10 August, 2007

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler: Who Was the Most Evil?

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This is an interesting subject that could be discussed for hours, if not days. Stalin was the personification of evil, and so was Lenin. Yet uncle Adolf was crowned ‘official bad guy of the 20th century.’ He had to be, of course, or else Nazism might have spread around the globe. Couldn’t have that, huh? Only one type of ethnic supremacy may exist: the Jewish kind. (Some observations about this subject: 1) America sided with one of the cruelest men in history – Stalin – yet right-wing flag-wavers never mention that fact; 2) in a basic way, the Jews created Hitler, i.e., he was reacting to non-White extremism – communistic and also financial. If Hitler was only reacting, then he can’t really be held accountable for his actions in Europe; 3) as evil as Stalin was, he – without knowing it – may have actually helped the West, since his type of communism was less aggressive and less ideologically rigid than genuine Jewish communism. That isn’t to defend Stalinism or to say that it wasn’t aggressive – it was. It simply wasn’t as malignant as the kike type. Indeed, what would have happened if a Jew such as Trotsky or Kamenev had ruled the Soviet Union? Endless global revolution, to be sure) [1][2]:


[1] it could be argued that, with the installation of Stalinism, the Jewish-built Soviet Union ceased to be “good for Jews” since Stalinism didn’t follow the “sack the whole world now” road map fashioned by the Jewish communists. The Soviet state is also a rare example of a Jewish creation being hijacked by a gentile

[2] about Stalinism: [Here]

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    1. georgia schnozes Says:

      Julius and Armand Hammer had a big Hammer in this country, eh? Plenty of connections in goddamn England, also….Remember Al Gore’s daddy ?? and hundreds of others ??

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Hitler destroyed how many Christian churches and purged how many clergy? If he purged clergy, they aided and abetted the enemy, so fuck them.

      OK, now how many churches were destroyed and their clergy exterminated under Stalin because he declared himself God of all Russia? Something like over 40,000. Rumour has it that activity continued until the late 1980’s. I don’t remember that stuff getting news coverage anywhere. Of course not, kikenstein’s were too busy whining about Holohoax and bankrupting western countries with making war, mass-media Jewish bullshit brainwashing, non-white immigration law-passing, and mass swindling.

      Our Fuehrer was clean in comparison and did what was necessary – he sits at the right hand.

    3. georgia schnozes Says:

      “the ugly truth about the anti-defamation league” —-may open some eyes. call it up ..

    4. georgia schnozes Says:

      try this wake up call : soros, rothschilds, and the evil incarnate (marc rich’s connection )…

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      The blogger has a grip on Russian politics.

      Stalin’s relatives claim that the jews were responsible for the excesses & failures of communism. It is also worth remembering, that Stalin had considerable influence with all of the ethnic & racial minorities in the USSR. Stalin himself belonging to a Eurasian semi-white ethnic group.

      Btw, Aramand Hammer split Russia after the fall of his jewboy buddy Trotsky.

    6. free thinker Says:

      The Muscovy Company Charter was issued when and by whom….connect the dots !

    7. bilgeson Says:

      “mar” co polo made his treck to china….Many Jesuits spent years and years both in China and Russia…Rome has a long arm !! The old so called christianity is a hodgepodge of zen, buddism, christianity, hinduism and voodoo all stirred into a cauldron of new age swindles !! But, the money keeps on comin ! The roman catholic church owns $350B worth of german land…No one goes to church… the german gov’ment pays that peter’s pence every year …Roman Catholicism is totally alien to the german thought ! German science hates the negative influence on their achievements ..The V-1 rocket was not a roman catholic ideal of universalism…

    8. nobody Says:

      it’s pretty clear that Stalin was Jewish – looks, original last name (“Dzughashvili”), friendship with an older Jewish gentleman during his childhood (Wikipedia says so!) – but this will of course never be admitted. (Frank Weltner’s site has an early picture of him next to an earlier picture of Dustin Hoffman!)

    9. nobody Says:

      I mean, “early” picture of Dustin Hoffman, and the Georgian version of his name was actually “Iugashvili” or “Jugashvili” (“j” pronounced like a “y”) – “…shvili” = “son of a …”

    10. Feinsinnig Says:

      Bilgeson, your notion that “Roman Catholicism is totally alien to German thought” is worthy of the most low-minded, Jew-loving forms of Protestantism. Medieval Catholicism, as the race-conscious religious historian James C. Russell demonstrates, was largely a Germanic folk religion. Hitler, who was raised a Catholic, retained numerous Catholic attributes, even after rejecting the Church. And the anti-Catholic Fascist, Julius Evola, was wont to point out that Martin Luther was one of the great philosemites of anti-Semetism — that is, his revolt against Catholicism was infused with Jewish sentiment and form.

      Race, by dear boy, not faith, is what matters.

      Nevertheless, nice job alienating the Catholics in our ranks.

    11. Bo Says:

      here is what I found so far: Stalin:
      “In the Georgian language “shvili” means son of, or son, as in Johnson. “Djuga” means Jew. Therefore Djugashvili means Jewison.
      So Joe Stalin’s real name, before he changed it, was Joe Jewison. It gets better, his name was Joseph David Djugashvili, a typical Jewish name. During his revolutionary days he changed his name to “Kochba”, the leader of the Jews during one of the anti-Roman uprisings of the Jews. Russians don’t change their names. Georgians don’t change their names. Jews change their names.

      Stalin had three wives, all of them Jewesses.

      The first was Ekaterina Svanidze who bore him one son, Jacob. His second wife was Kadya Allevijah. She bore him a son Vassili, and a daughter Svetlana. His second wife died in mysterious circumstances, either by committing suicide, or murdered by Stalin. His third wife was Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of Lazar Kaganovich, who was the head of Soviet industry.
      Stalin’s daughter (who in 1967 fled to the USA) then married Lazar’s son Mihail i.e. her step-mother’s nephew. Svetlana Stalin had a total of four husbands, three of them Jewish.
      Stalin’s vice-president Molotov was also married to a Jewess, whose brother, Sam Karp, runs an export business in Connecticut. Just to complicate things even more, the Molotov’s (half-Jewish) daughter also called Svetlana was engaged to be married to Stalin’s son Vassili.”

      Vladimir Lenin
      As Reported in the Jewish Chronicle of London
      Lenin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew. Lenin’s Jewish ancestry is discussed in detail in Oxford University historian Robert Service’s biography Lenin (Harvard University Press, 2000). See also: “Lenin: Jewish roots of a revolutionary,” by Zev Ben-Shlomo, Jewish Chronicle, London, April 21, 1995 (http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/98/11/JConLenin210495.html):

      [Lenin] was the great-grandson of Moishe Itskovich Blank and the grandson of Srul Moishevich Blank. At his baptism, Blank changed his name and patro-nymic to Aleksandr Dmitrievich…

      Lenin’s Jewish origin on his maternal grandfather’s side became, after his death, a matter of controversy between Lenin’s sisters and Stalin. In a letter to Stalin, Anna, Lenin’s elder sister, wrote: “It is probably no secret for you that the research on our grandfather shows that he came from a poor Jewish family, that he was, as his baptismal certificate says, the son of a ‘Zhitomir burgher, Moishe Blank’ and this fact could serve in combating anti-Semitism.”

      Furthermore, she claimed, that Lenin’s Jewish origins were “further confirmation of the exceptional abilities of the Semitic tribe… Lenin always valued the Jews highly.” Stalin replied: “Not one word about it.”

    12. Nordlander Says:

      “In the Georgian language “shvili” means son of, or son, as in Johnson. “Djuga” means Jew. Therefore Djugashvili means Jewison.

      No, it doesn’t. That’s an old lie that has no basis in reality. Talk to some real Georgians.

      This is not to defend Stalin. But to defend the truth. Seeing the same misconceptions pop up wherever there is someone who hasn’t done his homework is tiresome.

      Now, as for Stalin and the Jews: he purged many hundreds of Jews from top positions. Yet at the same time he had Beria, a Jew, as head of his secret police for a long time, until eventually kicking him out. The head of his cabinet was a Jew, and his daughter married that Jew’s son. Stalin also married a Jewess. Many, many Jews were kept in lower positions in the party, throughout the Soviet Union. He doesn’t seem to have been against Jews as such, but against any power structure in the party that could become a threat.

      Yet, Stalin also built prison camps that were supposedly intended to harbor many more Jews, but World War II got in the way and practical concerns had to be considered. After that he had a Jewish doctor, whose daughter was Stalin’s nurse. The Jew doctor bragged about killing Stalin and “saving the Jews” by having his daughter replace Stalin’s heart medicine with placebo pills. True? Who knows?

      It is clear however that there was a reaction against Jewish power within the party, starting at the universities that produced new party leaders. But, again, Jews remained in many positions of power, although not in such total control as before. This is noted in books about the Russian mob, which was run by Jews – they always had contacts within local authorities that gave them the upper hand against other, Russian gangster bosses. Such as knowing when a raid was coming, for instance. This is a sign of how Jews remained in the Soviet Union for a long time. Conclusion: if you want to throw out the Jews from government, you need a Hitler to get the job done.