7 August, 2007

New Website Featuring Robert Griffin’s Writing

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Robert S. Griffin has set up a web site that focuses on his writings since the late 1990s, many of them on race, and what ties them together. It makes available his unpublished writing, including what he calls thoughts, written especially for the web site, and it has contact information.


Among the 100 pages of new writings available only on the site that may interest VNN participants is the article, “The Tale of John Kasper.” Kasper was a white racial activist in the 1950s who received international media coverage for his attempts to prevent school integration in Clinton, Tennessee (his picture is included). Clinton is just outside Knoxville, and the May and June, 2007 white rallies in Knoxville protesting the murder by blacks of two young whites are brought into the Kasper writing. Another of the new writings is the thought, “On the New McCarthyism,’’ which deals with the current attacks on white racial advocates and activists. It includes an encounter Professor
Griffin had recently with the Southern Poverty Law Center.


The web site is http://www.robertsgriffin.com/

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  7. 2 Responses to “New Website Featuring Robert Griffin’s Writing”

    1. Bill Says:

      Griffin has some good instincts and understandings, but he fails to realize that US Senator McCarthy, for whom the term “McCarthyism” was coined as a smear, was an honorable and upright person whose every prediction and analysis has been proven correct.

      I can’t imagine why Griffin would absord and regurgitate the old slur that demeans one of our champions against Jewish and Communist infiltration of our society, schools, and government. No one repeating this slur (“McCarthyism”) can possibly be trusted to have any depth of understanding about the forces that have been attacking our European American cultures for the past century.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Knoxville alert:

      This morning’s National Public Radio (8-8-07) puffed something called “Emancipation Day” – “a very special day for residents of Knoxville, Tennessee,” according to the promo.

      Here is my e-mail to NPR:

      “I had never heard of ‘Emancipation Day’ being a special day for residents of Knoxville, Tennessee. Having lived here for some time, I wondered what I was missing. I searched the net and found nothing relating to my city and this day. Then I understood: NPR is inventing the significance to obscure that of a more recent Knoxville event related to race. I am referring to January’s rape-torture-and murder of two young white students here. The accused are black. The names of the victims are Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Congratulations if you mention this on air. But no thanks for concealing the disproportionate amount of violent black crime against whites, of which this case is a drop in the statistical bucket. By comparison, yet another commemoration of 1865 is not newsworthy.”

      These assholes want to preclude or circumvent our proposed “Channon Christian Day” with their “Emancipation Day” bullshit. Just another phony nigger holiday like Kwanzaa (which is an FBI-invented holiday).