16 August, 2007

“How the Government Has Declared War on White English People”

Posted by Socrates in England, Jew World Order, multiculturalism, New World Order, Socrates at 2:09 pm | Permanent Link

Some American nationalists will claim that the English, being “historic race sell-outs,” sort of deserve their current circumstances. But do they really, since it wasn’t the “average Briton” who sold out England to the Jews and the egalitarians? Wasn’t it instead the greedy upper class who sold out Britain? Or are the English, as the Orwell quote seems to suggest, more race-blind than other Whites?:


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  7. 11 Responses to ““How the Government Has Declared War on White English People””

    1. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Of course they’re more race-blind than other “whites.” they’ve been selectively bred by the kikes for 350+ yrs now to be so. That allows about 18 de-generations to select the sort of docile, judeophiliac, niggerfucking mutts now called “english.”

      Even the RARE white-anglo-suck-pecker which retains some vague awareness that jew rule isn’t quite cricket merely convulses pathetically when confronted by the Iron Necessity of Revolution, or, auf Deutsch, Umwälzung. The best Euro-Aryan stock for leading the Revolution now will be found among the Gael and Slavs, as these two sub-breeds have allowed the least jew-dysgenic breeding among themselves, and have a lower percentile of collaborators from their respective pools here in “The Great Chamber Pot.”

      Once again, drop the bullshit “white” paradigm for the pallid, shriveled, slimy-tepid scumbag concept the jew-masons meant it to be. Even jews are “white” and “whiteness” serves them, not us! Become ARYAN! Likewise, drop “americanism” in favor of Aryanism. America never had a solitary redeeming feature, save for jews and their masonic Jenkem- huffing stooges. The place always worked as a genetic death-trap to the healthier strains of Aryan stock, lured or coerced into the jew-masonic quagmire empire by various bait and switch tactics or just the threat of death for not going.

      Human, Aryan, NOT jew-american!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    2. Schutzstaffel Sam Says:

      Anyone who is not of Absolutely Pure German Blood must die before we start the Revolution!

    3. HatsOff Says:

      No one is going to miss those tepid, anit White, tea sipping fucks. In time, probably a relatively short time, the muds will be literally be chopping them up and putting them in the stew pot for extra protien – and the Limey’s will love it !!

    4. Hank346 Says:

      You have to laugh, the commenters above are such obvious jews, one has to suspect, with all these comments allowed that Linder has been turned.

    5. Hank346 Says:

      Unfortunately my comment about Linder was made rashly in anger, he usually agrees with the above as well as allowing it, but nothing is perfect.

      I’m an Englishman, this site should be one of the very few Aryan refuges in an antagonistic world, the comments above are pointless and shouldn’t get past moderation, what is moderation for otherwise?

    6. Bumblefish Says:

      **I’m an Englishman, this site should be one of the very few Aryan refuges in an antagonistic world, the comments above are pointless and shouldn’t get past moderation, what is moderation for otherwise?**

      It’s called the First Amendment, and just because you pussy wankers gave up just about all your freedom to Big Jew, doesn’t mean we have completely yet.

    7. Barnes Wallace Says:

      England is no more. That territory is now West Wogistan. This is what happens when you give up your guns, see here:

      English parents buying armored school uniforms:

    8. brutus Says:

      If that first post is allowed to stand – I might as well throw in my two cents.

      Boy O boy, when are these filthy mother fucking cocksuckers going to start bashing jews? Or are they afraid they won’t be allowed to suck anymore nigger dick if they dared say anything against the jew?

      “No jews just right” ………..Doesn’t mean no bashing jews you little filthy cocksucker.

      The name Morris is so fucking jewish that it sounds as if it had a yarmulke shoved up it’s ass. Did you know that, Mr. Cocksucker Morris? I bet you didn’t. That’s because you were too busy sucking cock all of your miserable little life that you had no time to learn anything except how to better suck more filthy nigger cock.

      Does the jew give you a reward every time you mention masons as the trouble-makers instead of jews? Maybe the jew gives you an extra nigger dick to suck every time you trot-out that red herring? Huh? How about it? Nothing to say? I guess that’s because your mouth is so full of nigger cock that can’t utter a sound! Maybe you should learn to talk out of your ass? No, I guess that won’t work either with all the jew dick shoved up there. You’re worse than a crack whore who’s splattered from head to toe with nigger come and you have the audacity to be critical of the Brits?!? And I’m insulting the crack whore with that comparison. I’ll write a letter and tell your mother that I’m sorry about that.

      That reminds me of a joke.

      Did you hear the one about the filthy little jew cocksucker?

      brutus kicked him in the mouth and his teeth were knocked out!

      Isn’t that a side-splitter!?!

      By the way, your mother’s ass wasn’t as tight as you said it’d be.

    9. Righter Says:

      Hey BlowFish,

      For the record, the private moderation of website comments HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FIRST AMENDMENT!

      Please, everyone, stop cluelessly and erroneously invoking this amendment.

      Thank you.
      -The Mgmnt

    10. Mr. Man Says:

      Americans in particular, Whites in general, love to hate the English because they (the English) are the best. Even Linder embarrassingly tries to pretend to be German. English are the most hated nationality because they shape the helpless rest.

      but come on Englishman don’t call for moderation. Let them venerate you with their hatred. The idea of Americans criticizing another nationality seriously is quite droll. They are just obsessed with England because they want to be English but can’t.

    11. Limey Says:

      Yep. Anyone trying to drive a wedge between white European groups – commonly English/Irish/German – can be safely assumed to be enemy trolls. You see it regularly on forums.
      Brutus’s response to Morris’s so obvious trolling is a classic – and gets funnier with every re-read.