18 August, 2007

Judaism Isn’t a Religion

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Seen: a mention of Judaism as being one of the world’s “great” religions. Baloney. Any religion that requires someone to turn on the lights for you isn’t one [1]. If a Jew stops practicing Judaism, he’s still a Jew. While it’s true that Judaism cleverly allows the rare convert, conversion is difficult, it’s often discouraged by rabbis, and old-school Jews don’t recognize converts as genuine Jews, despite their public claims to the contrary [2][3]. Judaism is a part of Jewish racism. It isn’t a real religion. It’s an obsessive, vulgar creed of bigotry.

[1] about “shabbos goys”: [Here]

[2] allowing a few gentiles to convert to Judaism “solidifies” the Jewish community, since less-committed, less-fanatical Jews will marry the converts and the couples will usually drift away from the more-committed Jews. This removes the “losers” from the Jewish community. Of course, that same feature is also true of regular Jewish/gentile intermarriage, the rates of which are grossly exaggerated by Jewish leaders. Allowing a few conversions also allows the Jews to claim, with straight faces, that they’re “a religion” and not a race/ethnic group

[3] More about Judaism: [Here]

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    1. religion plowed under Says:

      call up : St.John the Baptist, Patron Saint…. middle ages embellishment of made up Saints to serve as shock and awe for the monopolies clientele.. St. Luke was used for doctors, leechers and bleeders…..It’s all freemasonic 1600’s bullshit !! The article above will expand your knowledge and open your gag reflex..