people.

Needless to say, the Jews are always goying too far.


Who is more ignorant?

White Christians who believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people and drive vehicles bumpered with stickers like: Unite Against Terror? Or the, evil racists and haters like me and other VNN’ers who say that most Jews are atheists and hate Christians with a passion, pun intended?

Who has been goyed?

The demoralized and Marxist fools who say that if we just pour more education on the uneducable Negro population that they’ll become White? Or the “ignorant, brainwashed KKK” member who says that sub-Saharan Africa has never produced anything of significance and that Blacks are violent due to their low IQ’s and high testosterone levels?

Lee Gardener of Aryan Matters, a VNN media affiliate, recently said that the public schools are not failing, but are succeeding. They are teaching, nay, brainwashing and programming our children to be politically correct with Zionist and Marxist falsehoods. Such as the races are equal, and homosexuality is normal. I call it the goying of AmeriKwa. Whether the public schools or the Jewish-owned and controlled mass media does it, the result is the same: Aryan self-delusion and suicide.

Jews claim that they are the best human beings, special and deserving to rule the world. In other words, they are the “supremacists.” Their Talmud says a supreme being created them to be rulers over the rest of us dumb goyim. On the other hand, Hitler said that when you look at the achievements of the different races or species of men, you find that Whites are superior. The Aryans built White Western Christian civilization and all the marvels that come with it. The supernatural did not enter into his observations. One should ask, “Did Hitler ever say that the White man must conquer and rule the world?” No. He said that every race and nation should have its own leaders and borders and be respectful of others. If anything should be conquered, it was Jewish control over non-Jews. Whites aren’t the ones trying to persecute or dominate other races, the Jews are. That is their plan. See my essay “Planet of the Kikes” for more.

It’s no coincidence that the worst definitions of certain words – racist and supremacist – in reality apply to the Jews and not to awakened Whites. Their perverted definitions are mirrored versions of themselves, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

As Dr Pierce said, there are only two ways to hasten the downfall of the destructive kikes; the first, a catastrophe of an economic or financial sort that results in the races fighting openly in the streets. Or the second, to build our own White mass media to communicate the truth to our dumb-downed, brothers and sisters in lieu of the first. If any of us knew how we could make the economy collapse, we’d do it. But since we don’t and can’t, we’re doing all we can… by spreading the word. Building our own mass media.

The time draws near for the end of Jewish domination in the White Western world. The Jewish arm of negative influence has grown long, but like Sauron, he won’t see his destruction approaching. We must consider ourselves as Aryans first, Americans second. We must continue to speak out or support those that do. We have no choice in the matter, for if we don’t, and as my YouTube experience with goyim shows… our people are goying, goying, gone.

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  7. 20 Responses to “HADDEN: Goying, Goying, Gone”

    1. Ernest Joins the SS Says:

      “as George Rockwell said…”
      “as Dr. Pierce said…”
      Yessir, monumental role models who sundered Jewish power everywhere they went. Not.

      They either got their asses beat (down to the sub-micron level) or they had Zero effect on Jewish deployment. Why are you following them?

      Can you not think for yourself? The only successful ethno-nationalists I can think of are Gandhi and Michael Collins.

      Why, why, why, why, why, oh motherfucking WHY do you insist on marginalzing yourself/yourselves/us by using political icons that flushed THEMSELVES down the shitter decades ago. You lost that battle (and are well on your way to losing the war). Rockwell? Manson? No difference in the ALREADY PROPAGANDIZED public mind of America. Pierce? Oh, yeah – there are at least 100,000 Google sources that say Pierce was McVeigh’s “terrorist spiritual godfather” or some such horseshit. You’re sure going to attract endless throngs of responsible people who want to spend 40 years in prison for helping you make fertilizer bombs. That’s your public image: Fertilizer bombs – when you’re not machine gunning day care centers.

      I don’t know why I bother.

      HERE is the root of your unending political failure: It DOESN’T MATTER if it’s horsehit, and that “you’re right”. That’s not the model that’s in the American public mind. The perception that is in the public mind is their REALITY, which makes it the PUBLIC REALITY. So feel free to latch Commander George Lincoln Millstone around your neck as you try to swim up Niagara Falls.

      You guys need to break out of your little echo chamber and engage the world as it is.

    2. gerardmontblanc Says:

      You write well.

      Let’s start with the premise that everything you say is true.

      Now what?

      As you indicate, we spend too much time preaching to the choir.

      I think your emphasis on reaching the independent minded is fine as the leadership we seek will come from their ranks.

      However, I don’t think we should completely write off the presently gulled goy masses in their entirety.

      To peel the onion down another level, there are White people who are still asleep for one reason or another, but who have the potential to become more independent minded and therefore reachable.

      We cannot win unless we build a sizable White minority and the bulk of this minority must inevitably consist of presently “goyed” mass men.

      Many now realize something is terribly wrong.

      We need to tell them what it is in baby steps.

      We must make a more patient and protracted effort (relatively speaking of course) to communicate with them.

      We must graduate from the iconoclastic intellectual purist level to the pragmatic revolutionary level, refine the message into key talking points, jettison what’s not needed, and cast a wider net.

      I think film and media are good for this, but I also think “warts and all” prose is effective.

      The “nuts and bolts” still need to be worked out.

      I think you are right, by the way, in your belief that Jew arm has grown too long.

      It’s time we snapped it off.

    3. James Hawthorne Says:

      Great article Max Hadden. Cheers for the’ tip o the hat’ to myself and Lee.

      Our job as you rightly stated in your article is the ‘degoyization’ of the goyim, the sheeple, the lemmings. Such is the brain washing today, from ‘cradle to grave’ one wonders if we have any hope of achieving this goal.

      I am by nature an eternal optimist and by the power of this Aryan Genius Internet, our goals will be met by hook or by crook. Truth, like cream, always rises to the top. We are the ‘truthtellers’ of the modern age, the modern day heretics, if you will. We must be persistant and we must be dogged in getting the message out. Building our own Aryan Media is a major building block of our future victory….. and I too like you was a lemming, I was indeed lucky as I awoke at a very tender age, to the jewish menace, but awoke I did.

      Building White Aryan Media is vital to our victory and the racial salvation of our people.

      Again bravo great article!

    4. frodo Says:

      The time draws near for the end of Jewish domination in the White Western world. The Jewish arm of negative influence has grown long, but like Sauron, he won’t see his destruction approaching.

      Good essay, laughable conclusion.

    5. Angela Says:

      The reality of crime can not be debated. The brutal interracial crimes (black and Mexican on white) and the sink into bestiality is in front of us everyday. What are its causes? Why does the media not report it? The fact is, with the crime rates the degenerate ghettos, the economy falling like a house of cards, the depravity of education, all of it is before us everyday and it is there that the “goy” needs to confront his demons and his own values, and even his own greed. It is in material reality that we witness the failures of multiculturism, and humanism, in fact all that Jews preach, value, and stand for – and it can not be denied.

      It is not a matter of a “good argument” or “ideology,” it is a matter of truth, and truth has its virtues but as the “goy” Madonna in a more lucid moment said of fame – “it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!”

      To be a “racist” or an “anti-Semite”, to be isolated and detested, is not a happy place for a person, it can be isolating and lonely, and even criminal. Therefore, you are asking of people quite a lot if you just expect them to jump on board into some kind of movement. It takes great courage just to think outside the box, but to risk all? And with all the back stabbing and ugliness, pettiness and down right perversion, that goes on, even here, on this forum, ……..Indeed you are expecting far to much of people.

      It may be wise to remember what our white Saints, mystics and the more religious of us have taught through the ages it goes something like this:

      -Man shall not glory in his own enlightenment while he looks down upon others struggling in pain and ignorance, holding himself on a pinnacle of self righteousness or vainglory. –

      This is a very high standard, no doubt. It use to be called “Humbleness” a forgotten white spiritual virtue. Spewing vitriol at the “herd” is not effective, in fact, it is mean, it is making a mockery of your own kin.

      Proper leadership for people really does require merit. It requires virtue. It requires clean hands and a pure heart. It requires spiritual healing. That is the White way. This has been realized in all times in all walks of life for White people – From our Masters, Gurus, Saints, Trade Masters, they showed that even the most lowly of us has an innate love of purity, of beauty, of truth, and all the great explosions of creativity happen when we are led properly and then that wave ripples for ages. Even the most lowly of the white race will strive with others to an ideal when we are led with sincerity and robust moral courage and vigor, and left alone to do so. Backstabbing, ugliness, and vulgarity, is not something we can find virtue in, it goes against our very nature.

      So then what are “our” values, and how are they not being reflected, or just trampled upon? How is that every single one of our so called “democratic” institutions reflect no values? Who is running them?

      What we need are leaders, not just of great courage, but of great character, unbotched by perversion and psychosis. These will only emerge with the grace of God. In the meantime I think the best advice for white people is to encourage them to keep their kids out of school. Public education for a white child at this point is akin to child abuse. To send a child to school for him or her to be “democratized” and to teach them that their base nature is that of animal instinct and evil is a crime, in my opinion.

      However, I can not tell you the challenge I face with our decision to home school. We have basically resigned ourselves to a life on the verge of poverty, in a rented home, no cable TV, (because I can not afford it) Hell, I do not even have furniture! My way of life is pretty foreign to most. It literally becomes a sacrifice and it has to be spiritual in nature or one just could not survive it. But educating the next generation, not in Dogma or fantasy, and hostility to critical thought, but with a foundation of European wisdom, which rests in Nature, tradition, and values is the most important way to give them confidence and pride, because that tradition is the grandest, and it is their very nature, isn’t it? And it is my goal to teach in a way that aids them to think critically for themselves, which is the purpose of home school. That is my ideal notion of education. But truth be told, educating them in basic survival would be sufficient enough. Encouraging them to appreciate living off the land and feeding themselves is something most people do not even have a remote idea how to do.

      We have the great misfortune of living in a time when we, as white people, are ruthlessly prevented from manifesting our own destinies, but the truth is, if we could just be left alone to create our own communities it would naturally segregate itself. Look at the Amish. We would not need a “racial creed” we would just naturally only attract white people if we were just simply allowed to express our innate white values, which are not bathed in mediocrity, smut, materialism, vulgarity, lawlessness, Bling, sodomy and all the other ugly base and gross things that are expressed in the aliens popular culture.

      With the rise in suicides and all the drug addicts in the white community people are searching. People know there is plenty wrong. But a movement without God, without religion, without what one would call Puritanical values is destined to provide nothing for anyone.

      Voltaire said that religion is the solace of the weak. Be that as it may – the weakest of us need support. And I would not mock their religion or take it from them, even if I did believe it was an illusory product, which I do not – having had my own mystical experience, and having been comforted in my darkest hours by what could only be described as God. Religion, however misguided has been the refuge of millions. Religion is all one has left in mourning and suffering. Often it is in sorrow, and the most world weary who do arrive at truth.

      This world is full of pain and grief, not to mention madness and downright insanity. Spiritual darkness is what broods and all men everywhere are sick from it. We are all sick, deaf, dumb, blind and covered with sores. And these are the sores that are a result of the cancer that is moral corruption. These cancers of moral corruption are eating away the vitality of the white race. None of us, at this point can even escape it entirely. The only sort of movement that will find unity of millions of White people is the movement nobody wants to engage in, and that is the one of a moral crusade. Getting rid of strip clubs, demanding that pornography be BANNED, closing the casinos, and heavily regulating prescription drugs and drugs in general would be a good start. it would automatically leave behind the perverts, the sickening freaks, the morally unfit, the gamblers, the base, and the greedy, and mostly unify the best and most desirable displaced white population. It is just a natural fact. And you know what? It is better for everyone anyway. And it really is the only way to escape the clutches of all of our ills.

      A moral crusade fights the enemy by proxy. But it must be genuine and sincere to work.

      But most of us are unable to talk the talk, let alone walk the walk.

    6. Seasalt Says:

      Excellent essay. Great food for thought.

      Mind-folded, I like that concept and analogy. Such is the sleep of the goyim, zombies from the moment they wake up and zombies until the moment they doze off.

      I never thought I personally would be analogous to the hero from [i]They Live[/i], but that’s what my life, and indeed the lives of all awakened people, have become. Truly modern day heretics. Ain’t life grand? It’s joyous watching it all unfold.

      “We’ve got one that can see!”

      Good stuff Max.

    7. VLC Says:

      Hadden if you’re reading this,
      you should have made multiple YT accounts using multiple e-mail addresses. Putting all your videos in the same account makes it easier to pull the plug.

      There are alternatives to Youtube, not as popular of course but places where you could nonetheless get tens of thousands of views or more (list below). for example Byron’s movie The Line in the Sand is available on Google Video.

      Do you have a list of the videos that you uploaded and could we download some of them either from a HTTP website or directly from you via file sharing programs like DC++ ? We could set up accounts and share the videos.

      I’ve seen those Victor Ostrovsky clips and now the only one about him on YT seems to have been uploaded by him (username: victorostrovsky) and they’re about his paintings


      BTW part two of Bezmenov’s interview is here:


      other video sharing websites:





    8. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Ernest joins the SS:

      God, you’re a fucking retard. Mentioning successful men like Rockwell, Pierce and Hitler make you afraid, huh, whine, whine, whimper, whimper. Go play with your dollies, puss. I’ve read a lot of Mr Hadden’s old stuf, and he mentioned Michael Collins. And “echo chamber”? I swear I read a kike saying this not too long ago about ALL white nationalists. And REALITY? ROTFL Give me a fuckin’ break. Here’s the reality, shit for brains, all you’ve ever succeeded at doing is sucking your mom’s tit.

      Would someone please ban this crypto-jew? He adds nothing to the fucking conversation, not to mention the planet Earth.


      Good on you, sweetie, for homeschooling. Also, Mr Hadden is right … having a message, whether it’s a moral crusade against pornography or whatever, doesn’t mean jack if you can’t reach your people. We can’t even reach the majority of our people yet, so there’s no need to fret about our message. Besides, history has shown, people follow leaders, not moral causes. The Communist kikes had charismatic leaders. Martin Luther was a charismatic leader, even though many had said the same things he did years before. Subhas Chandra Bose was charismatic. Etc. Even Manson and Jim Jones were charismatic leaders who attracted followers, even though there message was bizarre (although Manson had some good points, lol). So don’t fret about the message when we can’t even reach our own people at this point.

    9. Angela Says:

      Ah, but standing FOR something is Crucial. Standing for nothing, well that is a the mark of an opportunist and a liberal. Anyone that is not willing to at least aspire to a moral good – they are a political non-entity. They do not understand human nature.

    10. Angela Says:

      No, Not standing for “something” but for the “people.” And understanding their needs, flaws and nature…..

    11. Agis Says:

      I agree with your conclusions about there being three classes of people. I think the only 20% or less of the population is capable of independent thought. The rest, for all intents and purposes, are automations. This 20% of our race is a formidable power and unstoppable when organized. Our goal is to reach as many as we can so as to reach them. Your efforts are commendable. As for a YT alternative, I recommend http://www.podblanc.com

    12. cygnet Says:

      “If any of us knew how we could make the economy collapse, we’d do it.”


    13. Elite Strudeldunker Says:

      “Feral White Male” screeches, “Ban this crypto-Jew!!!!!”

      I’ve been around this game awhile. There are numerous ways to recognize a REAL Jew web operative – the first and foremost being whoever it is that’s calling for CENSORSHIP. Welcome to my killfile “Feral Jewish Male”.

    14. "Ernest Joins the SS," the artist formally known as "anti" Says:

      “Ernest Joins the SS” is the same poster who also goes by the nickname of “anti.” That is about as disguised as an elephant with diarrhea in the middle of the Lincoln bedroom.

      This particular “Fucktard” is actually a group of losers, posting under a common name, and they originate mostly, if not completely, from a forum called the “Phora.”

      It is a real love/hate, Smeagle/Gollum thing with them, my precious, and while all they can do is criticise, criticize, criticize, and Jew, Jew, Jew, they offer no solutions. They just can’t stay away from VNN. They cling to it like some sort of life line. Pathetic, itz.

    15. Bill Says:

      “I’ve seen those Victor Ostrovsky clips and now the only one about him on YT seems to have been uploaded by him (username: victorostrovsky) and they’re about his paintings.”

      If anyone finds the videos of Ostrovsky speaking to a group, please post the information all around. One excellent one was about Bnai Brith calling a US Congressman a macaca which meant to them a “cockroach.” Even the MSM thought macaca was a racial slur, but Ostrovsky sets the record straight that macaca is a term of abuse and reduction to insect status, much like WASP does.

    16. Robert Says:


      Although I agree with most of what you said, I don’t think the comments section of the VNN blog is really the appropriate place for your mini-essays.

      May I suggest you go to PC Apostate’s website (pcapostate.blogspot.com) and ask him to post your stuff there? I’m sure he’ll be happy to accommodate you since he welcomes guest submissions.

    17. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      Those attacking Ernest’s strident yet nonetheless loyal dissent are of two camps:
      1) Calling for Censorship
      2) Engaging ad hominem attacks

      Both are very Jewish tactics. U r busted.

      (There being a different between a polemic and ad hominem, but these are Judeo-smear tactiticans unconcerned with the distinction.)

      Heaven forbid someone step forward and posit a deviation from 50 years of failed strategy. BTW, how were Hitler and Rockwell successful? Close counts in horseshoes & handgrenades – “successful” and “almost successful” are not proximal conditions – they are opposites.

    18. Nickle Beer Says:

      Thanks, Max, for the great YT video. I may be part of the Choir, but I learned a lot as well. I downloaded much of your stuff as you put it up, though I may have missed a few later ones.

      And a very good essay to top it off. From my point of view, dead center.

    19. "Ernest Joins the SS," the artist formally known as "anti" Says:

      # Nordic Jewsmasher Says:
      9 August, 2007 at 11:20 pm

      Those attacking Ernest’s strident yet nonetheless loyal dissent are of two camps:
      1) Calling for Censorship
      2) Engaging ad hominem attacks

      Both are very Jewish tactics. U r busted.

      (There being a different between a polemic and ad hominem, but these are Judeo-smear tactiticans unconcerned with the distinction.)

      Blah, blah, “ad hominem” and polemic,” blah blah. You forgot to through in “straw man” and “screed” in your little “diatribe,” “Nordic Jewsmasher.”

      It’s just another “Judeo-smearing” “wit” who has nothing to say. As if it had a clue to what it’s talking about. The problem is, what I said was true, and here it is, defending it/them, right on cue. It looks like “U r busted,” phora fags.

      Pathetic, itz.

    20. mexican whit eyes open Says:

      hello hadden 88 i mexican and i have an account on you tube i was looking for my favorites videos and couldn’t find my top most favorite was named “the weimar republic” it has gone that video was my treasure but i cannot download it to my pc, only yesterday i found a way to save my videos like one on joseph goebbels speak in the sport palace in berlin 1933What happen? well you were banned and the video was gone now after look for you i find this page and i ask to you i beg to you understand you and your vanguard friends. I am mexican yes i am, i not a aryan not white y just the most common indio mexicano, well then why i say from de deepest place of my heart SIEG HEIL to the heros, to the mans who
      fight so proud and so hard defending their country of a criminal invasion? why this mexican can speak about the Führer that way?
      well it is for a simple reason not all mexicans are idiots drug traficants and invaders, only a few number know the truth! and i know it because i lived it an alien nation is the owner of my land, we mexicans has been invaded yes and my people are been destroyed by poisonig water, milk, corn, beans! an elite people much diferent than my people is the owner of the money our money
      i was shocked i couldn’t believe it, it was imposible for me to acept this true! they were victims of an holocaust i said my country opened the gates for them to enter, and now they are in the senators chambers in the ministry of foreing relations, they have most of the newspapers they are owners of telmex, they are behind the ppupet bastard president they themselves put by a electoral fraud!
      This is my message for the americna nation, becuse i believe in you i know you exist i know that you can be the greatest race of the world but you are not! because you are divided spread full of fear to them! this is for the white america, if you are to survive you must fight, but, you will be alone until you realize that we are not sub humans it is posibly that your race is supirior but you alone will be defeated we must join in one common front because we have the same common enemy! i believe no i know that betheread i mean mixing the races just degenerate in very low inteligente people i see it daily i live in mexico!! i study the behaivor of my fellows they are mongrels drunkers drogadicts criminals but not every body they are some few not goyiing that way there reside my hope of live in a beautiful country whit clean streets and happy well feeded childrens well feeded mexican childrens! i beenn invaded and i feel alone! in this fight my lonely fight i told the truth to my felows but they said that there is no invasion that there is no lies that there is only chelas (beer) and futbol. you said tha mexicans are inveded your country but that is just becuse the workers are not well paided and they gone because they want to live in your beautiful cities and towns they do not know that if they live here and fought here it will be no need to go so far to live a descente life.

      this is my message to the true american nation the ones who fight for the land where they live but for how long?

      by the way hadden if you could make me know how to get that video “the weimar republic” i will thank you forever
      Sieg Heil for our Hero
      Sieg Heil for America
      Sieg Heil for whats left of My nation Mexico