22 August, 2007

More on the Decline of Rap Music Sales

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It had a limited appeal from the start, and that appeal faded over time as people became bored with it. Interestingly, one of the rap music industry’s “founders” was not black but Jewish [1]:


[1] about Rick Rubin: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “More on the Decline of Rap Music Sales”

    1. eireann Says:

      this comment is off topic, but, is good info for the med crowd of arab wannabe holy rollers….call up: timeline of rome/roman empire with bible timeline 8th century BC to1st century BC… the lies continue to be exposed.. does becoming a baptist come with a turban and hash pipe ?!!

    2. nick Says:

      The kids aren’t BUYING it. They are DOWNLOADING it for free.

    3. Wolf Says:

      Was Rick Rubin consciously aware that he was promoting street-Negro culture to White youth or are Jews innately compelled to undermine White civilization?

    4. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Here’s a site that’s useful for finding TNB from the rap crowd: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news
      Not a lot going on right now, just some negress heading off to jail, but it’ll pick up. Money + monkey = monkey.

    5. greywolf Says:

      Good Riddance to that ignorant filth!!!!

    6. Lon Jockey Says:


    7. Sockstand Says:

      One of the first popularizers of rap among Whites was another Jew, Chris Stein who was (and is) a songwriter and (not very good) guitar player behind Blondie, the rock group. (The singer was Debbie Harry; still is.) He was also the first to produce a “punk funk fusion” album with Harry and the Black (ahem) geniuses behind disco studio group Chic. Nile Rodgers repaid the Harry/Steins by launching the career of another iMMitatrix, one Miss Ciccone-Madonna Louise Ciccone, who took the Monroe/Nancy Sinatra shtick up a level and ran Harry off the charts with a vengeance. Harry’s career, at least in the US, has never recovered.

    8. Wolf Says:

      Madonna should be tied to a stake and burned alive like the Satanic witch that she is.