4 August, 2007

Live Coverage: Kalamazoo rally

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Media coverage of the rally: [Here]

More media coverage: [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 18 Responses to “Live Coverage: Kalamazoo rally”

    1. Walter Mitty Says:

      The cell phone again is too close to the pa speakers…have him move back away from the speakers and toward the center.

    2. Jim in PA Says:

      The feed is over modulated. Please back away a little from the speakers.

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Was Joe Wagner protesting with the antis? Oh that’s right, he can’t, because he’s dead. The Joe Wagner tale is one that most of you haven’t heard about because it’s vanished down the memory hole. Wagner was a Michigan anti-racist do-gooder who went to a church carnival in Detroit and wound up getting ventilated, and I’m as sure as I can be without an arrest and conviction that it was non-Whites who performed this public service. I’ve never seen any threads about this on any WN sites, though there was mention of it in the comments section of an Amren thread, and I’ve never read of any arrests. We need to resurrect this story, if for no other reason than to rub it in the anti’s faces. Here:

      “Rights worker slain at carnival:
      “Man, 21, sought to make Detroit safe”

      June 28, 2005

      On the Web at:


      Joe Wagner moved to Detroit to witness firsthand the frustration, oppression and dangers facing city residents.

      Six months later, he is dead, stabbed in the back while attending a church carnival on Detroit’s southwest side on Saturday night, police say.

      Friends and family said Wagner’s death was more than a personal loss: Wagner, 21, had dedicated his life to fighting intolerance and racism. As a young, white man involved in an activist group made up mostly of minorities, he was an anomaly.


      Wagner ended up at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church carnival by chance. He, along with fellow members of BAMN, met with church officials Saturday to ask if they could host a forum there opposing efforts to place an anti-affirmative action measure before Michigan voters next year.

      “They said, just as a social event, you should all come down if you can,” Driver said. “So Joe and a couple of people went.”

      Wagner, who’d moved from Ann Arbor in January, danced to the live music late into the night, Driver said. He eventually broke away from his friends to get a soda.

      His friends beckoned him to rejoin them on the dance floor, but Wagner wanted to finish his drink. When his friends looked back, Wagner was staggering, and several men were running away.

      Wagner’s dad, John Wagner of Ann Arbor, got a call within a few minutes from one of Joe’s friends. His son initially thought he’d been pushed or punched, the caller told him; Joe’s friends soon realized he’d been stabbed.

      “He was conscious, he was able to give our phone number” to his friend, John Wagner said. “We didn’t realize it was that bad.”

      But the damage was severe: Wagner had been stabbed in the back. His aorta was nicked. He underwent surgery at Henry Ford Hospital. Six hours later, in the intensive care unit, he started bleeding again.

      Driver said Wagner went back into surgery before being returned to ICU. He died about 11 a.m. Sunday.

      “He didn’t know the people at the festival,” said Driver. “There was no exchange, no fight. There was security there. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, leading up to this.”

      After the stabbing, rumors circulated that Wagner had danced with the wrong girl and had been attacked by a jealous boyfriend, but Detroit Police Department spokesman James Tate couldn’t confirm that Monday.

      Police say there are no suspects in the slaying, but they are questioning several witnesses…


      From Amren:

      Want to see the ultimate irony? Click on the picture on the right, which says ‘Joe Wagner’. Read his story. I mean, while I personally would like to slap/beat the hell out of certain people at certain times for being incredibly stupid idiots; I don’t wish death upon pretty much anyone (not counting the war of course), unless someone tries to harm my family, friends or myself — then…

      I read every story on this kid. Now this Mr. Tim Wise, Jr., self-proclaimed, ‘anti-racist’ (you know the rest of the adjectives already) just had to go through life, naively thinking he was going to save all the po’ little black boys and girls from getting lynched and raped in Detroit by those evil white Klansmen [because as we all know, the 1,000,000 black people are constantly getting lynched and raped 24 hours a day, by the 9 1/2 white people still (unfortunately for them) left in Detroit].

      Soooooo, Mr. M&M decides to go to a black social and lo and behold, gets stabbed in the back and dies, while drinking a soda. Now OF COURSE, the perps’ RACE is NEVER mentioned in ANY of the stories (gosh, I just can’t figure out why not). But hey, this is DETROIT we’re talking about.

      So instead of simply getting mugged or beaten up by the bros, who he’s trying sooooo hard to help — and then possibly learning his lesson; he gets himself stabbed and killed and now he will never have a second chance.

      Posted by Mike B. at 7:46 AM on August 13

      Mike B. –

      Thanks for posting the info on ‘Joe Wagner’. I live in a suburb of Detroit and never heard about this “incident”. A true example of a fatal liberal school system brainwashing.

      Interesting how this story got so little coverage. A real embarrassment to the liberal news media.

      They glorified him, while refusing to give any description of the killers (whom it seems have never been caught), except for stating that it was “several men” running away. To describe the perps as “several BLACK men” would, have caused many readers to question the victim’s choices in social activism. So like the victim, they “danced” around that issue by ignoring it.

      Just as they “some how’ neglected to notice the irony in the story for the same reason. Like that white girl who went to South Africa to help blacks, only to be beaten to death with bricks, by some of the same blacks she was there to help. Nothing like pretending to ignore obvious facts if it helps recruit more bleeding heart white “victims”, err, I mean “volunteers” for their liberal social causes.

      And then they said that he may have been stabbed in the back because he danced with “the wrong girl” who’s boyfriend may have become “jealous”, (though no words were exchanged). Again, the media attempts to sugarcoat what may have very well been an example of black racist hatred. IF he was stabbed for dancing with “a girl”, he was probably stabbed for being a “white boy” dancing with a “black sista”. Or, he was just stabbed for being a “white boy”. In either case, he apparently devoted his short life to fighting the wrong kind of racism. It isn’t white racism that’s killing people, it’s black racism and black hate that has the body count rising. He was too brainwashed to realize this, and it cost him his life. Very few, if any, of his fellow brainwashed white bleeding heart anti-(white) racism compatriots will learn from his example.

      This reminds me of a stabbing that occurred when I was in high school in Detroit many years ago. We were changing classes on the second floor. I was at a locker talking to a friend, when we heard a commotion and turned around to see a white male student staggering down the hall with his mouth wide open like a silent scream, trying to reach for something at his back. Many of the black students, both male and female, quickly moved away from their lockers in a state excitement (some smiling, like something wonderful just happened) and rushed around the white guy, forming a kind of a human cocoon that moved down the hall. This group started to walk slower, and lower, as the white guy started losing consciousness, and finally collapsing on the floor. We knew this is what happened because the blacks surrounding him slowed down, walking lower in an almost mocking way, stopped, and then jumped up with a loud cheer when he fell, like someone had just scored a touchdown. The teachers were a frenzy to get us all out of the hall way and into our classrooms. After the ambulance and police, we found out that the white kid had accidentally brushed his shoulder against a black guy as he walked to class. For this, the black student stabbed him in the back. I heard the stabbing was serious, requiring hospitalization, but was not fatal.

      Posted by Risorgimento II at 7:02 PM on August 15


    4. johnny Says:

      HAl emailed me personally stating there would be no live coverage. Is there an archive copy available now?

    5. Kalamazoo TV Says:

      Looks like Fuhrer Bill & the Hollywood Nutzis got 98% of the TV coverage.

    6. nobody Says:

      Joe Wagner was on my mom’s doorstep (going door to door getting signatures or collecting donations or something) about two weeks before his murder. He went to my high school. Weird.

    7. Pissed Off V.N.N.er Says:

      I hate Elisha H. Strom and I want her ass GONE from the forum right about now.

    8. The Ghosts of VNNF Says:

      These scripted, controlled “protests” where a handful of nervous WN stand behind a riot police-manned barricade and trade insults with communist, Jews and nigger-lovers are a complete and utter waste of time.

      What did it accomplish? What goal was reached?

      Other than making the few who attended feel they are “doing something”, that is.

      Bill White and the Star Trek racist brigade (all two of ’em) are a fucking joke.

      The fact that they are allowed to even post on VNNF shows that as a White resistance, we are about as serious as Borat.

      Everyone that made VNNF what it was is gone now or almost out the door anyway.

    9. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      My congressman just co-sponsored a bill to spend $100,000,000.00 going after elderly segregationists for trying to keep feral apes from savaging their communities, http://www.kirksvilletoday.com/?p=108 and who knows how much it’s spent going after ancient WWII work camp guards, yet the feds can’t seem to find time to look into the almost certainly race-related Joe Wagner murder. The national government (ZOG) is anti-White to its core. It is unfathomable to me how any White person could think of voting for any of these sons-of-bitches, with the possible exception of Ron Paul. Withdrawing our votes will energize people who haven’t bothered to get involved before because they’ve seen how futile it is to run for office while this GD ubiguitous lesser-of-two-evils crap prevails.

    10. Colonel Buckshot Says:

      “# Kalamazoo TV Says:
      4 August, 2007 at 6:56 pm

      Looks like Fuhrer Bill & the Hollywood Nutzis got 98% of the TV coverage.”

      Thats the reason they were there, to detract from the rally and the real issues and make the whole thing look like a nutzi fuhrer fest by drawing attention away from the speakers and destroy their credibility before the brainwashed masses through the jews media.

      Bill Weiss is a crypto juden fag traitor. Did you ever hear him say anything good about ANY White Nationalist?. If you did I sure as hell missed it. The guy is a nutcase and a fraud. How did he ever get within a mile of the rally anyway. All they do is make honest decent folk a laughing stock.

    11. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      All this hate for “Nutzis” make this place sound like goddamn SF. Did VNNF inherit the anti-NS retards from SF?

      Bill White has got problems because he’s unfit as a leader. He has several character flaws including a love for gossip and a hardheaded belief in his own infallibility. But he’s not “destroying the credibility” of other WN’s. ROTFL. What fucking credibility? LOL You have zero credibility as a “racist” or “anti-Semite” whether you’re wearing a swastika or not, morons.

      News flash: VNNF is only a great thing in your so-called minds. Like all public message boards where every dumbass who has a computer and internet connection can post, its democratic leveling reduces it to a pack of squabbling kindergartners. A few smart WN/NS posters will always drown in a sea of falsehoods, misconceptions, unimportant banter, flame wars and plain stupidity on such forums as so many losers swamp the lifeboat. The only potential it has is/was to turn it into activism where you armchair “intellectuals” actually turn your disgruntled lives into getting attention drawn to the plight of our people via emotional rhetoric. Movement requires member motion.

      What made VNN great was the old format — not this copycat blog style — with a shitload of great writers, especially Alex and his spintros. VNNF is one big yawn and looks like every other forum, including those that are not NS/WN. These delusions of grandeur by forum fools mutually praising one another is a joke. It’s too bad that instead of awakening the true Hitlers and Lindberghs among our people, the only ones who are awake are Beavis and Butthead.

    12. Ghost of VNN Says:

      “Everyone that made VNNF what it was is gone now or almost out the door anyway.”

      Actually, VNN’s decline began when VNNF was created. But what the fuck do I know?

    13. Mark Says:

      I enjoy hearing speakers that are not just up there ranting, it just turns people off and they sound nuts. Hal, Alex, and Paul did a great job and addressed real issues instead of just the usual diatribe.

    14. oy veyista Says:

      And VNN, by allowing coverage of these pitiable events, validates the Nazi cabaret. Go VNN — right down the WC.

    15. ZOGBuster Says:

      Buckshot, you nailed it square on the head. That is exactly what happened. We’ll see more of the damage as the press coverage continues to flow out. And wtf is Glenn Miller saying Bill White did an excellent job?!?!

    16. Neal Joitke Says:

      I was with Bill White Outside the gate in ANSWP uniform. I went to
      Turners Rally on Kingston. I was the one that got my picture taking
      walking back with Hal after the rally carring the PA with Hal.

      Saturday the day of the Rally there was a serioius change of plans
      I walked into Bills Hotel roam. And that is when I found out about a conflict with Hal and Bill. He announce that he was going to call Hal
      a fraud. I did not want that. I mentioned the Kingston rally to him.
      I made no statement against Hal or anyone in who put the rally on.

      Special thanks to Dan Hill and Dan Carson for leading the NSM when
      we were surrounded by a angry mob.

      The Idea from the start was dont play with the goverments role book make your own plans and do it.

    17. New America Says:

      Two quick thoughts:

      One, kudos to those who tried to record it, and were hampered by the technical limits of their tools, and, it would seem, Mr. Turner, who announced there would be no live feed.

      Two, why on Earth couldn’t we do what professionals do, and records directly off the PA output?

      Oh, that’s right.

      The people who know how to do things like this, and do them right, are told there is no room at the Inn.

      The people who do know how – Bill White and Harold Covington – have proven their skills in this area, and in the larger area that must be dealt with, the Analytical Framework that supports the eventually development of a political party, and even, if we follow Covington’s template, our own Country to complement our own Nation.

      Our speeches can bitch and moan about the demonic Jews, and their attack animals, the crackhead niggers, all we want. If we don’t help our RACE by giving them something to organize FOR, and to fight FOR, we are doomed to playing the hand our RACIAL Enemy has dealt us.

      Ironically, this is an area where Pierce, and Kevin Alfred Strom, excelled, and we would do well to steal ruthlessly from their best speeches and commentaries.

      We must remember – Covington wrote a handbook on how to organize and succeed in political campaigns, and the one person that followed ti ruthlessly, actually scored points, even while wearing a swastika armband, in Texas, and was only stopped by debilitating physical illness.

      Bill White realizes this; every move of the ANSWP moves relentlessly towards a White political organization, and White political victories, in the context of our RACE, and OUR Nation.

      Perhaps the organizers of future rallies can arrange to move their voices in the same direction, while AT LEAST allowing professional testing of the sound system, and direct recording of the speeches from the PA system.

      Did I mention that we would be well advised to keep Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom, VNN Administrator, well removed from organizing any activities on our behalf?


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    18. brutus Says:

      Posted by Hal Turner on VNNF

      To listen to the archive, please go to:

      This audio is clear and well produced.

      The rally speakers were excellent. They all played well and they all are to be highly commended. Our message is powerful because it is the truth.

      Thank you to all WNs involved in the Kalamazoo rally!